This is my first Spider-Girl fic, this chapter will focus on the beginning of how my OC and May meet fro the first time so enjoy!!!

Chapter 1: New neighbours

It was a beautiful day in Queens, New York as it was another normal day in the Parker residence.

But the day wasn't normal as across the street from them they were all observing new arrivals to the neighbourhood.

Peter, Mary-Jane and five year old May Parker and other residents were all watching as they saw a couple emerging and taking in boxes of stuff and furniture.

"New neighbours, I was wondering when someone was gonna take the Williams place I mean sure the guy was a womanizer but still it's about time." Peter said.

"You mean normal people right?" MJ said.

"For once yes not after the last time, I mean I had no idea they were actually aliens and out for world domination!!!" Peter said recalling a past misadventure.

Two people emerged from one of the moving truck a man and a woman, the man had black short hair, brown eyes and wore glasses, a blue shirt and cream coloured pants with loafers. The woman was a blonde with blue eyes, a white t shirt, jeans and sneakers.

Both were bringing stuff in as they were approached by the Parkers and stopped to greet them.

"Hi there we're the Parkers, I'm Mary-Jane, that's my husband Peter and this little number is our daughter May." MJ introduced her family to the new neighbours.

"Hello there aren't you just precious, how old are you?" the woman asked with a smile.

"Five." May said holding up five fingers.

"Well now aren't you a big girl." she said.

The little girl then smiled at that.

"Oh sorry how rude of me!! I'm Caitlin Redgrave." Catlin shook their hands introducing herself. "And somewhere is…ah James!!!" she called.

As the man approached them with his arm around Catlin.

"What is it dea-oh hello there." he said.

"James dear this is Peter, Mary-Jane Parker and their daughter May." Catlin said introducing the Parkers. "Peter, Mary-Jane, my husband James Redgrave." she introduced her husband.

"Pleasure to meet you all." James said shaking their hands and smiling to May who smiled back.

"Where's your parents?" Catlin asked her husband.

"They phoned earlier and they'll be a few minutes." James said.

"What about Jack?" Catlin asked.

"A little excited and wanting to see his new home." James said.

"Do you have any children?" Peter asked.

"Oh yes our son Jack, he's five and a half…but a handfull." James said.

"The joys of parenting." Peter joked.

"All kids are like that…well not our little Mayday, she's good as gold." MJ said looking down to her daughter and stroking her head.

"So why did you move here?" MJ asked.

"My job, I work for Stark Enterprises, we moved from West Newberry, Mass, I was promoted to Head of Energy and Development." Caitlin explained.

"What about you James, what do you do?" Peter asked.

"I'm lecturing at NYU, I teach archaeology." James explained.

Peter then noticed a copy of a book by an old friend of his in the left hand of James.

"Is that "Theories of Genetics" by Dr. Lazarus?" Peter asked.

"Yes I've been reading for a few weeks now and I must say, it's such a fascinating theories he has." James said.

"Have you read the chapter of the possibilities of how many unmapped parts of the human DNA there could be?" Peter asked.

"Yes I never knew there were so many parts still yet to be discovered." James said.

Both men went on and on about the different theories and mostly all the science stuff as both wives just shook their heads seeing their husbands are both science geeks.

"You married a geek too." MJ said.

"It was one of the qualities that attracted me to him, among other things." Caitlin said referencing to other things as MJ giggled with her.

As then a car pulled up and the two front doors of the car opened and a man and woman emerged who looked to be in their sixties as the door of the back of the car opened and out came a young boy.

He had short black hair, blue eyes, wearing a red t shirt, with quarter inch jean pants and some old sneakers.

The woman took his hand and led him over to the others as he gleamed in joy.

"Mommy!!! Daddy!!!" the boy shouted as he went up to them and hugged them as he was just glad to see his parents.

"Yes we missed you too." Caitlin said to the boy.

"Mary-Jane, Peter this is our pride and joy, our son Jack." Caitlin said introducing her son to the Parkers.

"Well aren't you a handsome young man, how old are you?" MJ asked.

"I'm five and…a…a…half." Jack said.

"You're becoming a big boy aren't you." MJ said as Jack just smiled.

Jack saw May as he just smiled at her but she shied behind her mother as MJ looked to her daughter noticing her reluctance towards Jack.

"May? What's wrong?" MJ asked her daughter as she looked in her direction and saw she was hiding from Jack.

"Don't be shy…he's not gonna bite, I bet he's just as scared as you." MJ assured May.

Jack then went forward. "Hi, I'm Jack." Jack waved as he introduced himself to May.

She then came away from her hiding spot and went towards Jack.

"Hello…I'm May." May said as she waved to Jack.

Both mothers witnessing the greeting made by their children was joyous moment as then they just randomly went to play a game with one another.

"Looks like our kids are going to be friends." Caitlin said.

"I guess May's taken a shine to Jack." MJ said.

"Jack has that effect on people." Caitlin said.

Both Peter and James were taken off trail by their conversation on science by seeing their children playing with one another.

"It's an amazing sight isn't it?" Peter asked.

"Yes, I mean they are the future and we have to guide them towards it, as the parents we must pass down our teachings so they may pass theirs on to their children and so on." James explained.

"No books could tell them anything we already know." Peter said.

"I concur with that ." James said.

The parents just stood to watch their children play with each other as it was a sign of things to come.

"Do you guys want help getting your stuff in?" MJ asked.

"Now there's no need, we don't want to imply you both to help us." James said.

"No we insist, it's the least we can do now we're neighbours and anyway the kids are too occupied to notice anything." Peter convinced them.

He was right as they were having a game of tag and just chasing each other in the Redgrave's front garden.

As they helped them get things in this would be a whole new beginning for them all.

They meet for the first time but what does the future hold for them?

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