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Nothing Else I Can Say

Harry was losing…badly. Voldemort had managed to extort every weakness he had. However, Harry continued to try to block him from learning anything else. The Order needed him. His friends needed him. The entire world needed Harry to win.

That was why after the tenth time of Voldemort throwing him to the floor in their mentally created room, Harry panted heavily and slowly drew himself back up to his feet. He was exhausted physically and mentally. He could barely think anymore. However, he gathered every bit of strength left. He steeled himself up and glared at Voldemort.

"Poor pathetic Potter," Voldemort sneered. "Nobody can save you, boy. Why don't you just give up, Harry? They won't think any less of you. Well, any less than they already do." He then laughed sinisterly before walking closer to him. "Tell me, Harry. Where's your great Savior Severus now?"

Harry opened his mouth to yell some wonderful insults that would be worthy to be Snape's one when he caught a strange light behind Voldemort. Someone was helping him. The grin instantly took over Harry's face while he bravely looked Voldemort in the eyes.

"There," Harry said pointing towards the white light. Seconds later, the light burst and Harry felt something or someone yank him violently out of his mind. The feeling was so fierce that everything blurred past him and he felt as if he couldn't breathe while reality reappeared.

"Breathe, my boy. That's right, Harry. Deep breaths," a gentle and familiar voice whispered as Harry slowly regained consciousness.

It took a few seconds before Harry could open his eyes. He instantly glanced around confused. He was in the Infirmary at Hogwarts. He opened his mouth to speak, but was instantly silenced by Dumbledore who held up a hand.

"All in good time, my boy, but you must first rest," Dumbledore said with a smile.

"Snape…?" Harry instantly caught the sadness in Dumbledore's eyes. "No…he couldn't…"

"We do not know, Harry. The Order is searching, but so far they've found nothing to state either way as to what Severus's fate is."

"Sir, what…how did he help me?"

"I regret, my boy, that it wasn't just Severus who helped you defeat Voldemort."

"I…I don't understand, sir."

"I sent Professor Sinistra to aid Severus. It seems they both managed to cast my spell."

"Sir, but I don't understand. What was the spell?"

"A spell that I learned from an old friend and that is all I will say, Harry." Dumbledore had a haunted look on his face, but the look quickly disappeared. "Ah, I believe there are some people who wish to see you." He then glanced towards the doorway where a group of people stood staring. "While I believe Madam Pomfrey will have my hide, I take it you wish to see them also?" Harry nodded. "Very well," Dumbledore replied with a smile. He then quietly motioned towards them and stepped back.

"OH, HARRY!" Hermione was the first to reach him and quickly wrapped her arms around him. She then pulled back and looked him over. "You're all right?"

"Yeah, Hermione, I'm fine," replied Harry smiling. He glanced towards Ron who rolled his eyes at the witch's actions. "Hey, Sirius," he happily said to his godfather. He smiled at everyone else before feeling a pit in his stomach. The smile turned into a frown as his thoughts darkened. "He didn't want me to fight Voldemort alone," he quietly said.

"Well, Snape always did protect his own," Sirius replied. "It was one of his better qualities."

"Getting sentimental, are we, Black?" a familiar voice said.

Harry's head instantly snapped towards the voice. Never before did he ever think he'd smile when he saw Snape, but today he did. The man looked like hell. He had a large gash to the side of his face. His arm was badly broken and his right side was bleeding profusely.

"You're alive."

"Barely," Snape replied in his usual sarcastic way. He then grimaced softly before rolling up his left sleeve. The ugly black Dark Mark was gone, revealing a bare forearm. "Thank you, Harry."

"Oh, what…I don't get any thanks? Come on, Severus. If I hadn't cast that spell—"

"I wouldn't be bleeding then, Sinistra," Snape growled. Yep…all was now well at Hogwarts.

A/N: Yes, I know the ending is worthy of a Troll rating. I couldn't think of anything else to say in order for it to end. Thank you for sticking with me, though. I hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did. The sequel is now up and is entitled "Potions and Stars."