Star sat by the door, her elbow resting on the arm of the chair she was sitting in and resting her head on her hand. She was waiting, seeing that they were all ready for the party to begin. "Aren't people going to show up soon?" She asked, starting to feel impatient. She wanted to see Germany.

Canada looked over towards Prussia. "When did you tell everyone that the party would start?"

The albino shrugged. "Eh, I didn't really give them a specific time." He was relaxing comfortably in another chair, killing time before the party guests arrived.

"That's the problem," Star said, "Why couldn't you have said two hours, instead of just saying a few?"

"Star," Kate said warningly. "You're too tense."

Almost as if on cue, Matthew's front door blew open, accompanied with a shout of, "DO NOT WORRY! THE HERO HAS ARRIVED!"

Star jumped in surprise at the sudden voice, then grinned as she saw America, although as soon as she'd heard him, she'd known who it was. "Hi, Alfred!" She greeted. At least someone was there, even if Ludwig wasn't there yet.

Alfred F. Jones, otherwise known as the United States of America, gave Star a quizzical look. "Do I know you?" He asked. All questions were forgotten, however, when he saw his brother. "Hey, Matthew!" He called, pulling the quieter nation into a tight hug.

A smiled crossed Star's face. "No, we've never met before, Alfred. I'm Star."

She nodded towards Armistead who was sitting a little ways away. "And this is Lo Armistead. We're visiting here."

Alfred frowned slightly at Armistead, completely certain that he'd heard the name before.

Kate decided to distract him before he remembered exactly who Armistead was. "Hey, my name's Kate," she quickly introduced herself. "Sorry there's nothing much going on. You're the first one who showed up."

Star nodded. "Yeah. But hopefully the others are going to be right behind you," she said, turning her attention towards the door as she continued her watch for Germany.

Alfred glanced toward Matthew in confusion, but his brother only shrugged. "Whatever," he eventually decided. "Where's the food?" He walked confidently into the kitchen, giving Prussia a nod of recognition.

For a moment, Star glanced in his direction, watching him go into the kitchen. Of course that would be the first place America would head. But she didn't really care all that much, started to stare at the door again. "Ludwig will be here soon, right Gilbert?"

Prussia shrugged. "I guess, if Feli manages to talk him into actually showing up." Canada went off to try to keep America from eating all the food before the party actually started. Kate just leaned back against the wall.

"I hope he does," Star said. She wasn't really sure what else to say, or do, just hoped that everyone else would be there soon.

"You did talk to him earlier, Gilbert, didn't he say he was going to come then after a little while?"

"Yeah," Prussia admitted, "But he probably just said that to get me to shut up. He does that sometimes."

A knock at the door indicated yet another arrival to the party. Kate went to answer it, since Prussia didn't seem inclined to move.

"Ah, who are you, aru?" China walked into the room as Kate stood aside, followed by Japan and Korea.

"Um. My name is Kate," Kate nervously introduced herself. There was something a bit unnerving about being in the presence of a ntion who had been alive for over four thousand years.

Star glanced at the new arrival, not really caring that much when she saw it wasn't Germany. "Hi," she said, taking off her glasses for a moment to try and clean a smudge from them. "I'm Star."

"It is a pleasure to meet you," Japan said, bowing politely to both Star and Kate. Kate found herself smiling - it was nice to know how someone was going to be. Korea had vanished into the house, calling something about 'delicious food that originated in Korea'.

Kate tried to ignore the look China gave her and Star, curious but not really showing what he was thinking.

"It's a pleasure to meet you too, Kiku," Star said, grinning for a moment in Japan's direction before looking back towards the door.

Armistead watched them, not knowing who any of them where. "Hello," he said, a little nervous as he assumed that they were all countries too. "I'm Lo."

Kiku seemed a bit taken aback. He had not told them his name, and he was pretty sure that he had never met them before, so how did they know his name? Then again, they were clearly friends of Canada-san, so he might have told them his name. But he was still thrown off by how casual all these Westerners seemed to be. "Ah, it is an honor to meet you too."

"Do you know if Ludwig is going to be coming soon, Japan?" Star asked, her mind going back to the person she was waiting for.

"Ah... I am sorry, I do not know."

Kate had wandered into the kitchen, and was watching with some amusement as Canada desperately tried to keep everything together while America was wandering around and eating pretty much everything and Korea was randomly declaring that things originated in Korea.

"That's alright." Star said, staring at the door again. "Hopefully he'll show up soon."

Meanwhile, Armistead decided to get up and he walked into the kitchen, watching those there with slight interest. "Are you going to save some food for later?" he asked, looking towards America.

