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So this is my new story. It was inspired by an idea I had while I was writing Cataclysm. So hell I thought I'd make a story out of this idea and write it. Anyway this is a simple prologue and is basically setting the time and place where everyone's at just really in Ichigo's view of things. Um so enjoy.

Full Summary: Rukia is among the many who a wary of Mind walkers but when she meets Ichigo things begin to change. She is fasinated with him and he her, especially when she finds he can offer her the one thing no one else can. Her past. But their lives become twisted into darkness as the Fallens rise again bringing with them death. AU. IchiRukiRen triangle plus more.

Sanctum: Prologue

'The gift to walk among the minds of others is a gift unlike anything else.

However, with it one must bear the greatest consequences known to humankind.'

Those are the words I've always remembered in my greatest times of need. They will always be with me, even though the one who spoke them has long since disappeared. They are the words that help me survive but also give me great pain. They were the words of my teacher.

My teacher to many, is known by many different names. The Hunting Wolf, The Silent Ghost, The White Fear, The Pale Death, The Wise Guide, The Simple Friend but to me she was simply Alithra. She needed not the titles people donned her with. I learned much from her. She taught me that life doesn't turn out how you wish it to, all the time. Life is difficult. But no matter what, you keep going, keep fighting and never give up. I know she never did.

I find it strange though, she is someone I know so well yet I've known for so short a time. She took me in after finding me, three years after my family's untimely demise. I was nine and for four years I lived with her, the closest thing to a mother I'd had for years. But all good things come to an end… I guess, because three years ago when I was only thirteen, she disappeared. Vanished from my life, leaving me back on the streets, alone, with no one. Except the pet wolf she gave me, Shiro. I don't know what happened. I simply awoke one morning and she was gone, just gone. She'd never done that before, she was always there when I woke up. I waited for her but she never returned.

She was gone, no whisper of the truth of what happened to her, only the rumours. Some say she left for personal reasons, others say she answered the calling to fight the rising army of the fallen. Many say she hides from them. A few say she was captured by them. However, most say she's dead. Part of me wishes it's the latter two, for then I would not feel so abandoned. The other side says that is selfish and hopes she is alive and will one day return.

Well it doesn't matter, all I know is she's not here anymore and I'm on my own again. I don't know the answer of her disappearance, maybe one day I will, maybe never. Only time will tell. For now I can only survive and to do that I must move on and not dwell on the past.

I'm nothing to anyone, nothing but trouble. I steal to eat and live and defend myself should the need arise. I avoid as many people as possible for I cannot risk revealing what Alithra helped me hide for so long.

My name is Kurosaki Ichigo, I'm what humans call a mind walker the last in the city of Rukongai. The others disappeared like her. I bear both the terrible consequences and the amazing alongside one another. I am hunted. My kind are feared. We are not like readers or wielders, who can be revealed and known to all with gimmicks. No! We know nothing of what we are, until we initiate it accidentally. And in it we can kill someone with such ease yet with no absolute attention that it scares the masses.

We are nothing like the wielders or readers. We have power which they try mimic. A power that is awed and feared and rightly so, because I am awed by it too and I fear it with all my heart.

It is both a curse and a gift. We are both the healers and the destroyers of minds. We can fix madness but then so too we can create it. I've only ever walked in a mind once but it was like nothing else. From it I learned just how tender the mind really is.

It taught me caution. All in one, I felt emotion and touch, smelt scents, saw sights, tasted tastes and heard sounds all as Alithra did in the memory of hers I saw into. Readers simply read thoughts but cannot go so deep as us without damaging themselves or the mind they read. We can go anywhere. See their inner sanctuaries, their memories, their emotions and ideals. Everything! A reader knows a person's thoughts, we know the person, and that is a great deal more dangerous. For when a mind walker gets to the centre of a person's mind, they can take control. A great taboo among us. It is not perfect of course; we are not all powerful or invincible. It is in their panic that normal people forget that they can stop us.

Strange how I know of all these things yet I have not an inkling of how to do them. I am young and cannot control it. My walks are random, they will only happen because of strong emotions from me and another. One must learn to control it. You learn to initiate by controlling your emotions and then by touching their forehead to enter their world. But our growth does not stop there. When you get stronger and wiser you need not touch at all. All you need is to see a person, then stay in that place and walk in their mind while they continue to walk away, to see what they see while they are miles away. Then through their eyes you could see another and jump to their mind, then to the next and then another and another until you reach your distance limit and must go back to your own body. All without anyone's awareness. She could do it. Like all older mind walkers she was far older than she looked. Our life spans are longer, we're stronger and faster, more resilient but most of all wiser.

We are strange and from strangeness blossoms fear and hatred from those of the uniform. If we are found out we are arrested and executed. They fear us but do not conceive that we fear them even more. They hunt us while the fallens are rising, their darkness spreading. They destroy us, their greatest hope against that very darkness. They murder not just us but themselves too.

The fallens are coming and with them they bring the darkness and terror which they serve. Beings which have not been seen since their fall from our lands over 100 years ago.

They are coming and I fear it's too late to stop them.

Far too late.

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