The Night n Gale Chapter 17

"Something we can't do anything!" Jyou cried out he looked at the massive army in front of them, how where they to defeat an army of thousands when there was only about one hundred of them.

"Retreat!" Taichi shouted he made a motion with his hand they all went back to the forest boundary the army of monsters had stopped they wait from word from the master to continue the attack.

"Taichi what are you doing? We have to go now! We have the crystal we can destroy her once and for all." Sora told him. he nodded "I know but we need a plan. We can't go into this with out knowing what we are going to do." He said

Taichi turned to face all the men "We need to break up into two groups one to handle the skeleton army and another to go over to where the harpies are." He said Hikari stepped forward. "Taichi I will handle the harpies, I did it once before I can do it again." She looked at him determined. "We need you to take care of those." Taichi pointed to the stone status. "No Taichi I got that." Koushiro said Miyako nodded "Yeah while on the ship we made a weapon it works by lighting the end of a string and then it propels a stone forward at a high speed this should be enough to take care of the stone giants." She explained to the captain.

"Okay that sounds good." He agreed


"If the fools think they can defeat my army with the number of people they have they are gravely mistaken." Catherine aloud spoke she turned to her father. "You've done well darling, but if you don't attack now they will outsmart you." He told her "Let me watch them as they figure out what they are trying to get set up." She smiled she walked over in front of her bowl and looked in.


"Okay set up that weapon, Koushiro. I, Koushiro, Jyou and all of us will fight the skeletons. Sora, Hikari you take five others and wait for my signal then Hikari you burn the harpies to a crisp. Miyako you are in charge of using that thing and destroying the stone giants. Allright get ready!" he shouted.

Sora and Hikari were pulled back by him, he looked at his little sister. "Hikari please be careful." He whispered. "I will don't worry. You know I can handle myself." She told him straight out he half smiled; she patted his back then smartly left Sora and him alone.

"Sora, Be careful." He whispered she nodded they grew nearer. "I will Taichi." In almost like it was a normal thing to do they leaned in towards one each other lips only millimeters apart. Their lips brushed up against one another's "Were ready!" Koushiro shouted at the captain. Taichi and Sora pulled way from each other. "Taichi be careful too." She warned him as he did her, then they went off


Catherine watched the closeness of the two she was disgusted "how sweetly disgusting." she soon grew enraged "ATTACK!" she shouted out at the top of her lungs "ATTACK!" she repeated. "ATTACCKKKKK!"  She repeated for a final time.

With arms raised, the army of skeleton warriors charge forward, Taichi and his group saw this. He looked to Jyou and Koushiro. "Guys ready. CHARGE!" with sword thrusted out ward Taichi charged forward Koushiro and Jyou both at his side with the rest of the strong able men from the village holding spears and swords.

They collided with the skeleton warriors Taichi swung his sword it slashed the skeleton I half and he quickly moved to the next one. Koushiro was fighting off two of them he kicked one away from him then spun around and slashed it in half, the second came at him with the sword he blocked the skeleton's sword then blocked another blow. He then to his chance and knocked the sword from the skeletons hand and slashed it.

Jyou fought vigorously slashing away at any skeletons that came his way. Many of the other men kept fighting them, none got hurt. They fought freely for their freedom from the evil witch and her father.


Miyako watched as the stone giants where coming towards her, she quickly stuffed some powder and a stone in the tube of the shooting thing that Koushiro had created. She quickly lighted it and a loud bang was heard she looked away momentary then turned back just in time to see the first one start to fall then it swayback and froth and collided with the other four. "YES!" she jumped up in the air then looked to where her friends where. "They're in trouble." She cried and began to pack up Koushiro's invention.

Miyako took off where Taichi and the others were fighting.


Hikari, Sora and five other men hid behind rocks. "This should be good here." She whispered. Hikari looked turned to face Sora but saw that the Harpies had found them she pushed Sora down. The harpy screeched and went to attack both but one of the men stabbed the harpy through the heart with the spear it made a blood curly scream and vanished.

"Oh thank you." They two grils said they both got up, they turned to see Taichi and the gang. "They're losing." Sora trailed off "No Sora don't say that." Hikari warned. "It's the truth they're all tired look at how many skeletons there are out there! There is tons." Sora said. The two looked on from the battle from afar until they saw the flock of harpies approaching at high speed.

"Look!" on man shouted Sora and Hikari turned there heads for a moment and gasped. "They are going for Taichi and the other's…." she cried. They then were surprised by several screeches, harpies attacked them.

Sword swiftly stabbed her sword into the harpy's mid section and threw it aside. While Hikari's group was being ambushed by harpies Taichi's wasn't fairing well.

Taichi and company began to grow tired of the non-stop fighting Taichi was sweating from the exhaustion Koushiro, Jyou and Miyako were as well. "We can't go on." Taichi cried gasping for air as he slashed his hundredth skeleton warrior. "We need to refuel. RETREAT!" he shouted he and many other man ran toward the forest but soon stopped finding themselves trapped. Taichi turned swiftly to his left and look forward there was a small ruin of a house. "This way!" Taichi shouted over to them.  They ran away from the forest now.


Hikari zapped the last remaining harpies from the sky she then look to where Taichi and the other were. "NO!!" she cried she gathered her energy in palm of her hand and sent a huge fire ball forward into the flock of harpies, it exploded killing many harpies and skeleton warriors, on the ground.