"Of course I am!" America answered with a grin through a mouthful of cookie. China had also wandered into the kitchen, only to be accosted by an overenthusiastic Korea. Kate couldn't help but grin at the scene that was growing more chaotic with each passing second, despite Canada's best efforts.

Armistead continued to watch him. "Don't you think you should save some of it?" he asked, "And who are you?"

He guessed that he was a country of some sorts, although he didn't know which person was which country. Thinking of them as being countries was weird too.

Alfred looked at Armistead with a curious expression. "I didn't introduce myself? Sorry! I'm Alfred F. Jones, the most awesome person you will ever meet!"

"I resent that," Prussia said from his spot in the doorframe, having decided to not miss any of the fun.

Armistead looked from one to another. "You're a country, right?" he asked Alfred, wishing that he could understand this strange place better then he did.

That comment cause all of the nations to fall silent, staring at Armistead. America looked downright shocked. Korea just looked confused. Japan seemed horribly embarrassed. China just looked intrigued. It had been clear that the man wasn't a nation, and neither were the two girls. Humans weren't supposed to know about the nations, so how did they...?

"Eh, yes, they knew about that," Canada said, voice going almost completely inaudible.

When everyone just stared at him, Armistead wasn't sure what to say, stared back. What had he said that had caused this reaction?

Kate shifted closer to Prussia, feeling a bit uncomfortable under the scrutiny of the other nations. Of course Armistead wouldn't know about how bad of an idea it would be to just basically announce that they knew about the nations being... well, nations. But it was still awkward.

America was the first to recover. "Well, I'm the United States of America, of course!"

Armistead still felt uncomfortable, even more uncomfortable when he realized that he was speaking to America, his country, or at least what had been his country before the outbreak of the Civil War and the being of the Confederate States of America. "Is the Confederacy going to be coming too?" he asked, under the impression that the CSA existed as a nation like all of the others.

That was the wrong thing to say. America's expression immediately darkened, and most of the other nations flinched back as he stormed out of the room. Kate and the nations stared after him as they heard footsteps echo through the house and the distant slamming of the door.

"Did... I say something wrong?" Armistead asked in shock as he watched America leave.

He hadn't been planning to upset the other nation, and didn't quite understand the others reaction.

The Asian nations and Prussia looked at each other, not quite sure of the details, but knowing that Armistead had somehow hit a sore point. Canada walked over to the general, and gently told him that it was probably not a good idea to mention that time period to America.

Armistead stared at him for a moment. "I won't. Does that mean that the Confederacy will not be coming to the party?"

"There is no Confederacy," Canada said, quietly. Japan had vanished, presumably to find and talk to America.

The expression on Armistead's face turned into shock as he just stood there and stared at Canada. No Confederacy? Then what did that mean about the outcome of the war?

He wasn't sure what to say, turned quickly and left the room, wanting to have time to be alone. He passed where Star was still sitting near the door watching for Germany and found a room where he could be alone to think.

"Well..." Kate said, trying to break the awkward silence that had fallen. "Um."

It was at this moment that there was another knock on the door. Since all of the others were either in the kitchen, or had gone off somewhere, Star jumped up to open it, grinning when she saw who was in the doorway. "Ludwig!" She said happily, completely ignoring Italy as she pounced on him. "I'm sorry for what I said when we last met. I know that I'm not Italy's sister but you'll forgive me, right?"

"Ve? What?" Italy was completely confused by this girl who had suddenly jumped on his best friend. "Wait, you're Star, right?"

Germany had not been expecting someone to jump on him before he had even gotten into the house. "Get off!" He said and since Star didn't want to get him mad at her, she quickly listened to him and stepped back, making room so that the other two nations could step inside the house.

She grinned at Italy. "Yup, I'm Star. Hi, Italy."

Prussia heard a familiar, irritated voice and had left the kitchen to investigate. "Hey, West!" He called, trying to pull his brother into a noogie and failing rather miserably. Instead of admitting this taint on his awesomeness, he turned to Italy instead. "Feli! How's it going?"

"Ve, I'm doing great!"

"Hello, Gilbert," Germany said, looking over at Star who stood a few feet away, grinning as she stared at him, clearly very excited about his arrival, before looking back towards his brother. "How long have you been back?"

Prussia stopped bothering Italy for a minute. "Um. Two hours or so? I wasn't counting."

Kate, eager to investigate whatever was happening in the entry hall and escape the awkward atmosphere in the kitchen, wandered over. "Oh, hey Germany." She said, not really being a major fan of the character. He was all right, just nowhere near her favorite. "Italy! Hey!"

