The Night n Gale Chapter 1

The warm summer winds of the coast blew lightly on the a small clear hill side that over looked St. George's Channel. A vessel sailed slowly toward the harbour of the small village that was situated there.

Two girls about around nine years old walked along on the hillside collecting various flowers they could find. Each carrying they're own small white home made baskets.

"Did you find those blue flowers?" the girl with the long brown hair asked.

"No, but look even better, another flower of a different kind, I don't believe you've seen this one." The girl with the reddish-brown hair said.

"Mimi! Sora!" another young voice was heard far in the distance…the two girls continued to collect the flower having not heard the voice.

While they were a young blonde hair boy started marching up the hill then once again called their names out.

"SORA, MIMI!" he hollered. Frowning when getting no responded from them he continued to climb up the hill. 'Why don't they listen to a word when I call them' he took a small breath in then continued up till he reached the top. Then seeing they were picking flowers. He started to run down the hill.

Sora looked up toward the ocean she saw a ship, "Wow." She ran toward the cliff edge and stopped just sort of the edge she glazed a ship. She got so excited when a ship came around. She always had a fascination with ships and it was going into the St. George's Channel, 'Imagine the adventures I'd have aboard it, they could explore unknown lands' she thought. 'Mysteries…adventures…. maybe I'll marry a sailor one day….' She smiled as she thought those exciting thoughts.

Mimi and Yamato came running over to they're friend was unfortunately they were confused as to her sudden eagerness as she stared at the ship neither of the two had interest in ships or ocean for that matter.

"Sora…what's wrong?" Mimi questioned she looked at what Sora was looking at.

Yamato was on her opposite watching the ship go toward the docking at the harbour near there village.

"We must go! I want to see for myself! That ship." Sora answered softly, she turned back and began in a run toward the town.

"Sora…you can't go running off like that…your mother called for dinner! It's time for dinner!" Yamato cried utterly upset and chased after her.

"Yamato, Sora wait…I can't keep up like that!" Mimi called to them both and hurried to catch up as fast as she could.

Sora ran into the forest along the trail that was carved by the people who travelled it constantly, leaves littered the trail along the way and to make things worst it had been raining earlier, even thought the sun was shinning brightly now, it didn't make the path enjoyable to run through the mud splashing up against her dress her mother would be very upset if she were to come home looking like that, but right now she had to see the ship. She didn't care what happened to her clothing, she needed to see it; it was the first time she would see one any thing like it.

Yamato chased her as close as he could he kept on wondering in his mind why she would want to see a ship, having the eagerness to see it the way she did was strange he hadn't known her to act like that…maybe there was more to her wanting to go see the ship…maybe she wanted to go there and watch them unpacking. Endless thoughts travelled through his mind he shook them out and concentrated on following her. After all her mother had asked him to tell her that dinner was ready as did Mimi's mother. He turned his head over this shoulder for a second to make sure Mimi was still behind him she was but was a bit further away then Sora was from him.

Mimi grumbled as she ran, her dress was dirty and soaked with mud. Having to chase Yamato and Sora like this was straining enough. She held her hair back from her face and continued to try and catch up with them.

As thought it seemed hours of running through the forest they finally reached the town running through the streets until they reached the harbour.

This prompted Sora to halt she watched as the ship was docked with the help of two small vessel.

Yamato huffing and puffing came up next to her; he rested his hands on his knees and took a couple of breaths he then looked at Sora as she watched the ship admiringly.

Mimi then came up next to him she dropped to her knees her clothing was dirty full of mud she was about to stand up and was about to give Sora a big lecture until she noticed the look on Sora's face.

"Sora, what has gotten into you, you made us run all the way here to see a ship! This isn't that important because our parents are probably worried about us!" Yamato exclaimed angrily at her she frowned and looked at him.

"Not just any ship Yamato, it's an explorers ship, it's amazing, if I could run away it would be to go on one of those ships." She replied in awe.

