Burning insanity

It was another day at the Valve headquarters in Washington. It was boring day when the recent recession had hit the company the hardest. Many designers and other workers were laid off due to lack of budget. The offices around were so quiet, only the steps of a person can be heard, moving to the large room where the businessmen of the Valve were in a meeting about how to bring money back to the staggering losses in consummation in entertainment.

Suddenly one of the associates was set aflame, and panic began. People attempted to run, but were blasted out the windows by a small burst of air from the assailant's flamethrower. As all of the people except one were dead, the Pyro marched up to the producer of Team Fortress 2. The man was stunned by what was happening, so he attempted to call 911 on the varnished phone lying atop the table. [BOOM] The phone was shattered in one shot from the shotgun that Pyro switched to in a flash.

"Pyro, why are doing this? Is this the commercial you didn't get? Please calm down, and put down the shotgun, this is not the way!"

The man pleaded. Pyro let out a muffled chuckle, which became maniacal loud laughter.

"Mmmph! Mphhhhahaha,thuh ha!" The Pyro aimed his shotgun at the producer. Suddenly, just as the Pyro pulled the trigger, a sleek bullet knocked the slug out. A red light moved along the shotgun and fired again, knocking the shotgun out of Pyro's grasp.

Pyro grumbled and looked at where the light came from. "Mate, you better make like a tree and leave now." The RED Sniper sneered and aimed his rifle again. Accepting the challenge, the Pyro charged into his/her comrade, only to hit on the head with a ball.

The pyromaniac was stunned for a less a moment.

"Yo Pyro, you better chill out or I will beat your mask in!"

The Pyro soon recovered, and rolled out of the way. The Scout whipped out his special shotgun, the Force-A-Nature. The Pyro had seen that weapon blast BLU members out into walls with that gun, and the baseball fanatic was going shoot!

The Pyro responded with a tiny burst of flame on the RED Scout.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, I'm on fire!!!" The Scout screamed.

Dropping his equipment, he started to run around when he remembered the advice Engineer gave him, stop, drop and roll.

While the Bostonian rolled on the ground, the Pyro threw his/her trademark weapon, the Axtinguisher at the Sniper. The lanky Australian was barely grazed by the barb wired covered axe, cutting into his lucky hat.

The Sniper angrily threw a jarate at Pyro running at him, which covered the arsonist in good, old decaf urine gas. The Pyro breathed in the gas, nearly making him/her puke his/her lunch.

"You little bugger, I hope you like my lemonade!" The Sniper chuckled. The Pyro sent flames at the Australian, narrowly missing him, but burning his hat on his head to ashes.

"Alright no more playtime! It's time to go to sleep wanka!" A small tranquillizer [injected with a drug that could make a raging bull sleep in 5 minutes] was pulled out of the assassin's pocket and was put in the gun.

The Sniper took aim as the Pyro ran to retrieve his/her shotgun from the floor.

However, he was quickly shot in the foot when Pyro grabbed his weapon, losing his trusty gun in the process and his balance. The bullet dropped out of rifle and rolled under the long, glass topped rectangular table. The Sniper unsheathed his inverted blade, the Kukri, only to stare at up the barrel of the Pyro's shotgun.

"Hudda, hudda!" The Pyro spoke, in unintelligible mumbles.

Suddenly a shot was fired, not by the Pyro, but something invisible. As the electronic cloak faded, the Spy smirked at the mysterious arsonist. [FYI if you can't understand it, the Spy picked up the tranquillizer from under the table and loaded his Ambassador with it.] The Pyro tried to stand, but quickly fell asleep. Sniper picked himself off the ground, retrieving his battered rifle.

"Thanks mate; he nearly had my head on a silver platter."

"Our mission is done filthy jar man; let's leave this place with him or her before ze Pyro wakes up, non? The Frenchman whipped out a cigarette from his case and lit it before smoking it deeply.

The Sniper growled under his breath. "You bloody spook!"

After the Scout stopped burning, the trio dragged the Pyro out of office just as the producer fainted at what just happened.