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Chapter 11

Kitty kept on glancing at Liddell nervously as they made their way down a trail they had found leading down to the bottom of the cliff side the cave 'happened' to be on. They treaded carefully as the trail grew shallow in places – leaving only enough space for them to shuffle across. Liddell didn't mind heights all that much, but even she was nervous about looking down to see the land far below their feet.

"Liddell are you sure about this?" Kitty asked as they shuffled along a particularly thin part, "I mean, if we really are in a past Al'Sahra, how do you suppose we're going to get back to our time, if we leave the cave that transported us here?"

"I'm not sure of anything right now," Liddell nodded to the market around the castle, "but my gut's telling me that we need to go to that market." Ever since she had laid her eyes on it she had been getting weird vibes, like butterflies tugging at her gut coaxing her feet to take her to the bustling city below.

"I still don't know..." They had reached the sands of Al'Sahra, the city looming towards them as they crossed the short expanse of desert, "What if people think we look weird because of our clothes?" Kitty swept a hand over her outfit for emphasis.

Liddell sighed turning towards the cat girl; "If you're so worried..." she trailed off and murmured a few words under her breath sweeping her hands down her form. As her hands passed her clothes shimmered and changed. What once was her purple outfit was replaced by a violet Arabian top lined with swirls of gold. The pants hung low on her hips as they puffed out at the bottom into fringes forming slits. Instead of her platform shoes she had violet slippers on, golden hoops adorning her ankle. Her hair was down and a veil lay loosely from black bat clips in her hair. The necklace with the red jewel clashed with her outfit, but Liddell couldn't bear to part with it, so it stayed, nestled between her breasts. "Just use magic to change your outfit, stupid." Liddell commented dryly, crossing her arms over her chest in annoyance.

"Oh, right." Kitty agreed, embarrassed from her earlier panic. She swept her hands in front of herself and her outfit changed into a light blue Arabian strapless dress. Golden circles clinked together as she fidgeted with the matching sash around her waist, "I should have thought of that."

Liddell silently nodded her eyes spying the bracelet she had seen Kitty with before adorning her wrist. In the heat of the desert's sun, Liddell could make out that the blue stone glinting in the translucent frame was a rose blooming with blue radiance, "Kitty?" when the cat girl nodded in acknowledgment, Liddell continued, "Have you always been wearing that?"

"This?" Kitty held the bracelet out, "I've had it forever." Kitty traced a finger over the blue petals, "My sister gave to me when I was little." Kitty's voice was a soft whisper as she gazed sadly at the ornament.

"Okay..." Liddell replied unsure of why Kitty's mood had changed so suddenly.

Kitty inhaled an obvious shaky breath. Her mood brightened once again and she skipped past Liddell, calling over her shoulder, "Last one there is a rotten pumpkin!" as she dashed towards the city.

"Don't wander off!" Liddell barked at Kitty as she spied the cat girl trying to escape down the line of merchants in excitement.

Kitty pouted at Liddell as she let her catch up, "I can't help it, Liddell. It's just that everything is so interesting! I've never been to a market like this before."

"I haven't either, but you don't see me acting like a little child..." Liddell sighed wearily as she moved to the side as a cart went bustling down the lane.

"Boo, to you then!"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means you're being a party-pooper!" Kitty stuck her tongue out childishly at her friend.

"Why you-" Liddell was about to give Kitty one good punch on the head when a sudden thundering sound made her pause. Both of them looked to see a large procession of carts filled with exotic objects, wheeling towards them at an alarming rate. Liddell jumped to the side as one cart came close to squishing her. The momentum threw her backwards into the swarming crowd and Liddell was dragged within the stream of bodies. Elbowing and pushing, she finally broke through into a side area that was clear of people. Facing the crowd Liddell tried to spy Kitty within the sea of people, but to no avail.

Great, just great. I'm lost in a different time, and I've lost my only friend in the entire kingdom! This is not my day.

