It turned out that I was a mutant, not that Victor was surprised, a shape shifter to be more exact, though I only could take the form of animals I touched, and don't ask how I got close enough to touch a 800lb brown bear- it's a long story. Being able to turn into large dangerous animals has added a new twist into Victor's and my marriage, and I'm enjoying this newfound power.

So we went home.

My wish had been granted- we were free. Though blood had been a necessary price. Turns out that Victor had "negotiated" a nice settlement from General Reed, so we arrived back home with our pockets well lined. Something having to do with Victor threatening to tell that the General had overlooked a full-fledged psycho in their midst- who had tried to kill me repeatedly without restraint.

Victor also destroyed all devices that could detonate the machine in my chest because Steven said that taking it out could possibly cause more damage than good, and I wasn't thrilled about the idea of going under the knife again.

Saying goodbye to Steven was easier than I thought it would be. He wounds had been superficial, and he had recovered quickly. I knew I would probably never see him again, but he likes his job and he's happy, he also knows I'm happy too. We can live with that, and if he can't, he's going to have to suck it up.

We traveled back to our cabin in the mountains, and the instant I opened the front door Victor had ordered me to begin packing immediately, while he made some calls to secret devious people who owed him. Soon hordes of hired men began building our new house deeper into the recesses of the secluded mountains. Even though the threat of the General was negated Victor still didn't like the idea of anyone knowing where we lived.

Thus began the long ordeal of moving, building, unpacking, decorating, and then Victor threatening the poor workers so they wouldn't reveal our location. As you could imagine it was very exacting and nerve straining- for both the men and me.

The house was built in less than 2 weeks, and it's magnificent. Something only bribery and hordes of money could produce- but I didn't mind, I was in hog heaven. It was still made of logs, but the inside had some significant improvements. A better kitchen, nicer appliances, better insulation, and more rooms…. pretty much nicer everything. Our new cabin has two stories, two bedrooms, (double the chance of making it to a bed), and one giant bathroom with a tub that could hypothetically fit a 6 ft 6 in mutant feral. It's not like they mentioned that in the manual.

Finally we began to settle back into a rhythm. Not the normal one, for that cycle of our lives had passed and irrevocably altered- so we moved on with a new way of life.

I tenderly nurtured my new garden to life, got my old job back (just so I would have something to do.) and started spending some cash. Victor went on a " vacation" for a couple of weeks, but then returned and "talked" John into letting him work as a bouncer at the bar- with free beer thrown in of course. Somehow I don't think it took much convincing on Victor's end. Now Victor and I will have the same hours and work at the same place, and I can't decide if that is a good or a bad thing. He insists that I spend at least a third of our paychecks on steak and bacon - not that I'm complaining.

Crap! I hear Victor yelling for me. I've been sneaking out of bed early to write down our story, and now it's time for me to bid adieu. Victor can be such a grouch in the morning, and he also starts work today.

So our life together goes on. I don't know what tomorrow holds for us: chaos, blood, love, lust, and a brood of feral children perhaps? But that's what I get for marrying my monster.

Oh and I still haven't told Victor about our baby- so wish me luck!


Katelyn Creed.

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