"Who are you?" Italy asked the new girl, pretty sure that he'd never gotten her name.

Kate walked over and hugged the brunette. "My name's Kate. I'm a friend of Star. But slightly less crazy."

"Hey!" Star protested, hearing her friend. "I'm not that crazy."

She glanced over at them for a moment, but then turned her attention back towards Germany and Prussia. "Yeah, we've been back for a little over two hours. I have a watch on." It didn't matter that the watch was wrong with all the skipping around in time they'd been doing, because it was still counting down the hours.

Kate rolled her eyes at her friend. "Sure, Star, let's go with that." Turning back to Italy and Germany, she added, "Everyone's lurking in the kitchen for some reason. Except for America, but I'm pretty sure he'll cool down in a little bit."

"I noticed him rush by a little while ago," Star said, turning back towards her friend, Germany saying nothing but just watching all of them. "Lo too. What happened?"

Kate winced. "Don't ask. Really." With an arm around Italy's shoulders (the nation really didn't seem to mind the sudden familiarity), Kate added, "Come on, let's catch up with everyone else."

"I want to talk with Ludwig!" Star said, once again looking at the other nation. "You aren't mad at me about earlier, are you, Ludwig?"

Germany stared at her, not really sure what to say. He was annoyed about it, still didn't have a clue why she was there, or any of her friends, and wanted to know why they had basically kidnapped his brother.

Kate resisted the urge to facepalm. "Okay, Star's being a creeper again," She muttered, starting to walk off towards the kitchen. Italy didn't seem to mind and went with her, although Prussia stayed back. He probably wanted to watch what would happen.

"Japan!" Italy called upon seeing his friend, rushing away from Kate to give the smaller man a hug, much to the Asian nation's embarrassment.

"Eh... Hello, Italy-san."

For a moment after the others left, no one said anything in the other room, before Germany asked, sounding annoyed. "Who are you and why did you kidnap my brother?"

Kate heard Germany's question from the kitchen, and just stuck her head into the hall. "ACTUALLY, THAT WAS MY IDEA," she shouted, then turned back to watch Japan and Italy's slightly dysfunctional conversation.

"So... who exactly are you, aru?" China asked Kate, still intrigued by this strange girl and her friends.

Kate blushed slightly. "Um. It's kind of a long story..."

Star nodded. "Yeah, it was Kate's idea to kidnap Gilbert. Matthew too. I was the one who wanted to get the generals from the battlefield, you know, the man who was with me earlier. He's around here somewhere, although I'm not sure where he went."

Germany continued to stare. "What did your friend want with Gilbert then?"

A grin crossed Star's face. "Because he's awesome, and you're awesome too."

Gilbert snickered slightly. "West? Awesome? What rock have you been living under?"

"I haven't been living under a rock," Star said, grinning still as she went over to Germany and decided to hug him, even though she wasn't sure he'd be very pleased about it. "Both of you are awesome!"

It was at this point that Armistead decided to rejoin the group, having heard the discussion from the room he'd gone off to. He paused when he saw Star, surprised. "Wasn't she just clinging onto me a few hours ago?" He asked.

"Jealous?" Prussia asked the general, grinning broadly, clearly amused by the scene.

Armistead glanced at Prussia for a moment. "No, why would I be?"

Prussia didn't have time to answer. For the second time that evening, the front door burst open, indicating the arrival of yet more party guests. "Bonsoir, everybody!" France called, sweeping into the room with Spain and an extremely irritated Italy Romano. "Ah, la Prusse!"

"Hey, Francis," Prussia greeted cheerfully.

Star let go of Germany when she heard the arrival of the other guests, looked towards them, although none of the new arrivals were any of her favorites. All of her favorites were already there. "Hello," she said to be polite, staying next to Germany. She wanted to talk to him more still.

"Hello," Spain said mildly, an arm around Romano. The latter was busy cursing up a storm in Italian.

Francis flashed his trademark smile at Star, but decided to not do anything. He'd noticed the way she was clinging to Germany, and he wasn't sure if flirting with her would result in injury. The other girl, however, seemed uninterested in the nations. "And who would you be, beauté?" He asked her.

Kate gave France the I-really-don't-care look she had perfected over her life. "Sorry. I'm immune to French."

Star was glad that France had not tried to talk to her, because out of all of the countries, France was her least favorite. She just turned her attention back to Germany, who was being quiet and decided again to try and get an answer. "Ludwig, you do forgive me, right?"

This time he did answer. "Ja, I forgive you. Just don't do it again."

A grin crossed Star's face.