Bewildered her friends stared at her as if she were mad.

"It's a ship. It's filthy and you made me ruin my outfit! By running all the way back to town," Mimi cried.

Sora walked closer toward it then approaching some old wooden creates that were stacked together then standing on the wooden creates she got a really good glimpse of it. Her eyes widened in how big it was and how old it looked, "Pure amazing," She whispered.

"Sora, now I know you seem so passionate about the ship but your mother was expecting you about an hour ago for dinner, she'd be worried if we don't hurry home. That's the only reason I came searching for you two in the first place not to be dragged here to look at a ship," Yamato's replied was said as sincerely as he could.

"My dream is to be on an explorer ship to sail the sea for months on end. Heading to places no man or women has never been before. That would be amazing to experience, action and adventure going place and discovering new places. What else could be more exciting then that?" She questioned.

"Sora I beg you to listen. We have no time so come on off of those creates." Yamato told her angrily.

Sora turned around to look at him and Mimi who were both cold and tired and wanted to leave to go home for supper, and be with their families.

"Go on with out me, you didn't have to stay," She answered then turned her attention to the ship. She then caught sight of a younger boy with dark brown hair, and he was on the ship he looked about her age. 'I wish I could be him, take his place.' She thought smiling.

"Sora, I can't leave you here alone it's not proper for me to do so." Yamato called to her.

"Proper? I can take care of myself. Just because I'm a lady it doesn't mean I can't watch for myself," She retorted back to him.

Yamato was furious with her for not co-operating with him then decided the next best thing was to drag her out of there.

He marched toward the create pile then climbed them and took her by the arm and pulled her down and away from the boxes.

He dragged her along the path Sora was trying to fight him but it wasn't any use because Mimi was helping him also. She just gave up letting them drag her away she watched helpless as she notice that the boy on the ship was watching the fiasco unfold.

Their eyes where locked on each other then the boy laughed quietly to himself. He then waved and returned to what he was doing. She had to manage to get a glimpse of the ships name that was imprinted on the side. 'The Night n Gale' before they were out of view from the harbour and the ship.


Upon arriving back, the three were greeted by their families and loved ones who were worried sick about them since they did not come back very soon.

Later on Sora's house…

After supper Sora went to bed, her room was dark, her little brother was asleep, and he was only four years old.

She started up at the ceiling for the longest of times trying to remember the ship she saw earlier that day, but then she also remember all the bad attitude that she had gotten from her friends for wanting to see the ship. They didn't understand her, she didn't want a plain life she wanted a fun and exciting life unlike the rest of her friends and family members that wanted to live the rest of their lives boringly.

Her mind then wondered to the boy she saw on the ship, all that she remembered about him was his eyes, but he looked happy. He's so lucky to have such an experience, they must have fun, and oh how I wish I could join him.

She sat up in her bed a smile on her face. I don't need my parents to approve of where I'm going I just need to leave they won't know where to find me.

She lay back down again then closing her eyes this time and went to sleep.


It was mid morning Sora and Mimi both sat on the fence they watched the sheep and pigs roam around in the farmyard. Mimi looked at Sora carefully deciding on whether or not she should ask her about yesterday.

"Sora would you mind if I ask you about yesterday?" she questioned looking at the other girl waiting on a reply.

"No. I don't mind," She said simply.

"You said you want to be on the ship. Did you really mean it?" she asked.

"Of courses I would love too be on a ship," She replied.

"You want to go on the ocean and be with sailors?" Mimi asked she had a disgusted look on her face.

"What's wrong?" she asked looking at her.

"What's wrong is Sora, you can't. Sailing is not for girls it's for boys," She replied.

Sora narrowed her eyes at her then saw Yamato approached with his other friend, Neko.

"Hello ladies," Neko replied.

"Hmm….I don't want to talk to you Neko," Mimi replied and turned her back to him and Yamato.

