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Waiting to Exhale by Ash Heather Wond

Title- Edward's Treasures

Summary- A brother/sister/mother moment. When Edward decides to give Esme and Alice a gift, a cute family scene. Canon Pairs. Cullens/Vampires. Two shots

Edward POV

I was playing my piano and making notes to myself. Jasper and Emmett were wrestling again using hunting as an excuse. I didn't feel like joining them this time, although it doesn't matter because Emmett always complains about me cheating and Jasper complains about me being too boring and it kills his mood for fighting too.

I sighed once again when I couldn't pick out the perfect tune. The only tune that would click to me was Esme's song. She claims it calms her and puts her at ease, lessening her eagerness to be with Carlisle while he was at the hospital.

I longed to feel that feeling of waiting for someone, of wanting to be with them twenty-four seven. I could not understand how someone could be so impatient to meet someone so much, but I could hear their thoughts of restlessness running through their minds. When Rose and Alice would go shopping, Jasper and Emmett would wait for them like a dog would wait for their master to return home from work.

I guess it comes with the mate territory; something I feel I would never know. Really… I wouldn't want to know anyway. I would rather be carefree than worry for nothing.

I hit another note resting my fingers on the piano in front of me. I could hear Alice helping Esme decorate yet another room; this time they chose Rosalie's. Alice saw a vision of Rosalie wanting her and Emmett to move out for a little while. From Emmett's thoughts he wanted to act out some new fantasies.

I shook my head at the insanity. Rosalie was always an attention grabber. How many times will she marry one guy in her eternity of life? She should really take a lesson from Esme and Carlisle. Their marriage is truly ideal. They fell in love, but were mature at keeping everything private. They got married once and even had a few pictures and a small location.

Rosalie was someone totally different. She would look for the biggest location, decorate the place, and make it a big event of a repeated ceremony. I had nothing against marriage. No, in my time I grew up to believe that marriage is an important commitment that deserved to be done and special, but Rosalie repeating the marriage would make it a regular event; no longer special or once in a lifetime moment.

Even Jasper and Alice aren't like her. No, Jasper might be empathic, but his emotions would be quiet and hidden. He didn't care about marriage. He believed he already married the minute he fell in love with Alice. He didn't need a ceremony to prove it. Alice just wanted his last name and to make it legal. Make a true bond. I could understand that too. One marriage was enough for her; her vows weren't even recited. Jasper and Alice were too busy looking into each other's eyes to actually say them. I inconspicuously placed the vows I wrote for them in their pockets to save them the embarrassment in front of the priest we had called.

I shook my head remembering the day. Emmett laughed the loudest when he realized Jasper and Alice never wrote their vows. Alice didn't see it coming because she was too busy trying to see what ring Jasper had gotten for her. Jasper didn't write them, because Alice forgot to tell him. Those two are the weirdest pair I had ever met. However, they are definitely one of a kind. They are complete opposite yet the same in many ways. I found myself being jealous of them and their love for each other at time, but I pushed that emotion back, because regardless I'm truly happy for them.

"Edward, can you please come down here?" I heard Alice's frustrated thoughts downstairs.

If it was anyone else I would have purposely ignored them unless they called me verbally, but Alice and I are so intoned with each other and she is the sibling I'm closest to. At first it made Alice feel guilty because Rosalie and I never got a long while I was nicer to Alice. But I never cared. Rosalie was jealous because she never received what others had. I liked Alice more because it was her selfless acts that made me care about her.

Alice would always tell me when there would be new music CD coming to stores. She would buy me new clothes even when I wouldn't ask for these gestures. I knew she cared about me. She had already seen herself as my sister and I started to love her as one as well. She was so tiny and a ball of energy anyone would be stupid not to fall in love with her. I wouldn't admit it near Jasper, but if he wasn't her mate, Emmett and I wouldn't let her mate with anyone. We were protective of her that way. Even Emmett loved her. She would always help him with pranks and save him from Rosalie's wrath. Jasper never took it the wrong way, he understood too, Alice cared about everyone, it was only expected others would return the feelings.

Esme loved everyone too but her daughters were special to her. She would easily connect with them while all of us guys would be close to Carlisle.

I dropped my thoughts when Alice started to whine for me to come down. I held back my chuckles. Emmett was a bad influence on her. I walked down in my vampire speed to see Esme and Alice frown in front of the wall, which was filled with different sample designs.

I knew the question before it appeared on her mind, "Which would Rose think is better?" I shook my head in disgust. Sometimes I hated being a mind reader for these reasons.

"I don't know, you both are women, you would know." I stated matter-of-factly.

They both didn't like my answer, I endured their disapproving glare until I turned and looked at the designs intently. Pretending to be interested while thinking this is really boring.

Edward...please, its Rose's wedding! Alice's thoughts complained again. I shook my head and pointed at the simple red one. I knew Rosalie liked simple stuff even when she didn't admit it. She liked all focus on her; simplicity was a secret of hers for special emotions.

Esme and Alice nodded their heads in approval thanking me.

Just as I was about to go back to my room, I heard Carlisle's quiet voice calling me. I frowned but went ahead. I didn't worry very much, this must be about Jasper or some new medical news he needed. I just was too annoyed by anyone calling me. I just wanted to be left alone.

I went to Carlisle's door, knowing well he knew I was outside but waited patiently for permission to come in.

"Come in Edward" his voice called immediately. I entered and quickly tried to read his mind, however my tries were futile. He was hiding his thoughts. In all these centuries, Carlisle was the only one to achieve that. I didn't make much about it, but sometimes it did scare me. It gave Carlisle the trick to intimate me.