She eyed the marketplace with annoyance as she twirled around and started walking down the nearly abandoned streets of the city. She kept her eyes on the castle as she navigated herself through the alleys thinking that her best chance was to wait at the castle for Kitty, knowing that her friend would eventually head there looking for Liddell. It wasn't easy, as she had to keep looking down to make sure she didn't bump into one of the random crates that seemed to be placed on every street of the city, and then have to look back up to make sure she could still see the castle from where she was.

She had just swerved around a crate as she was turning around the corner when she looked up and only saw black as her body rammed into something solid.

"Umph!" the force of what she hit sent her flying into the dirt as she landed on her bottom painfully. "Owww..." rubbing her backside her head lifted to glare at what had knocked her down, "What's the big-" She gasped as she realized that she had not only run into a person – not a random crate – but also that the black thing she had glimpsed was a cape. A very familiar cape, as she could see the inside was red, which reminded her of a certain vampire...

Her head swiveled up to meet a pair of concerned red eyes as the tall man leaned forward.

"I'm sorry Miss! Are you alright?"

Liddell could only keep on staring at what she could only believe to be a younger Loue in front of her. He looks only a little older than me, Liddell thought as she scrutinized the fact that, 1000 years in the future really didn't age him that much; I guess that's what being a vampire is like.

"Is something wrong?" he tilted his head in questioning at her silence.

Numbly she shook her head, as she still couldn't seem to speak.

"Do you need help up?"

She was about to say no, but let out a squeak in surprise when she suddenly found herself effortlessly lifted to her feet. Loue let her go as he began to silently swipe dirt off of her. After he wiped all the dirt off he smiled at her and patted her head with a familiar hand, "All better now?"

His hand on her head filled her with such familiar warmth, that she couldn't stop herself from wrapping her arms around his neck in an embrace.

"M-Miss?" Liddell could hear his confusion and embarrassment as she clung on to him for dear life. He tried to gently pry her loose, but she held on even tighter, refusing to let go, "Miss, y-you're kind of c-choking me."

His breathless voice made her remember what she was doing and she quickly let him go. With an embarrassed flush on her face, she started to step away from a confused Loue, "S-sorry, Loue. I don't know what came over me." As soon as the words left her mouth she realized her mistake. She peeked at his face and knew he hadn't missed the fact that she had said his name, even though he had never met her before.



Thank you, Kitty~

Liddell sighed in relief as she turned just in time to be embraced by her sobbing friend.

"I was so scared! I thought I would never see you again!" Kitty cried clinging to Liddell just like how Liddell had been clinging to Loue a moment ago.

"Come on, stop crying Kitty. You're getting snot all over me." Kitty giggled at this remark. Liddell smiled knowing that she got her friend to calm down a bit, "Now can you let go of me? I'm kind of being crushed here."

"Sorry!" Kitty squeaked as she stepped away, wiping a hand over her eyes. Only then did she notice the tall figure behind Liddell and she gasped in surprise, "L-"

Liddell clamped a hand over her companion's mouth before the cat girl could say anything more. She leaned close and whispered, "Don't say anything. He's the Loue from this time, so he doesn't know us yet. Got it?" Kitty nodded in reply and Liddell let her friend go.

"Excuse me?"

Startled, Liddell looked up. She had forgotten for a moment that Loue was there, studying them in silence, "Yes?"

"Is she your companion?" he asked curiously, head tilted to the side.

"Yup! We got separated in the market earlier." Liddell clarified with a nod. She seemed to become aware of something and turned to Kitty, "How did you find me in the first place? It's almost impossible to walk these streets and not get lost. So, how'd you do it with ease?"

"Oh, that's simple really." Kitty clapped her hands together happily, "I was alone in the market, wondering where you were, when this little girl walked up to me. She said that she had seen you and I get separated and she offered to lead me to where you were."

"How'd she know where I was?" Liddell was confused on how someone could have been keeping track of her in the maze of streets.

"I don't know. You'll have to ask her yourself." Kitty shrugged.

"Well, where is she?" Liddell raised an eyebrow in questioning.

"Right here."

Liddell's body seemed to freeze at the soft whisper like voice. Behind the corner that Kitty had came from, appeared a young girl with tanned skin and violet hair, pulled up to form a topknot. She looked no older than 10 as she gazed at Liddell with her emerald eyes.