"Yamato your friend is very unforgiving," He commented he walked away.

"Yamato I don't like him why do you bring him near us all the time?" Mimi asked. While the two talked on Sora was off in her own little world.

'I wonder what it would be like to live on that ship…I mean that boy could live there for how ever long he was aboard it, I should be able to also,' She thought.

"Sora?" Yamato waved his hand in front of her, she shook it her head then looked at him. "What's wrong you looked like you were dreaming." He said.

"I was dreaming of being on a ship…and smelling the ocean breeze," She whispered she looked toward where the harbor was.

"Oh please, Sora you can't go on a ship, you're a girl." Yamato replied. Sora glared at him.

"I so can and I will." She replied, she began a walk to her house. "You'll see one day I'll get aboard a ship become part of a crew…but first I'll study about them…maybe learn how they float in the water." She answered her voice was getting further away from them as she walked back to her home.

Mimi sighed then Yamato looked at her. "When did she get this crazy?" he questioned her.

"When she saw the ship going into harbor what else," Mimi explained to him.

"I don't think she'll do it…no one will allow her to leave here," Mimi told him.

Yamato nodded, "Yah me either…she's living in a dream world, where she thinks she's going to do it but she won't," he answered.

"Aye, but tis nothing we can do," She responded and started to walk into town.

"Wait for me!" he called and caught up with her.


Sora dug up a small box that was stashed underneath her bed she opened it up she had a bunch of gold coins.

She smiled "I'm sure I can start to look for books now…I think I have enough saved up," She said to herself as she took a handful and she placed the coins in her pocket. She then carefully returned the box to its hiding spot.


Seven Years later…

A sixteen year old girl sat on some empty creates at the harbor her reddish orange hair waved in the wind gently, as she watched the ships that came here to unload supplies for their town almost daily. But she was looking for one ship in particular…the last time she had seen it was last year around this time.

A boy with unruly blond hair and another girl with long shiny light brown colored hair approached her.

"Sora aren't you ever go to stop watching the ships coming into harbor?" Mimi asked she had her arm linked with Yamato's arm, the two watched Sora sitting cross legged on the creates.

"It will come, it came last year…and it will come this year," She replied softly watching the waters still.

"Okay…then if you say so." Yamato replied.

"Just remember that we invited you to come with us…to the cliff side," Mimi added.

"I will you shouldn't be so upset about it." was Sora's answer.

"Upset?" the two questioned, both shook they're heads sighing.

"Never mind, we will see you later," Yamato said then the two left walking toward the cliff side for privacy.

Sora turned her attention back to the dock.

During the passed years Sora had studied everything about the ocean that was available, she read the stories about sea monsters but those were about to deter her from deciding not to go still.

How there are storms out there that could easily destroy ships and sink them.

She secretly took sword-fighting lessons, with one of the towns most apprized swords man who was once a pirate but he had settled down to have a family. He was also the man that told her a lot of seafaring stories.

Sora was snapped from her thoughts as she saw the ship she was waiting for, it was unmistakable it, because one of the sails yielded the letter Y in an old fashioned style of writing.

Sora stood on the creates until her eyes caught hold of the name that was imprinted on it's side. She smiled widely as it came closer to the dock.

'The Night n Gale' she thought, she then noticed it was sailing to another port. It was the porting dock.

"Yes…they must absolutely be staying in town for a while," She whispered to her self.

"Aye that be true missy," And older woman said to her.

Sora startled she looked down at the lady, "How do you know?" she asked.

"I know because the Captain of the Night n Gale is meeting with out towns leader to discuss of more items that could be shipped here," The women told her, she looked at Sora this time.

"You stay far away from the sailors…a young lady like you shouldn't be around them at all," The woman replied warning her, the lady then walked away.

Sora rolled her eyes, "Maybe so…but this could be the opportunity to get on that ship…one way or another," She replied and Sora stocked off toward her house.

To Be Continued….