Okay I owe all of you (if any of you are still here) a huge apology! I am so sorry this took so long. I've been so busy lately and I'm struggling from major writers' block. My writers' block also explains why this chapter is so short and so fillerish. Another thing I'm sorry for.

And now that the apologies are out of the way, on with the story!

"Alright. First things first. We need to start planning your engagement party." Katara's 'future mother-in-law' said brightly. "I'll handle most of the guest list, including the important members of the Water Tribe court, but if there are any friends you want to be invited don't hesitate to tell me—"

"Don't worry about that. All of my "friends" were hand picked by my parents. Most of them will be here because they are the daughters of the most important members of the Water Tribe, and if any of them don't make the cut I don't really care." Katara blushed at her outburst but did not apologize. For the first time in her life she felt as if she didn't need to grovel for forgiveness every time she spoke her mind.

"I completely understand. Before Avatar Aang defeated Sozin the Fire Nation was very similar to the Water Tribe. I remember my grandmother telling me stories of all the brainless bimbos her parents forced her to be friends with," Ursa explained with a mocking grimace.

Katara smiled, and Ursa turned her attention back to the party planning. "So that settles the guest list. We'll meet with the cooks tomorrow to plan the menu, and after that we'll need to consult with the decorators but they won't be able to get here until Tuesday. The musicians are already hired, so I guess all that's left is your dress!"

Katara's face lit up further. She may have hated all the restrictions of being a Water Tribe princess, but she had always loved all of the excuses her position gave her to dress up. Ursa returned the smile and wished, not for the first time, that Katara truly was about to become her daughter-in-law.

The royal seamstress was waiting for them in Katara's chambers. She had already strewn fabric samples everywhere, and had several sketches laid out on a low table in the sitting room.

"Ah! Your Majesty! Your Highness! Let's get started."

Katara smiled at the enthusiastic woman and moved eagerly towards the table. The three women settled down to look at the dresses that elegantly combined elements of style from the Water Tribe and Fire Nation.

"So I'm guessing from your reaction to Azula's little joke, you're more interested in Katara than you pretend you are," Lu Ten teased.

"Shut up!" Zuko swung his broadswords at his cousin, but in his anger he was sloppy. His cousin quickly disarmed him and Lu Ten's swords were soon poised an inch from Zuko's neck.

"Temper, temper Zuzu. If you're going to be Firelord you have to stop blowing up at every little thing!" Lu Ten's oh so innocent grin would not disappear no matter how fiercely Zuko glared.

Zuko sighed and flopped to the ground, ending their staring match. "Fine. I like Katara…a lot."

"Zuko, you love her and you know it."

Hope you liked it! Especially that little scene between Zuko and Lu Ten. I love their relationship. I promise I'll try to get more written soon!