"Hikari come on Taichi's calling his retreat signal." Sora said. The two girls went down the hill, which they climbed up previously. They retreated toward Taichi and the others.


Sora, Hikari and the other finally met up with Taichi's group. "What was wrong?" Sora asked quickly. "There was two much we were getting tired." He told her they ran forward a bit then stopped. "Were'er surrounded." Jyou cried.

From all sides they where surrounded by tons of skeleton warriors.


Catherine smiled "Soon Taichi you will die. You and your friends!" she shouted at him as she watched his concern face in her water bowl. "And soon my souls!!" Scratch laughed wickedly. "Very well done my dear." Her father congratulated her. "It's not over yet father…" she turned back to the bowl. 


"We go to do something! Taichi we have this opportunity to kill her with the stone we can't afford to let it pass!" Hikari exclaimed hurriedly. Taichi looked at Koushiro who had the stone on a necklace around his neck, and then he looked to Skull Mountain.

"KURO!!" he shouted Hikari and Sora looked at him. "What is he going to do?" they cried at the same time. "Girls relax." He told them Kuro came flying toward them "Koushiro give the stone to Kuro." He cried. "TAICHI! YOU CANNOT SEND HIM TO DO THAT! HE'S JUST A BIRD!" Hikari yelled.

"He's smarter then you think. KURO GO TO SKULL MOUNTAIN!" Taichi shouted as Koushiro threw the stone up into the air, Kuro dove at it and caught it with his claws and start to fly toward Skull Mountain.

"KURO, BE CAREFUL!" Hikari shouted at him. Jyou slashed at the skeleton warriors keeping them at bay they were now encircled, and they kept coming closer to them. Hikari concentrated she closed her eyes held her hands out. "Ground from the earth to sky and sea let lose a tremble that will crack the earth's crust." She chanted a slow rumble was heard suddenly the ground shook cracks began to open and swallow most of the skeleton warriors around them. Hikari passed out then everything went back to they way it was. Miyako caught her before she could hit the ground. More skeleton warriors came forward at slow march toward the crew.

Kuro flew two harpies where headed his way he ducked and maneuvered his way through them. The harpies smashed into each other and fell. Kuro maintained his speed heading straight toward the skull he was with in a mile and closing in. The stone in the birds feet shone the sensing of evil was near.


Catherine laughed she enjoyed seeing the sailor going to suffer a pitfall death, him and his girl friend. "You had a chance Taichi join me in marriage then we could have been the greatest force in the entire world! However, you did not! And now you're going to pay." She laughed.

'Catherine the bird!" he father cried. "What bird?" she asked him. "He has the stone." All went quite in the cave they looked between each other. "He won't reach here." She looked into her bowl and pointed to Kuro who was flying. Two harpies were coming after him then the bird dodged it skillfully.

Dread started to fill he flew closer and closer as Kuro drew upon the skull mountain a hole at the top he dropped the stone it fell downward and in slow motion it landed with in the evil.

"He did it!" Koushiro cried. Kuro was soon backing to where the others where, the skeletons where with in two feet of the group, slowly the crept forward.

Hikari slowly was up she was leaning against Miyako's shoulder.


All eyes were on the stone it let out a ring of white light then and explosion "So long my dear!" Scratch disappeared. "YOU FOOL DIDN'T KEEP YOU PROMISE!" she shouted. Rocks began to fall with in the cave "Father!" Catherine cried. "Catherine help me!" he shouted for his daughters assistants.



The crew saw the explosion everyone rejoiced.  "They are destroy the evil is gone!" the crew that was will them celebrated. The skeletons then broke apart like a crumbling cookie and the Harpies died.

Sora hugged Taichi "We did it!" Taichi swung her around. "KURO!" Hikari cried the bird was sick almost like he was dying. "What wrong with him?" Koushiro came over looked at the bird, he frowned. "I don't know."

Hikari started to cry "Kuro…be okay please!" she cried he started to glow. "What the?" Hikari put him on the large stone. "He's glowing…." Taichi trailed off he watched curiously. "This is weird." Jyou commented.

Kuro's body was enveloped into a white light his form began to change, to a human form. "Oh my god…" Sora cried she and Taichi were still in a semi embrace they pulled away. "Kuro?" Hikari question shocked.

Slowly the glow faded his body was nude so Koushiro gave him a blanket to cover up. "Kuro?" she questioned again the boy stood up with the blanket around his waist. He had blue eyes, and blonde hair. But he looked confused. "Come to our village and maybe we can get you some food and find out what happened to your bird or now human friend." One of the villagers suggested.


Back at the village Hikari, Sora, Miyako, Jyou and Taichi were seated at the elders house Koushiro helped they young man walk to the table he was fully clothed now. "Can you speak?" Taichi asked. He did not make a sound, and then he opened his mouth. "What happened? Where am I?" he asked.

"Kuro…" he stopped her. "My name is Takeru….Ishida, Takeru."


Back at Skull Mountain the cave was in ruins piles of rock Catherine's lifeless body was buried in half in rock there was a small rumble then a pile near her body shook and a hand shot forth from the pile. "I'm alive!!"


Author notes:

Okay now I know what you are all thinking and I will continue it, just not at the moment. I would really like to finish my one big project and that Digimon 02 AV which I plan to be about fifty or fifty-one episodes long and I am only about half way to fifty episodes. This fic right here will be the third largest project I will be working on, the squeal will probably be longer and very interesting. ;) hope you can all wait until I finish digimon 02 AV.

Until then ;)

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