Good morning homophobic Lima, Ohio.

At least I can take comfort in Mercedes who is totally accepting of my identity, unlike some people. Of course, that was before this afternoon. Now I have no idea how to react to anything.

"Hey Kurt, oh look we match yet again."

"Well, at least this time it's on purpose and some of us don't look like technicolor zebras." I quipped, in the nicest of ways. We linked arm in arm and strutted down the hallways like we were in an Alexander McQueen runway, passing by the wannabe Quinn and Finn.

"You're breaking up with me?"

"Honestly, I got back with you because I thought you had changed. Not to mention you said you would do better in school, but what is this non-existent mark in math?"

"Santana, you sound like my mom, excluding all that Jewish stuff."

"We're through."

"Oh come on, let me try to make it up to you."

I don't know why, but I snorted as we walked past them. Perhaps trying to see Puck 'making up' with Santana had a little bit of a quirk to it. Up or out? I could feel the anger surging from Puck as he glared at Santana as she walked away. That's one of the reasons I'll never like girls. Too much drama, if I do say so myself.


"Hold on Kurt, I think I forgot something in my locker."

I sigh in frustration. I'm always prepared, whereas Mercedes seems to have an early Alzheimer's. "Sure, I'll wait for you here. Just don't be late for glee."

"Yeah, like I'd let Rachel snag another solo without me around." She said as she walked to the other side of school.

Well, nothing to do but wait…and perhaps check my nails. Here comes the wannabe Quinn.

"Move it, gleek."

I roll my eyes at her comment. It's not like she isn't a gleek either, but perhaps the back springs and cartwheels have dislodged her brain cells. I mean, look at Brittany. While in this train of thought, I could have sworn I heard a crash from the janitor's closet. With nothing else to do, I gingerly tiptoed to it.

Suddenly, an arm whips out and pulls me in. I have no idea how to react when I feel warm lips crashing down on mine. Three quick thoughts run through my head. Damn! This is NOT how I wanted my first kiss to be. Which was followed by Who the hell is this? Only to be interrupted by oh.

Whoever it was, was seriously good at kissing. I got pulled forward by the waist and pressed against a really muscled body. Before I could think again, my arms flew over their neck and my lips started kissing back. I'm not sure which of us just moaned, but it definitely made me kiss harder. I felt a tongue on my lips, and as hard as I tried for it not to, it came through into my mouth.

Okay. Way too much for a first kiss. I pushed away, only to be forced back onto his lips. He was kissing more roughly now, bruising my lips, and thrusting our hips together and I kept on pulling away.

"Oh come on, Santana."

I froze. Ohcrap.

Author's Note: I hope that was okay for my first fanfiction! (I've been reading for about three motnhs, and had this plot bunny attack me) I'm not sure whether I should do two points of views, or just one. I know that my biggest pet peeve on here are authors who leave it at one chapter and don't update, so I will update as often as possible for you gleeks!

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