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Puck's POV. Sorry for all the angst that's been built up in the past few chapters.

I was worried out of my mind for Kurt. What happened if something went wrong? What happens if Finn decided to go all ballistic on him? I couldn't concentrate at all as I paced around the front of the school. I ran my hand through my Mohawk, frustrated and confused. Even if this whole thing with Finn flies by, what was I going to do about Quinn? Technically, it's my kid. I have to support the little girl. But I cared so much about Kurt… I don't think I'll ever want to let him go.

A sharp ringtone shattered my train of thought. I looked down at my phone, trying to figure out why the hell Finn, of all people, was calling me.

"Finn?" I whispered, as though I was scared of lighting a bomb.

"Puck?" That wasn't Finn's voice. It was too feminine.

"Who's speaking?" I asked.

"It's Carole." Oh. Finn's mom. "Do you have any idea where Finn is? I'm on his cellphone, so he definitely doesn't have that. I went into his room and found it littered with beer cans."

Crap. Finn's never been able to handle alcohol well. "Did you check his phone history?"

"Yes, the last person he called was Kurt." I could feel my pulse racing, and the pounding of my heart in my head. I cancelled the call and started running. I ran the fastest I've ever run, including that one time we scored the touchdown. Kurt's house approached me, and I immediately saw his and Finn's cars on the driveway and sidewalk. The door was hanging slightly open.

I ran into the seemingly abandoned house in a frenzy, when I heard familiar voices floating up from the basement.

"You're with someone else?" I could hear the familiar drunken slur in Finn's voice.

"Well, not really with someone else. It's really a bit conf-" Kurt's clear voice cut through.

"You're with Puck, aren't you?" I heard a growl that only Finn could have managed to do. "That's why you two were in the closet! And always together! Even after he gets Quinn, he doesn't even want her!" By now I was silently tiptoeing along the hallway, trying not to make to much noise. I couldn't tell what was happening down there, but it didn't sound like it was going anywhere good.

"He's taking everything away from me." A pathetic sobbing sound followed, imitating that of a wounded dog. I heard faint thumps and small cries coming from a higher pitched voice. Crap. I was at the door, trying to pull it open furiously.

"Well, he's not taking you from me," I tried to wrench the door open, but it stood firm and in my way.

"FINN, YOU'RE DRUNK!" I heard Kurt scream. The blood pounded in my head, as I tackled the door with such a great force, that Coach Tanaka would be praising me for the rest of my life. "HELP!" I ran down the ridiculously great amount of steps. I was shocked at the scene that waited in the basement. Finn had Kurt pinned against the bed, his frankenteen body engulfing the smaller, more delicate one of Kurt. Tears trailed down Kurt's face as he tried to push Finn away uselessly, while Finn was tugging down the skinny jeans. Their shirts lay in a sad heap on the ground, shamelessly torn away by Finn.

The worst part, however, was when Finn bent down to kiss Kurt. I propelled myself from the stairs to the bed, colliding with Finn's tough body, and throwing him off of Kurt. I launched punch after punch to Finn's face, until I practically lost all feeling in my right hand. Finn helplessly flailed back.

"Don't. Touch. My. Boyfriend." I yelled, punching him in the face after every word. Finn tried to grab for my arm when I gave a last blow to his face. He fainted, his head hitting the floor with a crack. A small figure leaped off the bed and flung his arms around me, laying his head on my chest and sobbing. I closed my eyes and embraced him, his shivers of fear lessening.

"It's going to be okay," I said as softly as possible, not wanting to scare him. "I'm so sorry. I never should have asked you to talk to him right after that." Just an hour ago, he was comforting me. I rubbed his smooth back, trying to reassure him everything was going to be okay. He trembled, and I knew he needed to rest and calm down. I hefted him up into a cradle position, and walked him up the stairs. Kurt buried his face to my chest, and I kissed him on the top of his head. He flinched, but didn't say a word.

With infinite care, I lay him down on the couch in the living room and sat down on what little space was left on the edge. I tried to ignore the bruises that were quickly growing on his face and chest. My hand brushed his hair out of his face, and I pulled a blanket up to cover the painful looking bruises.

I hummed a tune his song, from a time long ago, though it wasn't as good as his, nor in the same octave, his eyelids drifted down to cover his bright blue eyes. Kurt's small body curled towards my warmth, and the blanket slipped. I tried to hold in a gasp as I saw the damage Finn had done. Splattered like paint on a blank canvas, splotches of black, blue, and purple was spread across his pale chest. They spread all the way up to his neck and face, from his lips to his cheekbones, hardly any part wasn't colouring. The worst, however, was the expression on his face. One of pure hurt and fear. I was going to kill Finn.

So I walked down to the basement, where a half bare Finn lay on the ground. Against my revenge-fuelled mind, I managed to drag him onto the bed. Then I waited. I waited for about two hours before Finn regained consciousness, by which I time I had nearly dozed off myself.

"Whoa. Ughh," The familiarly clueless voice woke me up. "Where am I?"

I stood up from my seat across from the bed, crossing my buff arms to show I meant business.

"What the hell? Puck? What're you doing in my house?" Finn grabbed his head again, obviously in pain, and stood up. "What the hell did you do?"

"First of all, dude, it's not your house. And second of all, I didn't do anything." I held my patience in check, just for Kurt.

"Wait… why would I be at your house?"

I groaned, frustrated. "It's not my house. It's Kurt's. Remember him?"

"What? Of course I reme-ohcrap." The memories flooded back to Finn and he stumbled. "Shit shit shit. Did we…"

"No, I stopped your stupid self from raping him."

"Ohmyg- is he oka- dude, I was drunk, I didn't know." He pleaded apologetically. "Can I see him?"

"Why would I let you do that? So you can try to convince him that you were just 'kidding around' or something?" I rolled my eyes. Then I uncrossed my arms and glared at him. "Look here, you're not coming anywhere near my boyfriend. Whether you just want to 'apologise' or if you want to freaking seduce him." I pointed at his chest. "Got it?"

Finn blinked rapidly, trying to understand what was going on. Whether it was the fact that he realized he had just harassed Kurt, the fact that Kurt was my boyfriend, or how he was apologizing to me after he had just found out about the baby. "I just want to say I'm sorry to him. I know it won't really help, but at least he knows, right?"

"Oh, and then you'll be his hero again? Yeah right." Finn looked even more clueless then before, but before I could say something else, a soft call came from the stairs.

"Noah? Finn?" Kurt's shaken voice came down as he stepped into his room. We both turned to face the dishevelled boy, wearing a blanket over his shoulders. I ran over to support him, seeing as he looked like he was about to fall. I gripped his shoulders protectively, while glaring daggers at Finn.

Finn's mouth was hanging slightly open as he tried to explain, "Kurt, dude, I'm so sorry. I didn't even know what was going on, and I was so beat up, and-" Kurt raised his hand to stop Finn.

"I get it, you were drunk. People do stupid things when they're drunk." I cringed at the reference to what I had done. "Ow.. um, Noah, can you let up a bit?" I realized my hands were clasping holding his shoulders in an iron tight hold. I let go.

"I'll just…talk to Finn for a couple minutes, okay?"

My eyes bugged out, like he was crazy. "How will I know he won't be ra-"

"Just five minutes, Noah."

I looked back and forth between the two. I knew Kurt wouldn't start making out with him, or anything, but Finn… I wasn't so sure. I nodded begrudgingly, and started to walk up the stairs, only turning back to glare at Finn.

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