Chapter 2: Haruno Sakura

Our school was finally over, but I still have to deliver this blue envelop at the Hyoutei Academy. Hyoutei Gakuen, well, it is also known for their behavior. The rumors that if you won't be able to get out there alive or without any bruises. Nevertheless, I know it is just only rumor.

I took my bag and walk towards to the locker room to change my shoes. I noticed recently something about Uchiha Sasuke…

I caught him staring at me not just in the lunchtime, I do not know if he was annoyed by me or I am just only imagining things. I just smiled at him, Uchiha Sasuke won't fall or even befriend in likes of me. I am out of his social class.

I am one of the few scholars of Higashiko Academy, there are only three of us left in our batch. Reason, it is simple, they cannot take any longer the way we are treated. The three of us wear a special uniform, instead of pure black dress, our vest and coat is pure white, can you imagined that, the three of us are standing out loud. However, I still want to finish my study here, as my late mother does. I still considered myself as lucky. I know that there is something waits for me according to Lord's will…

That is why I am always bullied by the other students, but I just only pray for them. One of the reasons I am always picked is because of my life status. In their eyes, I am the most poorest that they have ever seen. I am the only student here who don't have car and I can't believe that they don't know how to make the instant coffee. I am not that poor I am just average, living in a small apartment that is paid by me, not by my foster father, Hyuuga Hizashi. That makes Neji and I as siblings, I am legally adopted. My brother Neji is now first year student in Tokyo University. He took Law and Politics.

I always came to the Hyuuga main mansion to spent Christmas, after that, I never forget to visit my parents.

My parents died when I was eight years old. I can still remember how our house was burned and I can still smell the burning flesh of my parents. The only one who knows about it, of course my father and Neji.

Finally, I reach my destination. Hyoutei Gakuen. Thank God that I peacefully delivered the said envelop. I know Sasori, the one I helped last year. He was surprised to see me. See? It is the Lord's will to gain/ see another friend.

It totally surprised me when I saw Neji at my apartment. Perhaps he waited for a while. "Neji-nii." I just said, then he came towards to me and stared at me as if he was inspecting.

"Are you just going to stand there and ignore your brother?" he said and I gave him a bear hug.

"It is nice to see you, when did you come and you should have called me." I said and I felt his hands stroking gently my hair.

He is the one who broke the contact and he said, "You lose weight, you promised me to take care of yourself."

Changing the topic, I asked him if he want anything for dinner and he offered to buy my favorite, tempura.


"Get yourself dress, we are going out." He said.

"Where are we going?" I didn't received an answer from him, but when I saw his expression, I know what he wants.

"Alright, wait for a while, I'll get dressed."

We went to my favorite place, the stage where I dream that I can perform there someday. As usual, Neji-nii-san requested his favorite piece, one of my compose pieces, I titled it 'Reconcile', for some unknown reason, Neji felt that his heart is finding what the missing piece is… As for exchange, he played the Salut d' Amour by Edward Elgar, it is the piece that my late mother sang for me when I was a child…


Neji stayed at my apartment for one week, which I am glad for. I missed him and I do not know when he can visit me again. I feel like a princess when he is around. My wish has been granted, to have an older brother. I was the only child of my parents.

Everything had changed last summer when I know that my life is…

The one thing that I want in my life is to witness a miracle…

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