If You Need Me

"If you need me, just say my name and I will appear in this mirror," Harry handed Ginny a broken mirror fragment. "I have the other half, and they're connected. I will always, always be there for you."

"This is amazing!" Ginny squealed and she kissed Harry hard on the lips.

"Thanks," he mumbled, and Ginny giggled.

"Where did you get these?" She asked excitedly.

"Sirius gave them to me… before… you know…" Harry finished lamely.

"Yes," Ginny smiled warmly at him, before she kissed him again.

That was nine months ago, April of 1997. It was now January of 1998. Ginny was looking at the shard of glass, as she sat in the Gryffindor Common Room. She had just come back from a detention, and her whole body ached. She felt like crying, but had to be strong, there were little students in the Common Room still. She would go up to her dorm, but she was waiting for Neville, and she didn't know if she could make it up the stairs tonight.

"Are you alright, Ginny?" Ginny heard Lavender ask her, and she was snapped out of her thoughts. Lavender was a lot different then she had always been, she was very giggly, loud and girly last year, but now she was some how more grown up; like everyone else.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Lavender." Ginny told the girl with a sad smile.

"Neville said you had detention tonight. Is there anything that needs healing?" Lavender asked gently. Ginny was very reluctant the first few months to get healed, but now it had gone to far, and she couldn't cooperate without being healed, she was no help to anyone in the mess she was after the Cruciatus.

"My ribs heart. Goyle hit me with Crucio right in the chest, and I'm very sore." Ginny explained with a small blush.

"Alright." Lavender muttered an incantation and took a look at the inside of Ginny's chest.

"Looks like a fractured rib." Lavender told her.

"Okay." Lavender waved her wand, and Ginny felt a little better.

"Still a little sore, huh?" Lavender asked her and Ginny nodded.

"It will be. You've been subjected to the curse too many times to not a little sore." Ginny nodded at Lavender.

"Thank you." Ginny said shyly, but sincerely none the less.

"No problem, dear." Lavender sat down next to Ginny. "What are you holding?" Lavender asked curiously.

"It's… well… you see…" Ginny sighed. "Harry gave it to me." She said simply.

"Oh," Lavender smiled at Ginny. "I see." Ginny smiled.

"I just miss him so much."

"I know we all miss them. All three of them," Lavender smiled. "And Dean, and Colin and Dennis, and all the other kids not here."

"Yeah, I miss Colin." Ginny looked at Lavender. "Didn't you have detention today?" Lavender nodded. "How are you?"

"Fine." Lavender smiled. "Not as bad as you though. Parvati helped me."

"Oh." Ginny stared into the fire. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be. You didn't ask for any of this to happen." Lavender smiled at Ginny. "Are you coming to bed? I am."

"No. I'm going to wait for Neville."

"Alright. 'Night Ginny."

"'Night Lavender." Lavender hugged Ginny, and the both cringed.

"Sorry." They both whispered to the other. Lavender stood up and walked up to bed.

Ginny stared into the fireplace solemnly. She just wanted Harry so much, to have him hold her, and to kiss him.

"Harry," Ginny whispered sadly, as she fingered the small piece of mirror. As she did, she remembered what Harry had told her.

"If you need me, just say my name and I will appear in this mirror. I will always, always be there for you."

"Harry," She whispered urgently, the mirror so close to her, it touched her lips. "Harry!"

She waited a moment, before feeling dejected. Maybe Harry had meant it then, but times were different now. "I really thought you would be here for me." She whispered to the mirror.

She continued to stare into the fireplace not really seeing anything. She thought over everything, before she felt something vibrate in her lap. She looked down, and the mirror piece was glowing.

"Huh…" Ginny quietly, gently, picked up the piece of mirror.

"Gin?" She heard a soft, hesitant voice. She knew whose voice it was, and where it was coming from; it was Harry.

"Harry!" Ginny exclaimed quietly. She couldn't see anything but could hear his voice.

"Gin, it's dangerous. I can't speak with you." She heard his hesitant voice.

"Harry, you lied to me." Ginny said simply, her voice wavering.

"What?" He asked confusedly.

"You told me you would always be here for me." She said, as she started to loose her self-control. "You're far away, and I'm here at Hogwarts, and I miss you, and I need you."
"I'm sorry." Harry said, his voice still hesitant. "I can't be there."

"And that is why you're a liar."


"What, Harry?"

"You know I'd rather be there with you, than where I am."

"How do I know that? You broke up with me."

"Gin, I thought you understood."

"I thought I did, too. I mean, I do understand you have to something against Voldemort, but, you promised me."

"Ginny, I really do care about you, and I would give anything to be with you right now. But, you're safer at Hogwarts right now."

"Hogwarts is NOT safe right now. I had the most terrible detention today… but I guess that's not your problem. You're not even my boyfriend anymore."

"Gin-blossom, and I want to be with you so much. I just can't."

"Alright." Ginny sighed in a dejected manner. "I'll let you get back to whatever it is your doing."

"Ginny," Harry sighed. "You're making me feel guilty. I would like nothing more to come there, but I can't. Please understand, please don't be mad." She could hear the plea in his voice.

"I'm not mad." Ginny whispered.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm just kinda sad, and disappointed. I need you right now, Harry, and you're not here."


"It's alright." Ginny hastily wiped away the tear that started to drip down her face; she would not succumb to tears.

"Gin-" Ginny cut him off.

"No Harry, its fine." Ginny sighed sadly. "Just get back to Hermione and-" This time Harry cut Ginny off.

"Gin, what is this all about. You know nothing is going on between me and Hermione."

"I was going to say Hermione and Ron." Ginny said hastily, as she blushed. She heard sigh.

"Ginny, I don't-" Ginny cut him off again.

