Human + Vampire

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"Extra Enforced Speech"


Chapter 4 – Released

As Tsukune's holy lock fell to the ground, everyone was dead silent when strange tattoos surrounded Tsukune's face and neck. Tsukune's Vampire blood has overtaken him and his Youki was at an overflowing level. His power was so overwhelming that debris around him was stirring into a tornado, and Ura Moka had doubts about being able to stop him at this point. Everyone watched in horror as the final parts of his transformation are complete. The evil Youki, the killing intent, the spider web-like tattoo, the reddish black hair, and the death glare from a pair of blood red eyes with slitted pupils. Tsukune had now reverted back into his ghoul form. Kamiya was standing as stiff as a statue, the pressure of Tsukune's power keeping him from moving.

"W-w-what is this power!?" Kamiya shouted in curiosity and fear.

"…" Tsukune didn't say a word.

Tsukune was in Kamiya's sight for one second, and then reappeared behind him within the next. He had moved with werewolf-like speed. Tsukune delivered a swift, yet powerful punch to Kamiya's spinal cord. Kamiya was sent flying. Before he even hit the ground, Tsukune stopped his fall with a blow to his ribs. The sound of bones breaking was heard by everyone at the scene. Tsukune started sending hard jabs at Kamiya's abdomen. After several strikes, Tsukune made a right hook at Kamiya's face, propelling him through several walls of the building. Within ten seconds, Kamiya returned in his released form and sent feather blades at Tsukune. Out of forty, thirty-two successfully hit him. Tsukune was unmoved by the barrage of projectiles that hit him. He sent them back with nothing but the force of his Youki. Kamiya deflected them with his wings. Each of the wounds left by the feather blades healed almost instantly.

"How can this be? What are you, Aono Tsukune?" Kamiya asked, beginning to have doubts.

But he knew not to expect a response. He had never seen such frightening power. Nevertheless, he charged full speed to take on Tsukune head on. Tsukune had nothing to say; only an evil grin represented what he wanted…to kill. Tsukune punched Kamiya in the face, hard. After spitting out a massive amount of blood, Kamiya found himself thrown up in the air from Tsukune's uppercut. Before Kamiya was blown away, Tsukune grabbed Kamiya's ankle and flung him down on the ground. When Kamiya hit the ground, his coughed up more blood and several more bones were shattered. As he was lying there, Tsukune walked up to him and picked him up by his throat. He spun him around and threw him past the wall that was previously destroyed, past his friends, and sent him into a tree. The tree was extremely sturdy, as it is an oak, but even so, the tree was no longer standing. The pure force of the throw was undeniable. The shrapnel, splinters, debris, and dust form a cloud the blocked out the view of Kamiya from everyone. As all this fighting was occurring, Yukari was patching everyone up She had cast a barrier so they don't get hurt. Everyone could finally sit in an upright position. When the cloud dissipated, Kamiya had reverted to his human form, unconscious. Tsukune approached and kneeled upon his broken ribs and continued his assault. He was attacking ferociously, anywhere he saw flesh and blood, he attacked. Everyone, except Gin, was crying their eyes out over what Tsukune had become, and what he was doing. At this rate, Kamiya was going to die. Everyone stayed silent, weeping. That is, until someone had enough.

"That's enough Tsukune-kun! He can't take anymore, stop!" Gin screeched.

But in at the commotion, he forgot who the body he was in belonged to. He was in the body the siren, Sun. With his outburst, the siren's power was unleashed. When he finished his comment, a large amount of wounds appeared on Tsukune's body and he coughed out some blood. The wounds were spraying blood as well. His internal organs were being damaged. But even though all this damage was done to Tsukune, the Vampire blood healed those wound at the speed of sound. Tsukune looked back at his friends with the same evil grin. It seems that he has found new prey. He leaves Kamiya there and heads towards the barrier.

"Damn it Gin, what did you do!?" shouted Mizore, scaring the crap out of Gin using Ura Moka's voice.

"Wolf, you are so dead" said an irritated Ura Moka.

While everyone was yelling at Gin, Tsukune reached the barrier and attacked it. With one punch, he smashed it to pieces. With that, everyone stopped yelling and started running. Then Moka had an idea.

"Wait, can't Yukari-chan and Ruby-san seal Tsukune's power up with the spell they learned from the chairman?" Moka asked in desperation to save Tsukune.

"We can't, even though all I need is my wand to use magic, we can't seal up the power without a medium to keep it in. We would need the chairman's help." answered Ruby, without any hope.

"Did someone mention me?" asked a man who came out of nowhere in a white cloak and a pair of glowing white eyes.

"Chairman!" shouted everyone.

The chairman pulled out the same rosary that sealed Tsukune up before. Just so you know, it's not the lock, it's the cross. Anyway, He ran up to Tsukune and placed the rosary on his forehead. Once he did that, Yukari and Ruby cast their spell.

"Monster Seal Barrier!" both of them chanted.

