Pennywise the Dancing Clown,

he's the only serial killer who doesn't frown.

He lives in the sewers of Derry,

and he's a giant spider who's probably really hairy.

He came in an asteroid from outer space

before anything existed, even the human race.

If you want to get technical it's called a 'Macroverse'

so don't tease me because this isn't something that I rehearse.

Pennywise is like wax, able to be anything in the world that he can choose.

This only makes it a given that he will never loose.

He eats children and he scares them too,

but no one can defeat him, there's nothing that anyone can do.

He's eternal, the one thing that can't be beat.

He shall never face defeat.

We may never find out if it's female or male,

only that it lays eggs so that its species will never fail.

I guess there's really not much else to say

other than that Pennywise is here to stay.

Since the 90s he's been making people scared of clowns,

and all because he's Pennywise the Dancing Clown, the only slasher who never frowns.

So go ahead, stare into the deadlights of eternity,

and see what no other living person has dared to see.

He will drive you mad, he'll make you go insane.

Don't doubt him for a second, because in the next few years it will all happen again.

Until then just remember that this is a word to all of you guys

who think that you can vex Pennywise:

Say your goodbyes,

let the tears flow freely from your eyes.

Go and hug your mother until she cries,

then when you're done tell your sister or brother that it's not them you despise,

and come, come down with us and float. Float until you don't know what is the truth and what are lies.

Come and float, float with your friend Pennywise,

because down here we all float,

so come, Georgie, come get your little newspaper boat.

Just come down here and float, float with your friend Pennywise.

Come, come meet your own demise.