My Curse Revived

Chapter 21

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The voice of the busty leader of the village echoed all around them as she went slack jawed towards the two hugging girls. No way...Just no way possible. Only Naruto, This could only happen to him. Having a girl who was in love with him being a missing Kage's granddaughter. She sighed as she began to rub her temples as a fluffy towel was soon draped over her shoulders by Itachi who had retreated into the large house to retrieve towels for the soaked females as Naruto continued to float passed out in the Koi pond. Tayuya breathing a sigh of relief that for now anyway she had survived a beating from the Hokage. Though she soon spoke up as Kin continued to hug Kuro and cry hard.

"Hai...She is Tsunade-sama., I remember, When the limp dicked cock rags of Oto managed to capture a Kage's granddaughter, I was just staring my training with the Hebi-pedo. He was so pleased...Saying that they got one over on scrotum nose. It was Kin. She was barely able to hold a Kunai..."

She shuttered remembering the past in the bases of Orochimaru. She hated when her mind reminded her of the tortures and inhumane things that he and his soldiers did to them. She flinched lightly as Sasuke pulled her into a hug she hugged back the bluenette and began again.

"I was eight, She was barely six..She was so scared, She bawled her fucking head off constantly, And when she was found by the men...they beat her, cut her, and everything. I was able to fend them off by becoming her friend. They didn't want Orochimaru's little Red Headed Bitch, As they called me telling their boss they were beating kids..."

The red head smirked when she remembered telling Orochimaru about why she had a cut on her face. He may have been an evil man, a being of untold darkness and a being of utmost disgust, but he never once put up with his men harming each other. He made sure the man who cut Tayuya was killed in the most vicious way possible.

"We were ok, Til I was Twelve...and she was Ten...It was then that the Jounin of the village got word...That we were alone and that Orochimaru was out getting another for his elite squad like me...That they did the worst...It was then that Kin and I...were tied down...and the worst thing...for a Kunoichi to happen...happened to us...before we were even teenagers..."

She started to weep slightly as she held tightly to Sasuke as the bluenette brought up her hand and began to rub the red head's back as Tsunade gasped, and a spike of killing intent could be felt from her, Itachi and Kuro hearing the story of her sister. Grown men, did that to those two girls.

"It was during...the attack...I was crying...I don't care about you...But Naruto saved my thoughts on that...But it was during the attack that Orochimaru showed up. He was absolutely furious...He did the one thing I am grateful for...He butchered them all...He was so angry that someone of his own men would do that...By the time he was done, The room was covered in blood, and gore. I changed that day...I started swearing...I became rude...But that was also...the day Orochimaru saved Kin and I...We were bleeding bad...and should have died...but he managed to save us...I am grateful...He saved us...But that is the only thing he did I am grateful for."

She seemed to be shaking as she remembered the attack as Kin also seemed to be shaking in her sister's arms as Kuro led her over to the small benches leaving Naruto to float in the pond as one of the small fish seemed to be trying to eat his hair. As the girls sat down Kuro looked between them all and sighed as she held her sister. Learning her sister lost her innocence that young to a pack of monsters hurt. And she knew that the Village of Oto was being rebuilt now and that Iwa would demand blood. And war would be demanded. Soon the Iwa Kunoichi spoke.

"I am sorry...Imouto...I couldn't protect you...I am sorry you and your friend endured that treatment...But I am happy to see you...We had all but given up hope. To see you here. Alive and well. And in the home of the Yondaime's son makes me feel like you are beyond safe."

Smiling the pink eyed ninja patted her sisters head before she turned to Tsunade and began to take a breath knowing she would have to work the deal between the two villages to both protect Kin and make sure that Oto paid for it's digressions against the Villages of Iwa and Konoha.

"Tsunade-sama, as you know, I am the GrandDaughter of Onoki, Tsuchikage of Iwa. In light of already having found my sister and learning through Tayuya-san's words of her past in Oto, I am pleased to see, She has found happiness here. I am not going to recommend her to come back to Iwa...As she is now a Konoha shinobi. However, In light of your inclusion of Danzo-san in the Bingo Book and the words that he would be reforming Otogakure...I have been granted the permission from my Grandfather to work out an alliance between out villages. To make sure that the crimes of Oto will never happen again."

