Chapter 1 - Feelings

It's an odd feeling when you are depressed. People always use the term "broken heart" to explain how they feel when they are depressed.

The term itself is quite vague, but it is true. Depression is a horrible feeling that takes time to heal and always leaves scars. Some people

even claim that this feeling causes physical pain. Pain... that lingers in your heart. For the Past year, a 14 year old boy by the name of Cody

Martin has been getting a taste of that feeling. In the next few weeks however, the depression will only get greater and eventually consume him.

For the past hour Cody has been up. Cody lives in the Tipton Hotel, on the 23rd floor. He currently resides there with his mother Carrie and his 15

minute older brother Zack. Today was the first day of high school and Cody spent the past 20 minutes trying to wake up his older brother.

"Zack wake up! the bus will be here in 10 minutes" Zack shifted uncomfortably in his bed, not wanting to let go of his warm covers.

"Zack I swear if your not getting up, I'm gonna leave without you" came the yell again.

"Geez calm down Cody" replied a sleepy, yawning Zack.

"Im calm, but you have to hurry. You don't want to miss the first day of High School do you?" replied his younger brother.

After a minor intrinsic conflict, Zack finally decided to let go of the covers and get up from his bed. He was pretty tired from the previous night

and had an excruciating headache. Today was Monday, and yesterday was his final night of being a free-spirited boy, before making the transition

from middle school to high school. He spent the previous night partying with some of his friends and went all out. Alcohol was involved and naturally

Zack had to be the star of the party. He stayed up later than he ever has and drank until he passed out cold. Details from the prior night were still

foggy and scarce, but Zack didn't care. He knew that today was a new beginning, a fresh clean slate. Today was the start of high school. As Zack

walked over to the bathroom to brush his teeth, he reminisced about all the good days and all the fun he had in Jr high. Middle school was a breeze

for Zack. He was very talkative and the girls always fell victim to his charm. Cody on the other hand, was not as lucky. He loved doing schoolwork

and was a straight A's student. This caused him to be isolated, since nobody at that age cared much for school. Cody was constantly picked on by

bullies and was forced to do their homework for them. Since he was naturally a very quiet and self dependent boy, he would never tell his mom

or his principal that bullies were assaulting him on a daily basis. This caused Cody's esteem to drop and his efficacy to plunge even lower. Cody's

struggles ate away at him like some morbidly appalling disease. He was all alone and had nobody to share his grief with. The only time he got a

break from the constant bullying was when Zack showed up and watched over him. This is why he valued his relationship with Zack more than

anything in the world. Cody loved Zack. This love however, was no ordinary brotherly love. Cody had very strong feelings towards his brother.

When he was knocked down to the floor and lay there helpless, Zack would stretch out his arm to pick him up. Cody's face would illuminate and

happiness would ensue. "My knight in shining armor has rescued me again" he thought to himself. Cody's spirit would shimmer as he stared

affectionately at his older brother. Boy did he love it when Zack protected him. Something about that just turned him on in a way which was just not


As Zack finished brushing his teeth, he heard what sounded like a wild animal's shriek.


"Im coming" yelled an out of breath Zack, who had nearly tripped on his untied shoelaces. As he got entered the living room, Cody frown turned into a smile.

"OK lets get going then shall we?" asked a happier looking Cody.

That was odd. Zack has not seen Cody this happy in months. What has changed so drastically? Regardless, both twins kissed their mother goodbye and left

the apartment. The 23 floor elevator ride hasn't changed Cody's mood either. He still had that smile on his face and Zack could not understand why. They

had passed by Maddie on their way out, the candy counter girl waved to them.

"not now sweet thang, were in a rush" said Zack.

Maddie laughed and rolled her eyes as if saying "whatever".

"she loves me you know?" said Zack, "all the girls do, that's just how i roll"

Cody giggled. "Your so full of it Zack, you crack me up".

Finally the Martin brothers exited the Tipton and there they saw a bus waiting for them.

As the twins got on the bus, Cody's smile broadened, and Zack's questions started haunting him again. Something was definitely different. Was he seeing a

different Cody here? perhaps a more confident one? He couldn't quite grasp it.

"here, we got an open seat in the back" said Cody.

"Dibs on the window" Zack said.

As they sat down, Zack started thinking about his brother again and decided to ask him. "Hey Codes, i need to ask you something".

"what's up?" asked Cody.

"well... for the past year you have seemed so depressed. I know you had it bad in middle school, but you took it to a whole new level.

You cried alot when you were alone, didn't hang out much with your friends, and spent most of the time reading. Here you are today looking so happy and cheerful. I just wanna know, what's the occasion?"

Cody seemed relaxed and then whispered in his brother's ear.

