A/N: Written for the drabble challenge comm DW100 on LJ. Prompt: "Scarlet"

He stares at the dress Donna's holding. "It's ... scarlet."

"I like red. Just 'cos I'm ginger--"

"Scarlet," he repeats. "And orange."

"Okay, scarlet. You said 'wear bright colours to honour the Sublime Poohbear.'"

"Poojah," he mutters. Why would the TARDIS provide her a dress in Prydonian colours?

Donna studies his face. Her frown softens. "Never mind. Plenty more choices. It's just a dress." Her hand lingers wistfully on the hanger.

"Wear it," he blurts.


"I-- It's not important. You'll look brilliant."

He's right. At the coronation ball, the only thing brighter than Donna's dress is her smile.