The Pull of Gravity

As my father enters the room everyone becomes as still as statues. My mom is the first one to speak. "Love, you can't expect her to be our baby forever."

"She is only six." He manages to say thru his teeth.

"Technically, but look at her. Does she look six?"

"It doesn't mean we should let her go to High School. I know what boys her age think. It was bad enough when I had to listen to their vulgar thoughts when you went to school."

"You won't be there, but if it helps Alice agreed to go with her."

"Trust me Edward. She will be fine." Alice said with a smirk that made me a bit nervous. Alice could see the future although my future was blurry. Her going to school with me was a compromise my mother and I agreed to as long as my dad would agree to let me go.

I walked over to my dad and placed my hand gently against his cheek. Although I knew he knew my thoughts regardless. I smiled my crooked little smile and batted my big brown eyes and whispered "Please" I showed him all of the things I wanted from school. I showed him the football games, prom, friends, homecoming parades, and lockers with stickers on them, the theater filled with costumes and a bright lit stage with people applauding. I heard him sigh so I knew it was working.

I imagined my classes. World History, The Arts, I imagined laughing with my new friends. I showed him how lonely I have felt. The way I felt like an outcast and the feeling of not being enough. How I feel so out of place in a world of mythical creatures not quit ever enough.

"Fine you win Nessie, but there will be rules to follow. First you must always remember to keep the secret. You will have to hunt more frequently. You must not show anyone your gift. Alice will be in a few of your classes. If she thinks High School is too much for you or if she sees any problems for you we will move."

"Yes! You mean it Daddy I can go? " I smiled brightly.

"I will enroll you tomorrow. School has already started but I know it won't take long for you to catch up." He gave me a lazy smile.

"Yeah, we have all week-end to go school clothes shopping!" Alice squeals as she drags me up stairs to pack and to grab our pass port.

"Where are we going Aunt Ali"

"Paris, Where else, they have their fall line in full bloom and starting their spring line soon. I can't have my only niece wearing things from a rack now can I?" She said without stopping to take a breath. I knew better than to tell her I really didn't need any more clothes. It would be a scary thought to deny my Aunt an opportunity to shop. I did however roll my eyes as I opened the door to leave. This was going to be a long week-end. My mom, Bella laughed as she called after Alice. "Don't torture her too much. Oh and remember she needs her beauty sleep."

"Ha ha very funny Bella, I will be sure to pick you and Edward a little something." She winked.

If my mother could blush at that moment I knew she would. Paris was like any other road trip. I've probably have been to Paris a dozen or more times. Usually Aunt Rose comes with us but she and Uncle Emmett are celebrating their like 100th honeymoon to the Amazon. While they are there, I am sure they will visit with Nauhel and his sisters. I haven't seen them in a few years. I am sure they wouldn't recognize me if they seen me now. Hopefully Nauhel and his sisters will come back with them for a visit. It would be great to see them again. They are the only ones I know of that are like me. At least almost like me, none of them are gifted. My family says I am unique and rare treasure but I see myself as more of a freak that doesn't belong in either world. I would never say that out loud though.

After the 90th outfit Alice forced me into I was ready to leave.

"You could be a little more grateful young lady. Those kids won't know what hit them when you walk into school Monday." Alice squeals.

"Are you sure it is me they are looking at and not you" I snapped.

"Of course, I see them all staring wide eyed with drool hanging down their face all at a tiny blank spot." She says raising her eye brow in a challenge that screams you dare question my awesome gift of always being right.

"That is me a blind spot" I mumble feeling a tad bit self-conscious

"You truly are your mothers' daughter. When will you realize that you are drop dead gorgeous?"

"You tell me Alice you are supposed to know everything. Besides, you just want an excuse to go shopping with me as your life sized Barbie doll. "I say as we put our bags into our car. We sped to the airport and settled into our jet for the long flight home.

When we arrived home I was surprised Jacob was there waiting for me. He and Seth had moved Leah to UCLA in California. I thought they were going to be gone for a few weeks. I was surprised when he left. I don't remember him ever being away for more than a day as long as I have known him.

It was strange, I remember we got into this fight over nothing really and I recall needing some room away from his hovering. He is my best friend yet I was starting to feel suffocated. Then as if he too could read my mind he started to stay away. I would think that my dad had something to do with it but that never would have stopped Jake before. I asked my mother and she just sighed and told me one day I would understand. As if one day all the answers of life would flow toward me. I felt as if she was keeping some dark secret from me but soon dismissed the thought. My family never kept secrets it was impossible really.

I was surprised how much I truly missed Jacob.

"Jake, I can't believe your back." I ran and jumped into his arms and wrapped my legs around his torso as I have so many times. This time though a strong unknowing feeling crept up on me. I became a little uncomfortable. I notice a strange look slide across his face for a brief second before he pulls me into a quick bear hug and places me down onto the ground.

"I hear your going to school, No showing off you know you could probable teach the teachers. You were doing college course work when you were like what three months old." He laughed as I nudged him in the side and turned bright red.

I don't know why or how but Jake could always make me blush. I really missed him. He is like a big dorky brother always there protecting me and poking fun. He is always bringing out my completive side.

I totally love to kick his butt at chess. When we hunt I always catch the biggest or the first. Although at time I suspect he lets me win which really makes me mad.

"How is Seth and LeLee?" I asked changing the subject.

"Great! Seth stayed for a few more days."

"Reneesme, It is time to measure." Carlisle stated.

"Great, why do we still have to measure when we all know I will stop growing this year? If I haven't already." I complain.

"Please, Nessie just humor me." He asked in such a calm way I felt guilty complaining. I bit my lip and stomped over to his office. I grew 1/16th of an inch since last month. He said I may grow another quarter of an inch before I am fully matured. I felt fully matured as it was. This month alone I went from a small A cup to a full 34C in bra and I started my period. I wasn't sure about this sudden change both physically and emotionally. I wish I could say I took it well but I didn't. I freaked out when I started my period. I couldn't understand why my mom, aunts and grandmother didn't go through this. They explained that they did when they were human. I then realized there was a lot about my human side I yet to understand. I have always considered my-self intelligent but I soon discovered that there were a lot of things I still don't know. I understood vampires and werewolves even. The human side of me was still a little hard for me to understand. Charlie, Sue and Billy were the only humans I had any contact with. I couldn't visit Charlie or Sue until my age matched my body. They knew sort of but, we could not chance people talking about Charlie's six year old granddaughter that looks like she is eighteen. They come up from time to time but rarely.

Hopefully by me going to school I would learn a little more about that side of myself.