"Edward, I wanted to talk to you about this earlier, but I couldn't without enough information. This will come in as a shock but I want you to stay calm and listen to completely what I have to say," I was frowning but his voice turned hard, "and I want you to give my mind my privacy, you won't know this information that easily." He ordered. I bowed my head in shame immediately, he was right. I should respect his wishes. I nodded my head.

"Well back to what I was saying. I had a call from Chicago a few days back." I stiffened at the words. My home. I continued to look at him, willing him to continue. "They have found more things belonging to your parents. You can go and get them or I could have them sent here, if you wish." His voice grew soft, leaving the decision up to me. I didn't respond at first. The memories of my human life came up to me. They were blurry and not clear but still there enough to make me miss them. The silent in the room grew Carlisle made no move to comfort me or push me for my answer. For which I appreciated him for. I needed time to sink in this information. I didn't know my parents left anything behind besides the house and the stuff in them.

Carlisle made a move to leave, I am getting late for the hospital. I didn't give a response; I just sat there starring at the ground. My mom, my dad… I had their pictures hidden inside my room. I always looked at it when I missed them.

Are you okay honey I turned my head at the sound of my other mother. Esme. She was peeking through the door, only her head visible while hiding herself. She was afraid of saying the wrong thing and upsetting me. I nodded my head in reassurance. She slowly walked up to me and hugged me in comfort.

Want to go hunting? Alice thoughts suggested from downstairs. I thought about it, turning toward Esme. "Do you want to go hunting with Alice and me?" I asked turning toward her. She moved her hands toward my head and nodded.

"Let me inform Carlisle." She said turning toward the phone. I nodded going downstairs to give her come privacy.

I met Alice waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. I don't see you deciding anything yet. She pouted. I chuckled. She hated not knowing what will happen. "I am still thinking." I answered while getting my keys of the Volvo. She pouted again, I want to take Rosalie's BMW! I shook my head, I knew Rosalie would get annoyed and I wanted to drive my car.

Please! She pouted. I groaned in return. She knew I would fall for that face. How can such a small thing be so manipulative?

She happily took the lead to Rosalie's car. While I followed behind, my mind was still lost to my parents' thoughts when I sat next to Alice in the car waiting for Esme to join us. Everything will be okay Edward. We're here for you. At least you have something belonging to your past. I don't even have that. Her thoughts turned to the black vision of her past.

I moved my hand on top of hers and gave it a squeezed. She didn't have memories of the past but somehow those things were better then remembering the pain of leaving them. "Do you want Jasper to come with us?" I suggested thinking of Jasper's gift. She laughed in return and shook her head.

I'll be fine; he's having fun with Emmett right now. And today is about you, not me. She smirked. Causing me to grimace. I hated these types of days.

Hey kids, so where are we going? Esme joined us. Alice turned to me, asking me silently. I just shook my head, telling her to choose where.

"I was thinking west, they have a lot of mountain lions." She suggested. I smiled in appreciation, and nodded. I closed my eyes and laid my head on the seat. Should I go to Chicago myself or not? I questioned myself.

I felt Esme's nurtured hands running through my hair. Do what your heart wants Edward. Not what your mind wants. Your parents are always living in the heart. Just like my son. No matter how much your mind disagrees, the heart is always right.

I smiled at her thoughtful words. I couldn't hold back my sobs, as they wrapped around her words. I turned toward her and awkwardly hugged her. Holding her tight and letting go my sobs. She held me just as tightly. Retuning my feelings, I didn't notice Alice stopping her car until I felt her tiny arms around Esme and me. I didn't realize she was holding her sobs too. For a long time we three just stood there, trying to gain our sanity back.

I decided on the spot, to go to Chicago myself. I owed it to myself to see my birthplace the last time. I could see myself going in Alice's vision, but I decided to take her and Esme with me. I needed them for this.

Before I could ask Alice nodded and turned toward Esme. "You want to go with me and Edward to his parents house?" She asked, although she already knew her answer. Esme would never refuse.

After a two-hour drive, we were at the front of the building of my old home. It was an old building now. I suddenly felt shivers at the sight of the place. I felt calm when Alice and Esme both wrapped their arms around me, keeping me standing. I nodded in reassurance when they let go.

Slowly I made my way to my apartment. Where I used to smell my mom's cooking and my dad's old songs. The hallway was dead empty, but I kept visioning the way it looked like in the early 1900's. I heaved a shaky sigh when I made it in front of the door. Alice and Esme were right behind me, I knew they thought I would try running away, but I was determined to face it all now. These were good memories. My parents' place, where I grew up in, this place was where I took my first steps. I was just about to turn the knob when Alice broke my concentration.

We don't have the keys.

My lips started to twitch; I bent down and searched the mat underneath my legs when I felt a sharp edge of the key. I raised it up to the doorknob. Both Alice and Esme's thought matched questions.

"It was always an spare key that my mother hid for me, if I ever lost mine." I whispered while opening the door slowly.

The door squeaked opened with the rust. Immediately I felt the smell of old rug envelope me. It smelled like it was never opened. I made a mental note to send some maids to refurnish the place. It was filled with web nets and dust around. It was a little disappointing; if my mother was alive she would never have let this home to turn into a dungeon. I heaved a sigh and started to walk around, looking at all the pictures in the wall.

One picture caught my sight, which brought me to my knees. Sobs escaped as I clutched the picture in my arms. Esme and Alice both came to my rescue, but my heart was frozen with pain. My parents were dead! Those thoughts hit me with full form. My mom's smile, my dad's strength, my own old life… I wanted to have that back so bad. I wanted my real mother to hold me. I wanted this bad nightmare to end and bring me back the past. The visions of my past came to me again, and again. Hitting me like rocks. I could only feel rains of pain. My emotions were out of control. Both, Alice and Esme were in hysterics after me. I couldn't help but sob more. I wanted my life back. I wanted death. I wanted to be HUMAN.