"Liddell? Is something wrong?" Kitty's voice sounded warped as a buzzing started to fill Liddell's head, "You look pale..."

A name kept on repeating itself in her head, brushing against a memory.


She could see a question in Kitty's eyes, "Yeah, how did you know?"

"I don't-" At that moment the buzzing intensified and Liddell gripped her head painfully. She couldn't hear anything anymore, but knew her world was tilting as her eyes glimpsed blue sky, before meeting red eyes as she fell into Loue's arms, the noise washing away all her thoughts.

The celebration was in full swing in the castle, as people laughed and drank together. Loue and Liddell had just finished talking to one of the party-goers when a soft voiced called out to them;

"Welcome! Oh, hey Loue..."

They turned and Liddell saw a little girl staring up at them with intense emerald eyes.

Loue seemed to be pained as he smiled grimly at the girl, "It's been a while... Princess Shahrazad."

Liddell looked incredulously between the two, not believing her ears, "This midget is the princess?"

The other two were silent as Shahrazad turned her intense gaze onto Liddell, "..."

"You got a problem?" Liddell asked unnerved by the intensity of those emerald eyes.

"Child." The princess began, lifting her hand out to Liddell, "Give me what you carry."

"I'm not carrying anything!" Liddell said as she took a step away from Shahrazad.

Suddenly a violet smoke started to emanate from her as her eyes seemed to flash with emerald flames, "Liar! Hand over the lamp!"

"Wh-What?" Liddell and Loue both watched in confusion as the old lamp they had found earlier flew from Liddell to Shahrazad's awaiting hand.

Violet smoke started to emit from the lamp as well and took the form of a large buffed genie.

"So you would try to take my life once more..." Shahrazad's cold-blooded voice sent shivers down Liddell's spine, with the intensity of her malice, "Djinn of the flame, come to my aide!" At the command of its mistress, the Dijinn attacked, forcing Liddell into a fight she didn't want to have.

It was only later, that the sad fate of Shahrazad – first princess of Al'Sahra – was revealed...

Liddell's eyes snapped open as the dream abruptly ended. Her awakening was greeted with gasps as Kitty and Shahrazad were both surprised by her sudden take onto consciousness.

"Kitty?" Liddell's throat felt like it was clogged with cotton balls as she murmured her friend's name.

"Thank god you're awake!" Kitty cried happily, tears of relief forming in the corners of her eyes, "I was afraid you were never going to wake up!"

"H-" Liddell coughed as her throat tickled at the action of trying to speak.

"I'll get some water." Shahrazad offered and hopped from the room cheerfully to get some water.

Liddell sat up slowly, mindful of the dull throb in her head, and took a look around the room. It was exotically furnished with golden spirals lining the wall. Cushions lay around a small table seemingly used as chairs. On closer inspection, Liddell could see everything had a rich aspect as she notice the bed she was lying in had a silky violet canopy hanging above it, as well as the sheets being made of the same material.

"Castle?" Liddell coughed, putting two-and-two together from the furnishings of the room.

"Yup!" Kitty answered, happy that Liddell was awake, "After you fainted, Shahrazad asked Loue to carry you here and is letting us stay here until you're all better."

"..." Liddell was silent as she thought about the little princess and how she was connected to her dream. For some reason every time she thought about her, Liddell would get a sad feeling, almost like regret...

"Here we go!"

Liddell and Kitty looked to the entrance of the room as the drape was swept aside and the Princess walked in with a cup and jug of water for Liddell. She walked over to them and poured water into the glass, placing the jug onto a table beside the bed. She handed the glass to Liddell, who drunk it greedily as the water relieved her sore throat.

"Thank you." Liddell smiled at the princess, who grinned proudly back.

"You're welcome." She replied and sat on the edge of the bed, "I can't believe how long you slept..."

"How long was I out for?"

"A whole day!" Shahrazad exclaimed flopping back on the bed.


"Yup! You slept like a log the whole entire time. Except..."

"Except?" Liddell repeated waiting for Shahrazad to continue.

