arthur, zaphod, and trillian were at the beach for a day of fun in the sun. they laid their towels out on the warm sand and ran into the water. it was the perfect day. marvin stayed behind to adjust the umbrellas and read a novel on the beach. it was called "the lost symbol by dan brown". the perfect book to read on a lazy summer day. meanwile arthur zaphod were in the water spalshing around whiel trillian was laughing at them. then they got the cool idea to bury one of them in the sand up to the head--or should i say HEADS because they decided to bery zaphod! they bureyd him up to both of htis HEADS in the sand on that hot summer day! then he got out of sand and the all built a sand castle. slartibartfast came to and he helped them build a castile. it loked really big and they aded a moat and drawbridge and everything, and found osme twigs to "live" in it and be the members of the castle. it was a job well done. then there friend prosthetic vogon jeltz came over to and they all went back to the birdwalk for some ice cream. they got all different flavors, and some of them even got tow scoops as well. finally it started getting dark, so they loaded there stuff back into the car and drove home. they all agreed it was the best day. :)