"It's alright. You can just go back to whatever it is that you've been doing, and I'll go back to Neville." Ginny thought she heard Harry quietly growl.

"You and Neville?"

"Yeah, Harry. I'm aloud to have friends too."

"I know," Harry told her. "Can you hold on a moment?"

"Yeah." Ginny waited for Harry to return.

"Ginny, where are you right now?" Harry asked her suddenly after a moment of her waiting.

"Gryffindor Common Room." Ginny told him confusedly.


"Wait, Harry, why do you need to know where I am?"

"You'll see." He said simply, she could almost hear the smirk in his voice.

"Okay…" Her voice trailed off.

"It's alright, dear." He told her. "I promise everything will be alright."

"How do I believe you?" She asked almost pathetically.


"No, it's alright." Ginny quickly said.

"Gin, just hold on. I'm gonna be right back again."


After about an hour, she felt the mirror buzz again, and she heard Harry's voice in an echo.

"Turn around, love." Ginny heard him say. She quickly flipped around and saw no one.

"Harry?" She whispered to the mirror. Ginny looked around the common room, but saw no one.

"Harry, no one's in the room with me."

"Good." She heard Harry's voice echo again, and then she heard a rustle of fabric, and saw Harry.

"Harry!" She exclaimed and she hastily stood on the couch, and jumped off of it and into his arms. "Harry," She breathed him in, and he did the same.

"Oh, Ginny." He hugged her tightly to him.

"Harry, careful." Harry loosened his hold on her, and led her to their favorite comfy chair by the fire. He sat down, and pulled her into his lap, her sitting bridal style.

"What's wrong, Gin?"

"Sore rib." She whispered as she buried her face into his shoulder, and began to cry. Harry felt the tears dampen his shoulder.

"Gin, love, what's wrong?" She didn't say anything, she just cried harder.

"Shh…" He cooed into her ear, and he rubbed her bag. "Shh… love, I'm here." He rubbed small circles on her back.

They sat there for a few minutes, Harry just holding Ginny to him, as she cried.

"Love, tell me what's wrong." He said as Ginny stopped crying, and went to small hiccoughs.

"They hurt us, Harry."

"Who hurts you?" Harry asked, almost afraid to hear the answer.

"The Carrows, a-a-and the Sl-sly-therins." She hiccupped on the evil house name.

"What do they do to you?"

"In detention… they… they… use the cru-cru-ciatus curse." She sounded on the line of hysteria.

"My love-" Harry stopped when he noticed what he called her. "Ginny, dear, I…" Harry hesitated with what he wanted to say; he didn't know if now was the right time to say it. "Ginny, I love you, and I am so sorry." He hugged her to him even tighter. "I love you so, so much." He whispered to her.

"My body hurts so much, Harry." She whispered, and Harry felt his heart break at the innocence, pain and childlike nature in her voice.

"Dear, I am so sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen."

"Harry, it's not your fault. I love you, too, and I would never blame you for what has happened."

"I still feel bad, seeing you like this." Ginny wiped her eyes, but Harry took her wrists in one of his hands, and put them down in her lap. With his other hand, he wiped at her tears on her cheeks.

"What hurts the most?" Harry asked her.

"My chest." She told him. "Inside and out." Harry felt his heart rip yet again. He gently kissed her neck.

"What can I do to make it feel better?"

"Just hold me, and kiss me." Ginny whispered, and Harry kissed her neck again.

"Like this, love?"

"Mm…" She answered, finally starting to feel a little better. He kissed her neck again, going up to her jaw, and her cheek, and her nose. Ginny closed her eyes, and Harry pressed a little, gentle kiss to both of her eyelids, and then her forehead. Ginny felt a small smile grace her lips.

"I love you, Harry." She whispered.

"I love you, too, Gin." After about half an hour of them simply loving each other, Ginny fell asleep in his arms, as she did, Neville walked into the Common Room. He walked over to the dorm stairs, before spotting Harry and Ginny.

"Aren't you coming up to bed, Harry?" Neville asked quietly, as if nothing out of the ordinary was wrong. "Wait!" Neville exclaimed. "Harry! What are you doing here?" He was finally aware of his surroundings.

"Ginny needed me." Harry said simply. Just looking at Neville, made Harry forget all of his earlier jealous thoughts.

"Are you alright, Neville?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Neville said sadly.

"Do you need any help healing?" Harry asked. "I'm rubbish at healing charms, but I could give it a go if you wanted."

"Thanks, Harry." Neville smiled. "I hope we're making you proud, Harry. We all trust you. The D.A. that is." Neville told Harry. "We started the D.A. again, Luna, Ginny and I. It's going pretty good I reckon." Neville mused, before he gestured to his body with his hand. "Except for the detentions. Us guys try to take most of the detentions so the girls don't have to." Neville smiled shyly. "I protect Ginny for you." He whispered, and Harry smiled.

"Thank you, Neville." Harry told him sincerely. "You are one of my best friends." Neville beamed at the revelation.

"Thank you, Harry."

"Any time, Neville." Harry looked thoughtful for a moment. "What do you think I should do with, Gin?"

"You can leave her there, I'll stay here with her, if you need to go." Harry thought it over, and he didn't feel a tinge of jealousy as he thought of the suggestion.

"That would be nice, thank you, Neville." Harry smiled, and eased himself gently from under Ginny, and laid her back on the chair. Harry watched her sleep peacefully for a minute.

"Thank you, Neville. Take care of her until I come back. Just don't tell her I told you too." Harry smiled at Neville nodded his head in agreement.

"Harry, I don't like like Ginny." Neville said with a blush. "I mean… I know she's yours, we're just friends, and I just want her to be safe. I feel the same about Luna. They're like my little sisters." Harry smiled at Neville.

"I know, Neville. Thank you."


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