"Middle School is over, were starting anew and as long as I have you by my side, I know that I'm safe". As soon as these words parted his lips,

Cody gave his older brother a warm, heartfelt hug. A hug? well that was certainly odd. Although it seemed strange to Zack, he did not care.

His brother's happiness was all that mattered to him, and if it meant Cody would be more affectionate, he didn't mind.

As the bus kept going, so did Cody's mind. His thoughts were drifting along with the passing blocks. He was thinking about High School and what awaited him.

Was this really going to be any different? He knew that the bullies which have been bothering him for years, were transferring there too. Mitch and Jeff were

the ones that gave Cody the hardest time. He had still remembered the time where they beat him up for not doing their homework. He has many bruises on

his chest that he was forced to conceal them for weeks. Cody didn't like it when his brother found out. As much as he wanted to tell Zack, he was not willing

to be his brother in danger. He... loved Zack, but not in a gay way or anything. He wasn't gay. no no no. That was just plain wrong. Imagine being in love with

your brother. What would Zack say? what would the world say? No matter how much he had thought about it, he knew that it was never going to happen

between the two of them. But as he turned his head and stared at his brother, a warm feeling took over his entire body. Zack was just... hot.

He was sitting there listening to his iPod and rocking out to "Love Gun" by KISS, Cody's favorite song. Every time Zack moved his head in a rocking motion,

his hair would wave, and Cody's heart would melt. Zack's hair was pretty blonde and smelled good, his body was sleek, and his lips looked so tasty.

Even though the Martin brothers shared many physical similarities, Zack was definitely the manlier one. He had a larger body frame, and sounded a bit older.

As Cody got engulfed in Zack's charm, he was starting to imagine things and his mind drifted into yet another fantasy.

In this fantasy, Him and Zack were already dating, and were preparing to make love. Zack had finished unbuttoning his shirt and was staring at Cody seductively

with his index finger over his lower lip. Cody automatically got a hard on. Zack got closer and so did Cody. Zack's lips were nearing and Cody thought he was going to wet himself.

within a few seconds, their lips met. His older brother's lips were a symphony of flavor. After smooching for a few minutes, Cody subtlety entered his tongue into Zack's mouth.

He was lurking inside his brother's mouth and savored every moment. Finally he had hit the treasure, Zack's tongue. As both their tongues got intertwined, their saliva mixed

and Cody couldn't handle it. He was so horny and couldn't control himself. Being his older brother, Zack immediately noticed his brother's longing and was happy to comply.

As he broke apart from the kiss, he went on to remove Cody's shirt and slid his tongue down his brother's hairless chest. What a beautiful chest this was. There was not a

single hair on it, and the minor tan made it look even better. Cody's nipples were rock hard, Zack noticed it momentarily. He knew what Cody's weak spot was.

He slid his tongue down to Cody's left nipple and started kissing it passionately. What followed after that drove Cody insane. Zack was now licking the circumference of

his nipple and not touching the middle. He could hear Cody moaning with pleasure as his brother's soft tongue was brushing his entire nipple. The biting was his favorite part,

Zack knew when and exactly how hard to apply it. He started nibbling on the nipple slowly and fervidly. Cody was already up to a point where he started whispering softly.

"Zackie, Zackie, oh Zaaaaaaackie" The last one came out especially soft.

"umm you OK Cody?" asked a concerned looking Zack.

As he heard his brother's reply, he awoke from his fantasy and landed back into the cruel cold world. within seconds, Cody had descended from his heavenly bliss to the

harsh, acrid world surrounding him.

"WOAH! what the hell was I thinking? that's my brother" Cody thought as he came back to his senses. Dammit, he had let his imagination get the best of him...again.

The time to act like a child was over, and he needed to start focusing on his priorities. Zack was not his priority, school was. Getting good grades, getting a college scholarship

and transfer to a good university without having to pay. Making some new friends would be great too, and maybe, just maybe get a girlfriend. That would be nice wouldn't it?

Then he can finally stop all of this "brotherly love" rubbish and get back to reality.

As Cody sat there thinking away and contemplating what would be, Zack snapped his fingers.

"Earth to Cody, come in Cody.

"whaa? what happened"

Zack laughed.

"Your funny Codster, you were spacing out for the past 15 minutes. Anyway were here. lets get off the bus then, shall we"

"yeah... let's" replied a dazed Cody.

As the twins got off of the bus, they started walking towards the entrance.

The first day of High School was about to begin.

Well there you have it. This is my first ever story, and i really hope you will enjoy it. As a fair warning, im letting you all know now that this story will

not be sex driven. There will be sex in here, and i guarantee quality scenes. but this story is more about love, secrets, betrayal, and struggle.

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