Chapter One: My Confused Dream

-Hinata's Pov-

I am Hinata Hyuuga and I like to dream. I mean my life is all about dreaming. I see everything as if it is a dream you just never wake up from. I wonder if I will ever wake up from my everlasting happiness and come face to face with reality……

I looked up at Kakashi-sempia, as he talked about how we should pay attention. I wasn't really listening; I was looking at my long time crush.

Naruto Uzumaki

He reminds me of a prince looking for his princess. I was his princess but the evil witch Sakura was casting a spell on him. He was blind.

I turned my head so I was facing the window, and my prince best friend.

Sasuke Uchiha

I mean he wasn't ugly but he wasn't as good looking as my prince. I saw him as a jealous prince who got what he wants at all times. Like a spoiled child and I hated that about him, but that's what girls found attractive.

I looked down at my feet……I slowly closed my eyes……and drifted off to sleep…


Hinata stood up with a confident smirk gracing her lovely features.

"Princess Hinata, Prince Naruto is here to visit you," said a maid with a small smile.

Princess Hinata looked at the maid with a blush painting her face. She walked past the maid, down the stairs. She had to see her love, Naruto. As princess Hinata walked into the living room to see her prince waiting patiently.

"N-Naruto-kun…g-good morning, I w-was h-hoping that w-we could g-go for a w-walk around the g-gardens." Princess Hinata smiled as she hugged Naruto

Prince Naruto nodded, "I would love to my deary but I have to go see my friend, prince Sasuke. Maybe some other time and one more thing before I go…I am going need for you to wake up."

Princess Hinata raised a confused eyebrow, "I d-don't understand my love…"

Naruto grin, "wake up, you been asleep to long."

Hinata ran into Naruto arms, "I d-don't know what your t-talking a-about. I d-don't w-want to b-be a-away from you."

Naruto placed his hands on Hinata's shoulders and shook her gentlely, "wake up"

Princess Hinata looked confused….until everything became blurry…..


I shot up with disgust. Who would dare wake me up from a sweet dream like that? I saw Sasuke Uchiha glaring down at me. "Hyuuga, Kakashi wants us to be partners for this dumb project. If you weren't so busy catching z's. Then you would've heard what we got to do," said an annoyed Sasuke.

I rolled my eyes but he was right for once. I should've been listening instead of trying to dreaming. "W-What do w-we have to d-do?" I asked looking down at my feet. I was too weak to fight the Uchiha's glare of annoyance.

Sasuke gave out a stress sigh, "We have to find information about how the plant and other animal DNA can be affected through babies and the parents. Stop stuttering, I am your in high school still doing that."

I only nodded. "Meet me after school on the front steps. I can take you to my house and we can get started on the project."

Before I could reply, Sasuke walked out the class room. Sakura and other fan girls followed. I stood and sighed. I really didn't want to do a dumbass project with that mean, devil child.

"Hinata, you got an extra pencil? I need one for my next period class." My prince asked me with a fox grin on his beautiful face.

I nodded and handed him a pencil. Naruto nodded his head in agreement and walked out the classroom.

It was after school and I was waiting for Sasuke. I saw him pull up to the curb in his black Volvo. I got in the front seat with no words. He drove off with no words. As we sat in silence I couldn't help but close my eyes and just……..dream.


Hinata looked out the window as she walked through the empty house.

"H-hello, anybody h-here…Hellloooooo"

Hinata was wearing a sun dress that hugged her breast and was flowing away from her body. She walked into this room were a baby crib was. Hinata heart felt warm and loving. She slowly walked to the crib only to see……

A baby with black hair and black eyes, it looked nothing like Naruto……it looked more like…Sasuke.

Hinata felt a strong pair of arms wrap around her waist and a pair of warm lips kissed her neck.

"I am glad I married such a beautiful lady. I love you Hinata." The smooth male voice said.

It was not the voice of her prince Naruto.

Hinata turned around in the arms to meet onyx eyes.

"I love you too." Hinata couldn't control her lips and slowly they pressed against Sasuke's lips.

That's when Hinata felt that pull with herself……


I shot up as if someone had shocked me. I never had a dream like that, before. I couldn't control my body and it felt so real.

I turned my head to look at Sasuke who had an amused smirk on his face. He was still driving but why was he smirking with amusement. I didn't understand any of it.

I was afraid to close my eyes and dream again. So for the rest of the ride I just looked out the window in hope that will be the only time I dream of Sasuke……..