"Except, for some odd reason you kept on murmuring 'Loue'." Shahrazad didn't seem to notice the blush covering Liddell's face as she looked at the older girl curiously, "Have you and Loue met before?"

"N-No!" Liddell shook her head vigorously.

"..." Shahrazad stared at her for a minute before sighing and hopping off the bed, "Anyways..." she turned to them and smiled, "I have a coronation ceremony tonight and I want you two to come!"

"Really?" Kitty asked with surprise as she jumped up gleefully.

"Yup! Since you and Liddell are my new friends, I want you to be there when we have the celebration!" Shahrazad ran up to Kitty and hugged her waist. She looked up at Kitty with excited eyes, "You guys won't want to miss it! It's going to be the biggest party in the entire kingdom!"

"We'll be there!" Kitty agreed happily, looking over her shoulder at Liddell, "Right, Liddell?"

"Right..." Liddell agreed almost hesitantly as a pang of sadness passed through her at the sudden mention of a 'coronation.'

"Yay!" Shahrazad jumped up and down, before she began dragging Kitty outside, "Since I don't have anything to do now, let's play!"

"Sure!" Kitty smiled happily as she let Princess Shahrazad drag her out of the room.

I guess they've become quick friends, Liddell thought as she slipped out of the bed and went to follow them.

She stepped into the corridor and saw that it led to a hall connected to a courtyard filled with flowers and sunlight. She spotted Shahrazad and Kitty chasing each other around the garden. Liddell couldn't help but laugh as she took a step towards them.

"I see you're all better now."

Startled by the sudden voice, Liddell went to automatically hit the person who had snuck up on her.

"Whoa!" Loue exclaimed as he caught her fist before it hit his head. All she could do was gape at him as he scolded her, "Violence won't help you find out who's behind you, Miss."

Liddell snapped her mouth shut, and snatched her hand back, embarrassed with her action, "Sorry."

"It's okay, well, as long as no one got hurt, that is." He smiled before turning his eyes to where Kitty and Shahrazad were playing, "So your name is Liddell?"

"Yeah..." Liddell answered as she gazed at him thoughtfully.

There's something different about this Loue and the one in the future...

Liddell noticed that the past Loue had an air of relaxation and content around him. Unlike the future one, who always seemed to carry a sad burden on his shoulder.

The way he smiles... It's different too.

The Loue in front of her smiled easily as he watched the Princess fondly, "The Princess and Kitty have become quick friends since you've been asleep." When he heard no response from her, he turned an inquisitive smile her way, "Liddell?"

It's so easy for this one to smile, unlike the future Loue...

"Liddell?" her name being repeated from up-close snapped her out of her pondering. She immediately blushed as she realized that the curious Loue had leaned his face only inches away from her own as he had tried to get her attention, "Are you okay?"

"Y-Yes!" Liddell stuttered, hastily stepping away from him as a deep blush enveloped her face.

"Good then." Loue blinked, confused by her reaction as he straightened, "The Princess would be worried if you got ill again."

"Right..." Liddell shifted her gaze to Kitty and Shahrazad who were making flower crowns from the exotic plants of the garden.

"What-" Liddell tilted her head as she heard Loue speak up, "-do you see when you look at the Princess?"

"Hmmm..." Liddell pondered for a minute before gazing back at her two friends playing, "I see a girl who is carefree and happy with her life style. One who loves her people and friends dearly and purely." She turned to Loue, "And you? What do you see?"

He turned his eyes to watch the little girl. Liddell was surprised to hear a sadness fill his voice as his expression softened, "She has a heavy burden for, being one so young."

"I see..." Liddell agreed before smiling a little at him, "I guess it was hard for Alice to choose Shahrazad for Al'Sahra's first princess. Wasn't it?"

Loue's eyes widened a bit at Liddell's words, "How-"

"Liddell! Loue!" They turned their heads to the garden, where Shahrazad was waving to them, "Come play!"

"Come on, let's go!" Liddell laughed as she grabbed a hold of Loue and dragged him to the garden where the other two were waiting for them.

"Wow!" Kitty gasped from beside Liddell in amazement.

