Disclaimer: Dudes, I'm pretty sure I don't own Twilight's characters. But what I do own is how douche bag-ish Edward is in this story. This is before the Twilight days, so he's changed. Thank the Meyer.

For Babes93's Twilight Contest

Pen name: Melissaisatwilightlover

Story title: Confrontations

Rating: T for language

Summary: Edward is dating Kate without Tanya knowing, but when jealous Tanya finds out her sister is involved will their fight break their sisterhood apart?

Song: Liar Liar- Nevershoutnever!

*This fic will be kinda hard to figure out because of the format.

Here is the key:

REGULAR FONT: sentences, no one talking

BOLD FONT: Kate talking

BOLD ITALICS: Edward Talking

ITLAICS: Tanya talking


They held hands, looking lovingly towards each other.

They moved closer, touching each other.

They clashed lips, moving with one another.

They were interrupted by another.

The sister walked up to the lovers kissing sloppily on the bench.

"What the hell, Kate? You knew! He's mine; he's been for a long time."

Tanya pointed her finger at the couple, screaming.

You got it all down to a science

breaking hearts, is what you do for fun, little one

"I love you Edward! You can't see that anymore. But why? Why not? We're perfect. Just go with my sister, whatever. Because that won't hurt my feelings or anything."

"I'm sorry,"

The blonde sister whispered, looking down at her hands.

"but I need Edward. I've needed him for a long time. He numbs the pain."

"We're in love, Tanya. More than you and I could have been."

"Just friends, huh? That's all? Every kiss meant nothing to you? Five years down the drain, all because you think Kate is 'hot' or whatever people like you think."

"We would never work out and you knew that. Know it now."

He stood up, letting go of Kate.

Angrier, Edward was.

I'll break you're heart in just three minutes now

"Know your limits. Stop being depressed! She died over a hundred years ago. Be glad that you've got your family all because of your mother. Don't blame your out of line emotions about me on a dead woman."

Edward was yelling now, sporadically.

"You're pathetic."

"Edward! How could you even say that. You know how it makes us feel. Bastard, you're a little bastard!"

Kate pushed on his shoulder.

Tanya and her sister were tearlessly sobbing as Kate got up.

"We're leaving you and your memories behind."

Look who won

They both walked off, forgetting, as she promised, the memory of Edward's ignorance.

He sat there in silence, shocked that he of all people was dumped.

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