At her words Tsunade nodded and seemed to be thinking lightly as her twin pony tails seemed to still be dripping water from the koi pond. She soon sighed as she looked at the pink eyed female and let her words be heard.

"Konoha already is in an alliance with Kiri, If we are to ally with Iwa as well, Iwa would need to agree to lower their anger or any grudges against Kiri. If Iwa is willing to let the past go I can begin the work of getting the documents drawn up for our villages to become allies and prepare for battle against both Oto as well as the Akatsuki."

At those words Kuro swallowed lightly, It seemed that Konoha was already planning an offensive against either Oto or the Akatsuki which made the dealings harder and with the need of Kiri and Iwa to work together as well put a small strain on it. She sighed as she thought for a few minutes before she pulled a scroll out of her long sleave.

"This is the Alliance scroll for us...I am willing to negotiate with Konoha and Kiri to make an alliance work between our villages. We cannot be divided between ourselves when it comes to these enemies we all face. So let's begin the negotiations Tsunade-sama."

The busty woman took the scroll from the pink eyed female as she soon began to look it over. The treaty consisted of the normal issues, sharing both men and help when needed as well as working with the village in boosting both it's defenses as well as their shinobi. It was extremely covered in what would be needed in the training aspects as well as the help they were willing to give. Something Tsunade in her live thought she would see. Onoki offering help in training Konoha shinobi in Doton techniques and helping them as well. It seemed he truly was trying to reach an agreement with everyone in the treaty.

"Well, it seems the old bastard really did think it over on how to appease both of the villages. I do not see any issues with this treaty. It both strengthens and helps both the villages. However, are you in position to work with me and Kiri in the strengthening of our villages. The Mizukage is here in the village, Visiting old friends and even participating in a trial on a captured Akatsuki member. As you see Uchiha Itachi-chan, here is a former Akatsuki. She has been given a punishment of probation and removal of chakra for the time being. She has however given us a lot of information on the group."

Upon hearing this Kuro went wide eyed as she turned her pink eyes to the now demurely nodding elder Uchiha. She had wondered why the feared Butcheress of Konoha was here and not imprisoned, She had turned on Akatsuki and given up info. Quite the nice little betrayal of them if she was honest. She smirked as she nodded and began to speak as well.

"I understand Tsunade-sama, Yes, I have been given permission to work out different terms to agreements should the need arise and it seems that it is needed. I am prepared to work out the terms with the Mizukage as well, We have not always been on good terms with Kiri, sense it is known that Akatsuki formed there...But we are willing to let the past go and begin to form a strong alliance with them."

At her words the buxom Hokage rose from her place and streached, the twin pig tails she was known for seemed to have dried fully as she turned to smile towards the pond as she pointed towards the blond male climbing out of it who seemed to be shaking water off himself as she let her voice be heard.

"That is fine Kuro-san, But he is the one you must convince. He is the one who has the power to stop them, That...Is Minato's son. That is Uzumaki Naruto, He has his mother's name cause of Minato's wish. If you can convince him. I will sign the treaty and we can begin the work in getting our villages to be stronger."

As Kuro's pink eyes looked over to the blond man she couldn't help but blush slightly. He was quite the looker. He seemed to inherit his father's rugged good looks, and if she was honest with herself he would be positively yummy with the water dripping from him. She rose from her seat as well and moved to stand next to Tsunade. This boy is what the treaty hinged on? This was gonna take some doing to make him want to help her she believed. But she wasn't gonna give up the treaty yet.

"So I have to prove to him our intentions Tsunade-sama?"

"Yep, That boy is the kind of man, who will be able to tell if your true intentions are good or not. If he will accept you...I will."

And with that Tsunade turned from Kuro and moved away waving her good bye as she smirked. This would prove if the Iwa Kunoichi was a trustworthy woman. She couldn't wait to see if Naruto would turn her to his side and get her to be his friend as well.