They were at the entrance to the throne room, gazing out at the throng of people celebrating their first ever coronation in Al'Sahra.

"Isn't it amazing?" Kitty laughed as she grabbed Liddell and started dragging her through the crowd.

"I would say overwhelming is a better suited word." Liddell mumbled as she nearly missed running into a person for the hundredth time. She was getting a feeling of déjà vu as her mind replayed the whole 'market' incident, "Please just don't let there be a cart in here."

"Did you say something?" Kitty glanced over her shoulder at Liddell's mumbled comment.

"Nope, nothing." Liddell grinned, looking around the area. Her eyes spotted a familiar topknot of violet hair, "Hey, isn't that Shahrazad over there?" Liddell pointed at the little girl who was talking to the Dijinn of the lamp up on the dais beside the throne.

"You're right! Let's go!" Kitty let go of Liddell's arm and rushed off into the crowd.

"Wait up Kitty!" Liddell shouted after, but Kitty didn't hear her as she soon became hidden within the crowd from Liddell's sight.

Liddell went to follow her friend, but all of a sudden felt a tug on her hand. Looking over her shoulder, a resident of the kingdom grinned at her, "Come dance, young Miss!"

"Um... that's-" she didn't even get to finish as she was suddenly being tugged through the crowd and swept up into what seemed to be a traditional dance of the people.

"Wait! I don't know the steps!" Liddell cried in panic as people started to move to the beat around her.

"No worry! I'll teach you as we go!" Her new companion then led her forward and back as the crowd swayed with the music.

Soon enough, Liddell got the hang of the steps. When the song ended she was passed onto another partner, who was kind enough to teach her the next dance. And so on, and so on, she went until she lost count of the songs and partners she had gone through. One song ended and she was saying goodbye to one partner when someone spoke up from behind her, "You look like you're enjoying yourself."

"Yup! This party is rockin'!" Liddell grinned as she turned and was surprised to see Loue smiling at her, "Loue!"

"Yes?" he watched her curiously at her sudden shout of his name, "What is it?"

"Um, nothing. I just didn't realize it was you, that's all." Liddell clarified as she stepped back, finding that he was really close to her.

"Is that so?" Loue enquired as he took a step towards her.

"Yep, so then I'll be going now..." Liddell said as she went to slip into the crowd.

"Wait." Loue grabbed a hold of her wrist, tugging her closer to him, "Won't you dance with me?"

"I-Whoa!" Liddell was flung forward as someone had roughly bumped into her. She fell into Loue as he wrapped his arms around her to keep her from falling onto the floor.

"I'm guessing that's a 'yes'?" his eyebrow rose in questioning, a small smile tugging the corner of his lips.

"I-I guess so." Liddell scratched her chin in a haughty manner to hide her embarrassment of what had happened a moment ago.

He smiled in response and tugged Liddell into his arms. The song was slower than the other ones before it. It seemed to lull the crowd as partners swayed in their own little worlds.

Liddell blushed, at the intimacy of the moves. Instead of being twirled around and flying all over the place, the moves were controlled and graceful. Loue held her close to him – as did all the other partners around them – and led her through an easy pace. He brought them to a halt and guided her hands upward, their palms flat together, and brought them down into an outward arc so then her arms were spread to her sides. He stepped in and Liddell couldn't help but blush as their bodies met. Loue guided them into a circle then stopped and brought in one of Liddell's arms, slowly twirling her around. She ended up with her back leaning into his front as they took a couple of steps forward, and then she was being twirled outward and then back in, so she was embraced within the circle of his arms.

Liddell gazed up with her violet eyes, meeting Loue's inquisitive ruby ones. Her breath froze in her throat as he leaned his head down only inches from her own, "Why does it feel like... We should know each other?"

"I-" Liddell began only for the music to end abruptly, then a trumpet suddenly blaring.

Loue released her, and Liddell let out the breath she hadn't realized she had been holding, as they both looked towards the throne.

"Hear me, all! I, the Lord of Fire, will now begin the coronation of our first princess, Shahrazad!" the Djinn bellowed out to the crowd. They erupted into cheers as Shahrazad stepped forward onto the dais. The Djinn turned to his mistress, "My Lady, do you take in all responsibilities and duties of being a Princess of Al'Sahra?"

