Saffie's B-Day Challenge Part IV


Yes, yes. I know. You all want to kill me- I'll even supply the shotguns. I'm really sorry, I've been buried in school (even now, I'm taking an online summer course) and looking for a new job. All of my fics are suffering for it. Plus, My parents and I are trying to have a yard sale, so I've been rummaging through 20 odd years of junk to get rid of.

I know it's not really am excuse, but I want to make sure you guys know that I haven't been shirking on my responsibilities as a fan fiction author.

Anyway, on with the results:

Second runner up-

For These Times by -Cynical-Wolf-Sorceress-

First runner up-

Learning to Fly by Essence of Gold

And the winner is-

Just Another Picture to Burn by Kitty Kat K.O.

Congratulations. This was really hard, and I was shocked at how good some of these were. The winner was based on song choice, plot, grammar and spelling, and creativity.

Again, I apologize for the three month delay. Kitty Kat K.O., please contact me about what you want for your prize.

Thank you all. See you guys later!