As the Hokage wandered off Kuro took a deep breath as the rest of the Kunoichi moved away from the table to allow her to plead her case to the blond. She knew now how much this young boy was respected. He seemed to have the power to make anyone spill their guts to him with simple words. So she knew she had her work cut out for her. She took a breath and began to walk to the young boy as he began to dry his hair looking towards the pink eyed girl he wasn't sure what to make of her as she approached him.

"Yo! I'm Naruto! What's your name?"

She blinked at his forwardness of his personality and couldn't help but let a small smile play across her pale lips. She bowed slightly to him as he spoke to her letting her short hair fall neatly on her head band as she soon rose from her bow to see a slight bewildered look on the blond's face as she let her soft voice be heard again.

"Hello there Naruto-san, I am Kuro Tsuchi. Kunoichi of Iwa, I am Kin-chan's onee-chan, I am here to work out an alliance with Konoha. I am thankful for you Naruto-kun, You helped Kin-chan, escape from a nightmare world, and for that I will always be thankful for you."

At those words Naruto went a bit wide eyed looking at the pink eyed girl before smiling softly and rubbing the back of his head as he bowed softly to the girl as she thanked him for rescuing her little sister. His blue eyes closed in a happy grin as he let himself be heard again.

"Not a problem, It is what anyone would do. Kin-chan is a good friend of mine. And well, I do care a lot about her. I consider her a special person, and I will always protect her. Just like all of them. And you said you are working on an alliance?"

"Yes, I am Naruto-kun, And no not everyone would save a girl or anyone from a nightmare. You are a special man and I am glad my sister found you. But I would like to talk to you about the Alliance. As you know, the Akatsuki are planning on capturing and killing all the Jinchuriki. We can not allow this to happen. Iwa...has already lost Han...The Jinchuriki of Gobi. The Akatsuki got to him before we could protect him. We found him dead...And we cannot allow anything else to happen. This has to stop. The senseless murder of the Jinchuriki and the shinobi of the villages they reside in."

At her words Naruto lowered his head another one of Kyu-neechan's family was dead and captured by these monsters chasing them down like animals. Would they stop at nothing to hurt everyone? He started to growl low as the red chakra began to bubble around him. Kuro going a bit wide eyed as she stepped back recognizing the change in the boy as the tailed beast chakra she was scared he would blame her as he let out a loud roar as his voice began to change, his now blood red slitted eyes stared at the girl as the water logged clothing on his body dried instantly the voice of the powerful Kyuubi speaking through him. The feminine demon was beyond Irate.


At the demon's feminine voice the Pink eyed female fell to her ass on the ground as the legendary Kyuubi made her presence known in the blond boy. Her body quaking lightly in fear as she heard the question of the demon and wasn't sure what she meant. Unless she meant...the other Jinchuriki of Iwa. Roshi. She took a small breath as she prepared to answer the powerful woman.

"No...Kyuubi-sama...Roshi has died as well...He left...on a journey. And We were unable to reach him, in time to save him from the Akatsuki. We managed to make sure he received a burial. But we lost the Yonbi to them as well..."

At those words Kyuubi seemed to snap lightly as she roared through Naruto again the very ground around them quaked and split lightly as the Kyuubi narrowed her eyes towards the young girl as her rage calmed lightly before taking a soft breath.

" not fear me...I did not mean for my rage to scare you...It appears that this group is after my spoke before saying you seek an alliance with this village. My sisters and brothers in the villages around the world are being captured...I will not stand idle...It appears you seek to protect us as well is this correct?"

"Yes...Kyuubi-sama...Iwa seeks to protect now. Once we lost the Jinchuriki and the large group of Shinobi who tried to save and protect them we have learned the level of evil that the Akatsuki possess. They seek to control everything. And destroy us all. Please...Kyuubi-sama you have to help us. We need help from Konoha and you to end this potential war this group seeks."

"I see...I do not sense any malice in your form...Nor do I sense falsehood in your words. I am willing to give your village the benefit of the doubt. Come child...Let us speak with Tsunade-san. She will listen to my wisdom as well. It is time...We meet the Akatsuki with power..."

At those words the Kyuubi possessed Naruto turned and began to walk towards the exit of the compound. The blonds now red eyes showing rage as the Kyuubi and Naruto was now fully in agreement, Akatsuki...must die.

To be continued...