Ten years later and things hadn't changed much from that day in the hospital. Hermione and Fred were blissfully in love with two children.

"Daddy!" Allison, Fred and Hermione's five year old daughter yelled, running into her father's legs.

"Hey, Ally Cat." He laughed, picking her up and lifting her onto his shoulders.

"Hi, Dad," Nine year old Hugo said, walking over in a much calmer manner than his younger sister.

"Hey, Hugo, What's up, buddy?"

"Don't forget, you promised you would help me with my beating. I need to keep practicing if I want the older cousins to let me to play with them."

"I didn't forget, buddy."

"How about we eat dinner first?" Hermione asked, entering the room, wiping her hands on a dish towel.

"Hey, babe." Fred said, kissing her softly.

"EEWW!" Cried Hugo, "Cooties! Gross!"

The couple just laughed. Even a complete stranger, looking in a window would see the blissfulness and happiness of the small family.

The End

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