"Yes." Came the soft reply of Shahrazad.

"Will you protect and forever love the land and its people?"

"Yes." The reply was stronger and more confident as Shahrazad stood proudly in front of her servant.

"Then let it be known to all of Al'Sahra! Our first princess is crowned today, Princess Shahrazad!" the Djinn shouted over the crowed and placed a small golden jewelled band onto her forehead.

The red jewel gleamed as she took her first seat into her throne. The crowd erupted into cheers and laughter as they celebrated the birth of their very first princess.

"A wonderful coronation, wouldn't you say?" Loue hummed as he glanced at Liddell.

"Coronation..." Liddell murmured under her breadth, as a familiar sensation of sadness washed over her.

"Liddell?" Loue's voice was warped as Liddell could barely make herself tilt her head up to look at the vampire's concerned face, "Are you okay?"

She wanted to reply, but her head was being filled with that familiar buzzing that was accompanied with unconsciousness. Her eyes closed for a second and she felt her body tilt. A pair of arms circled her and she had only enough energy to blink her eyes back open to see a concerned Loue gazing down at her. That's when she felt something wet sliding down her cheeks and realized tears were falling from her eyes. Her head tilted towards the throne as she felt Loue pick her up and start running from the room. Her eyes landed on Princess Shahrazad who was with Kitty laughing merrily.

Gazing at them one word managed to slip between her lips, before darkness took her to sleep;


"So who's this lady?" Liddell questioned confused on how another woman had suddenly taken the place of Princess Shahrazad who moments ago was in front of them.

"It's the present-day princess, Lady Lyra." Loue explained lifting up the unconscious woman and settling her into the throne that had seemed to suddenly appear.

"Wait, so then... Who's Princess Shahrazad?" Liddell looked around the room noticing that there were no more party-goers and that even the interior of the room itself had changed.

"She was supposed to be the first princess of Al'Sahra. 1000 years ago..." Loue trailed off as his mind was lost to memories.


They both turned their attention to Lyra, who was stirring from unconsciousness.

"Hey, you okay?" Liddell asked as Lyra's violet eyes fluttered open.

"Yes, I think so..." she replied sleepily, "I was placed under a spell. I dreamed..." a dreamy expression crossed her face as she relived what she had seen, "About Al'Sahra, when it was still alive, so long ago. About a young princess..."

"..." Liddell was silent as an image of the young Shahrazad's soul crying out in grief popped into her head.

"So you are she who saved me?"

Liddell snapped out of her thought's as she grinned at the princess, "Huh? Oh, uh, yup! I just stumbled along!"

Lyra placed a hand under her chin, leaning on it in thought, "Ah, the Eld Witch's curse... It must have awakened Princess Shahrazad's soul."

"I read a book about the first princess of Al'Sahra. The day after she took the throne, the Eld Witch... It probably reminded her of the Great War again. She must have suffered. And she was still so young." Liddell hung her head solemnly, thinking about how Shahrazad must have felt being so happy one day and then dying the day after...

"Thank you, young girl." Liddell looked up at Lyra at the comment, "I'm sure Princess Shahrazad was saved thanks to you."

"I don't deserve any credit." Liddell bitterly bit out, feeling ashamed of herself for the first time about breaking the seal, "Not till I give these runes to Queen Alice so she can... Seal the witch." She shook her head and her eyes became determined as she clarified, "Or else it's just like doing nothing."

"You're very hard on yourself." Lyra murmured with a smile tilting her head in recognition, "I admire that. I'll grant you my Sigil. Please, take it." The air above Lyra glowed faintly as the Sigil floated to Liddell. With a glow, the Sigil and the rune tome fused together, leaving the Sigil imprinted on a page in the book. Closing the book, Liddell looked up at Lyra as she continued, "And I will open the door to the final kingdom." She paused and smiled a sisterly smile at Liddell, "If anything distracts you... Then go wild, go crazy, let it all out."

"Sounds good!" Liddell grinned over her shoulder as she and Loue started to leave the castle.

