Winter Sonata

Author: Jigoku Shoujo12

Pairing: Sasuke and Sakura

Genre: Drama and Romance

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto…


Sasuke thought that he would never fall in love with those plain looking girls with saint-like attitude. Haruno Sakura is one of them. Cliché as may it sound, but he did fall in love with her…. Moreover, to make it more interesting, Itachi falls for his younger brother's classmate. Which Uchiha would she fall for?


Uchiha Itachi is, by all means, every woman's dream. He was the heir of one of Japan's largest companies. He had the face and body that would inspire envy even in those revered Greek gods. He had top grades since he entered school until his MBA degree. He is well versed in nine languages. His manners are impeccable; he is the best example of a perfect gentleman. He also mastered the arts of several martial arts. He has a beautiful speaking and singing voice, almost hypnotic to an effect. He may have a stoic disposition, but he is a very accommodating man. And to add to all these, Uchiha Itachi is an awesome cook. In simple terms, Itachi Uchiha is the entire female population's ideal man personified. That is to say, women fell for him like nine pins, and he is gracious enough to entertain most of them. And never in his life had he worked for a woman's affection.

Uchiha Sasuke is very much like his brother in many, many ways. Sasuke, like his brother, is undeniably intelligent, and strikingly handsome. Women are drawn to him like moths to a flame. Uchiha Sasuke is, unlike his brother, a cold bastard. He has but a few friends, most of them male, for he avoided the female populace like the plague.

Haruno Sakura is just simple girl. She loves playing piano and singing is her forte. She is one of the few scholars of the Higashiko Academy. She is kind hearted and loves to help people in any way she can that is why most of the students made fun of her. They called her "Salvation Lady" for she always talks about everything happened in life is in God's will and even once, she didn't hold grudge for those students who always made fun and taking advantage of her kindness.

Sasuke thought that he would never, ever fall in love with her kinds. Those plain looking girls with saint-like attitude, but his heart betrayed him, the moment he saw her singing, her beauty awed him that night and unbeknownst to Sakura, both of Uchiha brothers had taken interest in her…

To be continued…

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