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A/N: The idea for this story actually came while I was listening to music. In fact, each chapter's title corresponds to a song's title on my playlist. This chapter's comes from Hilary Duff. It'll go back and forth between Harry and Snape's POVs, and it is probably going to be pure fluff in spots. Reviews are appreciated. Enjoy.


The lanky pale wizard loved summer, just not this one, unfortunately. His former sadistic master came back to life through some sort of potion, which he should have found rather ironic since he was the current potions master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He didn't find it ironic, though, not even remotely funny. No, the Dark Lord's return made him now have to resume his old spying days. In a way, it had worked brilliantly in his favor. That is, his return back into his former master's inner circle. He had managed to escape with only dealing a few bouts of the Cruciatus curse.

Now, the pale wizard was in his most favorite place of all, the official headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. Sense the dripping sarcasm. He was a member of the Order, which was a secret group founded to overthrow said Dark Lord. He secretly had been a member since the first Order, but he didn't like to tell people that for obvious reasons. Therefore, the rest of the dunderheads in the Order naïvely believed he had just joined. He had to brief Albus Dumbledore, his mentor and current Hogwarts' headmaster, about the previous night's meeting with the Dark Lord. Oh, how wonderful his life was.

It was raining when the pale wizard apparated right outside of the rundown building. He hated the rain. Actually, he didn't like many things, but rain was the worst. It always would drip down his large hooked nose, which made him feel even grumpier. It also made his long dark hair curl at the ends. Yes, he hated the rain, and he was certain the feeling was mutual.

He drew in a deep breath and calmly walked in. If Black even mentioned how horrible he looked, he was going to hex that man into next week. He was not in the mood. He sneered as he walked through the dusty hallway towards the kitchen. The whole house looked utterly decrepit and about to fall in at any moment. He noticed the muttering house elf off to his side cleaning something.

"Ah, Severus, you've finally arrived," Albus Dumbledore, a wizard in periwinkle robes with a long white beard, happily said from his seat at the head of the table.

"I apologize for my lateness, Headmaster," Severus calmly replied as he sat down. Within seconds, the frizzy dark-haired witch in black robes handed him a cup of steaming dark liquid. He didn't even mutter a thank you before he brought the warm cup of coffee to his lips to drink. He sighed as soon as it reached his stomach and warmed him to the core. He then set the cup back down and slightly inclined his head towards the witch. She didn't notice, though.

"Have you learned anything more about his plans, Severus?"

"No, Headmaster," Severus replied quietly. "The Dark Lord is still being very secretive with his plan. However, it does appear as if he is trying to reach something. At this point, my best guess would be the prophecy concerning Potter." He watched the thoughtful look pass over his mentor's face.

"Ah, yes, I fear you may be correct, my boy." Albus then glanced towards another wizard who wore shabby looking robes. "Remus, have you heard anything from Harry this summer?"

"No. He's been rather quiet. I mean, he writes every day, but—I am worried, Albus."

"I'm sure Potter's fine, Lupin," Severus drawled quietly before taking another sip of his coffee. Another wizard with a pinstripe waistcoat and long wavy brown hair responded.

"He's been writing us every day, Snape, and we can't even write him back. How do you think he'll take it when he learns that his best friends are here while he's stuck in that hellhole?"

"Perhaps he will learn something from it, Black."

"Oh, yeah, and what's that, Snape?" the wizard snarled back.

"That the only person you can count on is yourself," Severus replied quietly. He then sighed. His coffee had cooled off and tasted rather horrible now. He pushed it away in disgust. "The boy will be fine, Black. There is no need for you to worry. If I am correct, I believe the Headmaster has ordered Miss Tonks and Moody to fetch him this evening." He then glanced towards Albus who slowly nodded. "You'll be with your precious godson soon enough."

"He watched a classmate of his die, Snape! I get that you're a heartless bastard, but—"

"Perhaps you forget, Black, that he is not the only one who watched people die this summer."

"Fine," Black growled. "But I haven't forgotten that he is just a boy."

"Boys, that's enough," the frizzy dark-haired witch harshly scolded across from Snape. "We have better things to do than to debate this all night long." She then caught a redheaded witch's eyes. She sighed heavily when the witch understood and left. Harry Potter had come to Grimmauld Place.