It began with the end of a relationship, two to be exact.

Hers was messy. Screaming, tears, cursing, all by her, chocolate, and firewhiskey.

His was silent. A mutual agreement, for him at least, a few dirty looks, and firewhiskey.

The one similarity made all the difference. The similarity that left them blinded with no judgment, their blood coursing with alcohol, bodies running on emotion. And of course, left them with a recipe for disaster.

They weren't looking for commitment. They weren't looking for love. It wasn't supposed to be serious. So how did it happen?

Melora Jones was running. Where, she wasn't sure, but she did know that she had wanted to get as far away from the common room as possible, and several corridors and stairs later, she was far away and realizing she no longer had a goal. But for some odd reason, did not stop running.

This was a pity really, because Melora hadn't run in ages and her sides felt as though someone had pushed knives into them and her calves were so tight she was sure they were going to explode.

And it was entirely that cow, Stacy Scott's, fault. Just thinking of the bitch made Melora run harder and then think of that prick, Stephen Walters, who brought tears to her eyes, which she wiped away with her already soaked with tears sleeve.

It really wasn't fair how she could hate him so much, yet he could still make her cry so hard.

A sudden pain erupted in her right leg, tripping Melora up and sending her crashing onto the floor. Blinking a few times, the girl bit her lip and rubbed her leg, trying to sooth the pain and trying to stop the spinning floor at the same time, the latter, she was sure, an aftereffect of the numerous glasses of firewhiskey she had drank.

But despite the aching pain and spinning world, Melora found her way off the ground, although this time, she walked instead of ran, still heading farther and farther from the Ravenclaw Common Room.

The brown-eyed girl stopped for a moment and bit her lip. Or at least she thought she was running away.

"Oh bollocks." She said aloud, briefly enjoying the sound of her voice as it bounced off the walls.

Melora supposed she was a bit of a reckless drunk. That certainly would explain her earlier outburst in the Common Room, and why she was currently lost in a castle at Merlin only knew what time.

"I'm goin' to be in trouble." She informed a suit of armor as she walked past it. The armor said nothing in return, which stopped Melora in her tracks. "E'scuse me." She frowned, "But when someone says somethin' to you. It's polite to say somethin' back."

The armor remained silent and Melora wrinkled her nose and put her hands on her hips, "Well?" She asked "Are you jus' goin' to stand there?"

A voice from behind her joined in the one-sided conversation, "She's right you know. It's only polite."

Melora spun around and blinked to stop the spinning before focusing on the boy in front of her. "I know you." She said squinting.

He nodded solemnly, "I know you too."

They stood in silence for a moment before Melora exclaimed "Sirius Black!"

"Where?" The boy turned to look behind him and Melora giggled. "You're Sirius Black."

"Oh." He grinned "I suppose I am."

The girl matched his grin and took a step closer, her argument with the suit of armor long forgotten. Black was supposed to be one of the best looking blokes in school, but close up Melora decided he didn't look so great.

"What're you doing here?" She asked as they turned away from each other and began to walk down the corridor together.

Sirius looked up at the ceiling trying to remember, "I was trying to get away from," he paused "Aubrey, I think. Or was it Mary?" A sigh "It was definitely a girl."

"What happened?" Melora didn't know why she was suddenly so interested, but she supposed any drama that wasn't her own seemed good right now.

"We weren't," He reached out into the air, trying to communicate with vague hand signals "You know?"

Melora didn't, but she nodded a few times as though she did.

"And I thought it was time for us to end." Sirius sighed again "But I really liked her, you know?"

This time, Melora really did understand and she couldn't help but think of Stephan.

"And it sort of, hurt me, to see her give me those I-hate-you looks." He turned towards her with a sudden bright smile, "And what about you, Miss…" If Melora was unhappy that he didn't know her name despite having several classes together, she didn't show it, because she responded with a smile of equal wattage and replied "Jones, Melora Jones."

"Can I call you Melly?" Stacy had called her Melly. Melora had always hated that nickname and vowed in the first hour of her drinking binge to stop it's use, but it sounded so nice coming off Sirius' tongue she nodded quickly with a slight giggle, wondering if her first observation of his features was wrong as they slowly gravitated towards each other as they reversed directions in their walk, going back to where they'd came from.

"Right, what brings you here Melly?"

"Oh you know," She twisted a strand of loose hair between her fingers, "Idiot pricks who can't stop thinking with their dicks." She giggled at the rhyme.

Sirius either understood or ignored her, because he gave no response and they continued walking in silence.

Melora used this time to analyze the situation the best she could while drunk on both alcohol and the smell of Sirius' cologne. She just saw her boyfriend of six months blatantly cheating on her in front of everyone in the Common Room. Had a fit and screamed her head off at him, before heading down to the kitchens to get wasted. Then came back to find the bastard still snogging the whore, Stacy Scott, yelled at him again and ran away, only to get lost with a really good smelling and good-looking bloke.

As far as she was concerned there was only one thing left to do.

"Hey Black." She paused in their walk and Sirius stopped about a meter ahead of her.

"Yeah?" Sirius looked at her and she took a few steps forward to they were equal. Then, with one fluid movement, she grabbed Sirius' collar and pulled him down to her level, before kissing him straight on the lips.

It didn't take long for Sirius to get into it. His arms found their way around Melora's waist, then under her bum as he helped her jump up onto him, wrapping her legs around him and backing him up against the wall as the kiss quickly melted into a full out snogging session.

All of Melora's worries about Stephen and Stacy and everything else melted away as she and Sirius worked their way back down the hallway, their tongues half-way down each other's throat.

"We should -" Melora let out a groan as Sirius began to work his way down her neck "go someplace – more- private."

As though by magic, a door appeared next to Sirius. He struggled to open while still supporting Melora, who was clinging to him as though her life depended on it.

Neither looked much at the room, it had a bed and that was all they currently wanted, but had they taken a moment to observe their surroundings, the thought of what a bedroom was doing in the middle of a hallway filled with classrooms might have crossed their mind.

However, they didn't, so the idea didn't come up, and instead Sirius threw Melora onto the bed joining her within a millisecond for what was sure to be a memorable night.

That is of course, if they hadn't been absolutely smashed.

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