It's strange how priorities change once someone is out of your life.

How people can make you change. Just by a few words. I don't want you anymore.

It hurt more than I expected, but that was because I had started to let my shield drop. I started to let myself kinda like him. I never hurt before. I've felt pain - like when James bit my wrist. I felt joy - like when Draco and I were going out and I thought he would tell me my parentage. I felt a small amount of happiness when the Weasley's allowed me to live with them since the Christmas of my first year., when Ron brought me to the Burrow, instead of making me go to the Orphanage. I felt love towards my 'family' and friends.

But never hurt.

I promised myself that if Edward was in my life, I wouldn't act like I always do. I wouldn't have emotions. I'd be like I was in school. I'd be the way I made friends. But normal Muggles don't act that way, as I was told, anyway. Angela seemed pretty quiet and didn't really express her opinion much.

But since Edward is gone, I could act like I did with Hermione, Harry, and Ron. I missed them, but I couldn't come back until the end of first term, at least. It was specific instructions. I was lucky to even get this mission, being underage and all that.

I sighed and looked at the calendar when I reached my room. I had fifteen days until Christmas. I wrote to Sirius, a father to me, really. Besides Arthur, he would be my father.

'Dear Padfoot,

Hey, the game's done. That Muggle game that Arthur wanted me to find. Took me forever, but I found a first edition with the proper rules. I've decided that I'm coming back. It's short notice, and you have no choice, but you have to keep it a secret! I already sent a letter to Dumbledore and I hope to hear back from you, Snuffles! I miss you! Love you!


I pulled out another piece of parchment and wrote to Dumbledore, so he could get the letter as well:

Dear Professor Dumbledore,

I've decided to come back. Sorry for the late notice. I was hopping I could start my second term with lessons and such? If I can't I understand, but I already wrote Padfoot to see if I could come for Christmas. I miss everyone too much. I have found the game you gave me. I figured out all the rules and I'd be happy to teach them to you, because Arthur loves Muggle games as well.

Hope to hear from you soon,


I had a code, in case the Ministry interferes with my owl, because they know that mine is midnight black with electric blue eyes. They did, obviously, recieve it weekly when I asked for my guardians to be switched to Arthur and Molly Weasley. They refused, of course, but allowed me to reside there.

I pressed the letters into Kali's beak. I named my owl Kali because she is the Goddess of the Moon, and my owl loves to fly when the moon's out. She looked at me, waiting for instructions.

"Go to Sirius first, then head to Hogwarts. Make sure Sirius only takes his, or you have my permission to bite him." I said, no emotion. She squawked and flew into the night. I sat down and picked up all of my course books and began going over my notes. I had to catch up at least half of fifth year and the first half of sixth.

After I went through all the notes I had, Kali had reappeared at my window. The pinkish hue in the air told me that it was dawn. I had gone nearly twelve hours studying my notes from last year and the year I missed. I opened the window gently - as to not wake Charlie - and she handed me two scrolls as well. I unrolled the first, which was clearly Sirius's.

Dear Bella,

I would be delighted if you could come for Christmas! I will keep it a secret from your friends so that you can surprise them. You know how they LOVE surprises. Buckbeak has been missing you, as has Molly. This year, we are going to be celebrating Christmas at the Weasley's, just so you don't come to an empty house! That would so be you!

Love you too,


I smiled and opened Dumbledore's.

Dear Bella,

I have talked to the Professors and they have been 'dying' to see you. Harry, Ron, and Hermione do not know of your arrival, but I figured you could surprise them. I will notify Molly of your arrival, which is set to be December fifteenth, at noon - the Burrow time. I hope you have a good vacation and I would like for you to explain to me the game. Please do whatever you need to do to make yourself non-rememberable.


I checked the calendar, first. I had a day and approximately five hours until I had to leave. I packed my things and made sure my wand was in my pocket, and careful not to use it unless I was leaving. I put my keys onto the key ring and set everything I owned on the window. I would have to use my 'magic' to get it out of the house unnoticed. I was a special witch, growing up with an unknown origin and I could control my powers with a simple phrase - Azarath Metrinome Zinthose. Sometimes, though, I only had to think such a phrase.

I quickly wrote a short reply before falling asleep, peacefully for the thousandth time since Edward left. I never once cared for him like he did me, but I couldn't tell him that. It was all a mission for the Order, and with that last thought, I fell into that peaceful, dreamless sleep that I grew up with every day of my life.

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