Chapter 21 – An Unpleasant Turn

The remaining few hours seemed to not pass. Cody's anticipation and anxiousness was at an all time high. He didn't

want to overreact but he could not help it, ZACK WAS COMING HOME! At that moment, Cody remembered the first date

that he shared with his brother. That evening at the movies was beyond amazing. Both brothers were cuddled up within

each other and felt like one. While Cody was sitting on Zack's lap, he felt his older brother's cock stiffen. Cody then slowly

rotated his butt and placed his cheeks right on top of Zack's enormous boner. At that moment he could feel Zack's heart

rate increase. His brother gently grabbed Cody's abdomen and caressed it, Cody let out a soft moan. Zack moved his boner

upwards, as if trying to penetrate Cody's tight hole. Cody loved every second of it and hoped that the movie would never

end. As the memory hit him, he started remembering the rest of the night. After the film was over, the twins got back to the

Tipton and got on the elevator. It was 1:00AM when they got back and the hotel was virtually dead. As they got on the elevator,

Cody remembered Zack whispering something in his ear. He couldn't recall his brother's exact words, but what followed was

something he could never forget. He felt extremely horny and noticed that he got a major erection. Zack smirked and got on

his knees. Before Cody knew what was going on, Zack was sucking him. He was so good with his mouth. He had a tactic which

involved licking Cody's shaft and then slowly moving onto his balls. This lasted the entire elevator ride. The fun was not over

though. Zack was so passionate towards Cody that night. After they got back home, they found Carrey fast asleep. They took

an extra risk that night, when they decided to shower together. At first the risk seemed pointless, but when the twins got under

the hot water and made out passionately, they realized how it was all worth it. Zack was so amazing that night. He was strong

and masculine, which turned Cody on, but at the same time his touch was as gentle as silk. They spent about 20 minutes showering

and kissing each other, and finally ended up in bed together, naked and cuddling.

Cody remembered that night all too well and a tear fell down his face. He missed it all. He wanted Zack back in his life. He missed his

brother's touch, his smell, his soft hair, and most of all he missed his lips. Zack's soft juicy lips were something that Cody craved for

years, before finally getting a mere taste, and then having it taken all away from him. Cody looked at the text message. His thoughts

raced again.

"Why didn't Zack call me? Why did he text me? Maybe it was Kurt posing as Zack?"

Cody was nervous at this point, but he did not care. No matter what happens, he would be at that airport at 7:00PM.

He glanced at his watch; it was only 12:00PM which meant that he had about 5 hours to kill. Cody got on his Xbox and

decided to start up a game which would pass some time by. Cody turned on his machine and inserted Grand Theft Auto.

After an hour of mindless killing and repetitive missions, Cody decided that it was time get off of the console. He thought

that maybe he could do some homework he had left over from the previous day. As he tried to work on his Chemistry, he

realized that it was impossible to do any work while Zack was on his mind. Cody got up and once again found himself pacing

back and forth aimlessly. Cody then decided to sleep. Being that he was anxious, Cody decided it would be best for him to

take 2 of his mom's sleeping pills and just set his alarm to 5:00PM. Cody walked over to the bathroom and opened Carrie's

medicine cabinet, pulling out a small white bottle. Out of the bottle, Cody took two white oval pills and swallowed them,

followed by a glass of water to wash them down. Within minutes, he started feeling sleepy and made it to his bed just in

time to pass out.


The buzzing did not stop. Cody awoke in a daze and stared at his alarm clock with a completely flat face. His head was still

spinning it was as if he consumed an entire vodka bottle. That didn't stop him from getting up. On the contrary, Cody rose

out of bed and quickly got dressed. He had to take a cab to get to his local airport, which happened to be about 30 minutes

away. Cody left his mom a brief note and then walked out of the apartment. When exiting the Tipton, he motioned to a passing

taxi and got inside when in stopped.

"Going to the local airport" Said Cody.

The driver turned to him and smiled.

"No problem."

Cody froze when he saw the driver. There was something awfully familiar about him, but he couldn't quite grasp what it was.

He couldn't tell in the beginning, but there was something to that smile which had Cody extremely unsettled. The cab driver took

off, they were on their way. After about 20 minutes of driving, the cab driver turned to Cody and smiled yet again.

"Would you happen to want some hot chocolate? I'm stopping by a store for a sec and was wondering if you wanted some."

At that moment, Cody immediately knew who he was dealing with. The man driving the cab was non-other than Isaac Roth!

Cody started panicking, but knew that he couldn't show signs of it or it would be all over for him. He looked over at Isaac and understood

why he couldn't recognize him. Isaac shaved his entire head and grew a goatee. He also wasn't wearing his glasses, like he usually did

when he counseled him. Cody didn't understand what was going on, but clearly this man was on his father's payroll, why else would he

go through the trouble of changed his appearance so dramatically? Cody took a gasp of air, and without trying to sound paranoid uttered

"Sure, I'll go for a hot chocolate."

"Wonderful" replied Roth.

Cody thought he nailed it. That was flawless acting on his part, Isaac didn't suspect a thing. Roth then burst out laughing menacingly!

Cody froze again, what was going on?

"Hehehe… You really thought I'm that stupid kid? You think I didn't see the fear and panic in your eyes? Your brow twitched a bit too,

you know who I am, don't you?"

Cody, still petrified, sat unable to move.

"Oh it's ok Cody, it's nothing personal, truthfully. It's just business."

"What is? Who are you anyway? What's your agenda?"

"Well, my real name is none of your concern… However I am a business partner of your dad's and I do owe him, so I'm doing this little

favor as a method of repayment."

At this point Cody started crying and couldn't stop. It wasn't fair, none of it was! He was merely a 16 year old boy who loved his brother.

There was enough issues with that alone as it was, but now this? What did he ask for? All he wanted was to love, and be loved in return

by the one person he truly cared about. His crying didn't stop. He was thinking about Zack and about his rotten luck. How did he bump into

the one cab that happened to carry this jerk in it? Poor Zack was going to be at the airport all alone, and there was nothing he could do about it…

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