A white light pierced the clouds in the sky and crashed in Tsukune's general area. The chairman, knowing that it was dangerous, already fled from the seal's range. After the light engulfed Tsukune's body, the sealing was finished and the light faded away. Tsukune was still standing; his head and upper body slumped over. They weren't exactly sure of the results of the sealing. After a tense standoff, Tsukune lifted his head towards his friends. They noticed some physical changes on Tsukune. His ghoul tattoo was gone; his reddish-black hair had become brown, but darker than his usual hair color. He still had his Vampire eyes and fangs. They also noticed that the evil Youki and killing intent had pretty much vanished. It was almost like his regular Vampire transformation. But something felt different; his power was at a higher level than usual. It was like being around Ura Moka.

Vegeta, what does the scanner say?

"…IT"S OVER 9000!!!" shouted Vegeta.

WHAT 9000!?! Anyways, thanks Vegeta.

"I don't need thanks from scum like you. I am the great saiyan prince!" boasted Vegeta.

Yeah, yeah, whatever…Go talk to Akira Toriyama about it.

So Vegeta leaves to complain about screen time to Dragon Ball Z creator, Akira Toriyama. Back to the fanfiction!

"T-Tsukune, are you better now?" asked a concerned Omote Moka.

"Uh, guys? What happened?" asked Tsukune who didn't know of Kamiya's totally embarrassing defeat.

"Tsukune, you're back!" shouted everyone except the chairman, keeping his dignity and everlasting grin.

"Tsukune…" said the chairman very eerily.

"Y-yes?" asked Tsukune, completely thrown back at how creepy he sounded.

"Try and raise your Youki level." said the chairman.

"O-okay." stuttered Tsukune, still frightened by the chairman.

He did as instructed and raised his Youki. Everyone watched in amazement as Tsukune's brown hair turned into a shiny silver.

"This is an interesting development. Apparently, Tsukune became a full-blooded Vampire." said the chairman.

"We're just glad to have you back Tsukune" said Gin.

"Oh…My…God…" said Tsukune.

"What wrong Tsukune?" asked Ura Moka.

"I can't change back…" whispered Tsukune.

"What did you say?" asked Omote Moka.

"I can't change back! I can't go back to a human! I can't get my hair or my eyes back to normal!" shouted Tsukune.

"Maybe you should get sealed up by Moka's father." said the chairman.

"No, I'd rather not. I'm pretty sure that he hates me and might make a gay personality or something." said Tsukune.

"Maybe I should make you one of those bracelets that change you into a girl and you have to fight others with the same power." said the chairman.

"No thank you. Besides, that is off of Kämpfer, please don't rip. This author doesn't own anything in this fanfiction." said Tsukune.

"Alright then, I'll just make you an alternate holy lock like your previous one, but it'll take some time. Meanwhile, you kids can help me find the culprit who took the Lilith mirror again. She has orange hair in a double ponytail, long knee socks, and a bat on her shoulder." said chairman.

"That is, without a doubt, Kokoa…" said everyone.

"I heard her admit it too!" said Gin.

"Really, when?" asked Kurumu.

"It was right before the clubroom blew up again. She said she wanted to see "Onee-sama" and she wanted to fight her. She said she used the Lilith mirror and ran away before she said anything else." said Gin.

"Okay, we'll look for the mirror. Thanks again chairman…?" said Tsukune, but the chairman was nowhere to be found.

"Okay…Anyway, we should get everyone back into their own bodies." suggested Tsukune.

After the helpful suggestion, everyone returned to their clubroom where the Ishin Deshin Machine was. Everyone stayed inside while the Ishin Deshin hopefully was successful this time. When Yukari had to use the ladies room, Tsukune was left to stand guard. He didn't see anybody around until he saw a certain orange haired girl.

"Kokoa, give back the Lilith mirror to the chairman." said Tsukune.

"Get out of the way! I want to go see Onee-sama!" shouted Kokoa before she gave Kou-chan a squeeze.

"Ouch, Kokoa-sama, that hurts." said Kou-chan.

Kou-chan became a giant hammer on the spot.

"You may have blood from my Onee-sama, but you're no Vam…pire? said Kokoa, as she finally noticed Tsukune's silver hair, Vampire eyes, and Vampire fangs. "No way…That's impossible. Oh well, I don't care. You still can't beat me!"

Kokoa charged at Tsukune, swinging Kou-chan around wildly. Tsukune was easily dodging for the first few attacks, but was worn out from the battle with Kamiya. The ghoul transformation also had zapped his strength. Within one second of slowing down, Tsukune was smacked by the giant hammer. But before he was hit, he intercepted the hammerhead. So they were both sent flying through the wall of the clubroom. The wall wasn't the only thing that was destroyed. I'm sure that you can guess what else was destroyed. If you guessed the Ishin Deshin Machine, you guessed correctly! Before Yukari even came out of the restroom, another cataclysmic explosion destroyed the clubroom and their chances of returning to their correct bodies. I wonder what's going to happen next.

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