"Oh, one more thing." Liddell paused at the sound of the princess's voice. She gazed back at Lyra questioningly, "Allow me to lend you my power. Search for the red crystal."

Liddell nodded in understanding and hurried to catch up to Loue as they went in search of their next adventure. Leaving the story of Princess Shahrazad behind...

"Not again..." Liddell groaned as her eyes blinked open. She was in the same room that she had been in the day before.

"Liddell?" Loue's face appeared above her own, a concerned expression marring it, "Are you okay now?"

"Yeah," Liddell reassured him sitting up.

"Are you sure?" Loue frowned at her with worry, "I have not known you for long, but I doubt it is normal for a girl your age to be fainting like this."

"It's fine. My mind is just trying to recover something it's lost." Liddell waved his concern off slipping from the bed and standing.

"What do you mean?" Loue stood hovering nearby her, worried that she might faint again.

"You wouldn't understand..." Liddell sighed as she stepped forwards, but suddenly froze when she saw the light seeping through the doorway. The memories that had come back to her popped back into her head and feared for the worst as she inquired of Loue, "What time is it?"

"You slept the whole night away. It's early morning of the next day." Loue recounted, not understanding why she would ask all of a sudden.

Liddell cursed under her breath and abruptly rushed out of the room.

"Liddell?" Loue called after her as he followed her into the hall.

"Where are Kitty and Shahrazad?" Liddell sounded desperate as she rushed down the hall with Loue on her heels as she searched for her two friends.

"In the throne room. Why? What's wrong?" he asked hearing the dread in her voice.

"The witch, she's coming." Liddell gushed out, worried for the Princess's and Kitty's safety.

"Witch? What are you talking about?"

"I mean-"


"Crap!" Liddell ran faster towards the throne room. She could hear shouts of panic emanating from in front of them. As they rounded the corner to the throne room's entrance she saw people running out in panic as fire balls seemed to dance in the air behind them.

"Frei!" Liddell shouted. Icicle shards rushed forward causing steam to erupt as they came into contact with the fireballs. Murmuring a levitation spell, Liddell jumped over the crowd running out of the throne room.

Landing softly into the room, she saw there was even more fireballs in the room itself, not including the new addition of fire snakes that slithered within the air. Liddell looked towards the throne and was relieved to see Kitty and Shahrazad being escorted through a secret exit by the Fire Lord. Liddell heard a hissing sound from above and jumped out of the way just as a fire snake chomped down onto the floor. The floor melted under the intense heat of the fiery serpent as it got ready to strike out again.

"Freion!" Liddell cried. Ice appeared all around her and not only took out the one serpent, but also many fireballs that had been slowly encroaching on her.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" a high pitched voice called from above Liddell. She whipped her head up and saw a girl a little older than Shahrazad floating on a large piece of cloth that seemed to be burning like a flame at the edges. The girl leaned down peering at Liddell, "A little witchy... I'm thinking you're the one who defeated Tsuru, Hmm?"

Liddell glared at the girl above her, "And I'm thinking you're another one of the Eld Witch's daughters?"

"Correct!" The girl laughed maniacally, "Oh, now this will be fun!" She waved a hand and more fireballs appeared in the air, "If I beat you, sister will be so jealous." Liddell watched as all the fireballs and snakes converged into one spot the flames fusing together to make one giant serpent.

It barred its fangs at her as it struck forward and Liddell dodged being cooked alive. "Freion!" Ice formed and struck the serpent in the eye making it recoil with a hiss. Angrily, it struck out again and Liddell jumped out of the way sending another ice attack to it face. Seeing the attack coming, it deflected it with its tail sending it back at Liddell who flew back from the impact of the ice; sliding into the wall on the far side of the room, "Uggh..." she groaned picking herself off the floor as the snake slithered closer.

Maniacal laughter sounded from above, as the girl grinned wickedly below, "Little witchy, let us see who's stronger! My flames or your weak little spells?"

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Well I hope this chapter was fulfilling and enjoyable to you all! Remember to review and/or comment. Look forward to the next chapter – Liddell vs the Fire Charmer! XD