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Ross, Rachel, and a five-year-old Emma are walking down the street to the neighborhood bus stop for the elementary school. Emma is very excited, and is running ahead of her parents. Ross is holding their two-year-old son, Kyle. He has Ross' dark brown hair and Rachel's blue eyes.

"Emma sweetie, be careful," Rachel calls to her daughter. "You don't wanna ruin your new school clothes."

"But Mommy," she cries. "I don't wanna be late! What if the bus leaves without me?"

Rachel and Ross, carrying Kyle, catch up to Emma.

"The bus is not going to leave without you," Ross tells her. She looks doubtful. "I promise."

"Okay," she says. She runs ahead of them again and starts skipping. They're getting closer to the bus stop, and Rachel starts getting choked up.

"Ross," Rachel says, turning towards her husband. "Maybe… maybe Emma's not ready for kindergarten."

"Rach, she's definitely ready," he tells her, shifting Kyle onto his other hip. "Look at her."

They look up the street a few feet to see Emma practically running to the bus stop.

"She woke us up two hours early so she could be ready to go at 8 o'clock," he says with a chuckle.

"I guess you're right," she sighs. "She's so excited about school." She pauses and sniffles a little. "But it's just… she's my little girl, my baby."

"Da!" Kyle squeals, making them both smile.

"I know honey," Ross says, trying to make her feel better. "But we still have Kyle."

They look at their son, who is gurgling and clapping his hands together.

"I know, but he's gonna grow up faster than we think," she says, getting upset. "Look what happened with Emma- two seconds ago it was her first birthday and we accidently got her a cake with her face on it shaped like a penis, and now she's off to kindergarten!"

They're at the bus stop by now, and there are at least eight other kids waiting for the bus.

"Mommy, Daddy," Emma says, looking up at her parents. "Are you sure you want me to go to school? I mean, I could just stay home and help you take care of Kyl-"

"Em, you're going to school," Rachel tells her. "You're gonna learn a lot and make new friends, and most of all, have fun."

"Really?" she asks, her blue eyes twinkling with excitement.

"Mhmm," Ross assures her. "And Mommy and Kyle'll be waiting for you when you come home."

"I'm gonna go wait at the corner with the other kids," she tells her parents. They both have unsure looks on their faces as they watch their daughter walk to the corner where the bus is going to pick her up.

Suddenly, the big yellow bus lurches to a stop in front of the small group of kids. Emma looks back at her parents nervously, but they give her reassuring smiles.

Rachel sniffles loudly again, and Ross notices.

"I know," he says. "But… you've gotta let go."

"Bye Mommy, bye Daddy, bye Kyle," she shouts before climbing the big steps and getting unto the bus.

"Bye," Rachel says quietly while trying to hold back tears.

Ross waves to Emma as the bus pulls away from the stop.

"Well," he says after a few seconds of silence. "I have to get ready for work."

"Yeah," Rachel says, her voice shaking. "Let's go back to the house."

Ross puts his arm around his arm that isn't holding Kyle around his wife's shoulders as they walk down the street.

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