Navy Pier

Alice and Zoey came bouncing into my room waking me up from the strangest dream. My heart was racing from the adrenaline left over from my nightmare. I could only remember a black capped man with red eyes that left me wanting no needing him. Somewhere I knew I loathed him, but my body desperately needed his touch. It was one of those dreams that felt real that is why it startled me so.

"Get up! Get Up!" Alice giggled as she bounced on my bed as Zoey assaulted my closet.

I crawled out of bed and made my way to the bathroom to do my ritual routine. I stepped out of the shower and barely had my robe in place as Alice barged in. She threw my clothes at me as Zoey began rolling my hair in curlers. Alice done my make-up and I was ready to go. I spun around to see the final product and was speechless. They made me look so grown up. I really felt like a young confident woman. My hair fell in loose natural looking curls. My make-up was light yet my eyes had a tint of smokiness to it. My outfit was young yet sophisticated. I had skinny jeans, high heal boots, and a black long sleeved shirt with a white vest jacket.

We meet everyone downstairs in the Main living room. We decided to take two cars. It is just a short drive two hours regular speed, one hour our speed, and 30 minutes if we let Alice drive. We took Emmett's Jeep and of course my new car. I love my new baby. Alice told everyone that the boys would drive with Em and the girls with me.

We all loaded up in my car while Rose found all 80's music station. We were belting 80's songs and laughing at our silly antics. We song Ice Ice Baby I wasn't surprised Rose knew every single word. I think she secretly loved the eighties.

After a while Alice turned down the radio to a hum in the background.

"Okay time for girl talk" Alice sang

"Zoey, Any new prospects?" I asked trying to keep the attention away from me.

"Well now that you mention it. Seth looks mouth watering." She gushed

"Zoey" I hissed. Seth is like a little brother ewww.

"What he has a smile that is panty dropping."

Again eww. "TMI, Zoey too much information!" I laugh

"What about you princess, how was your date last night?" Zoey asked.

"It wasn't a date. I just went out with a few friends." I argued

"Yeah, Jami, Jason, and Matt, it looked like a double date to me." Alice commented.

"He is cute. You should give the poor guy a chance." Rose chimed in.

"He is frustrating" I mumbled

"Why is he frustrating?" Rose asked

"First, I swore he hated me. Then the next day he wants to start 'Fresh' goes to my rehearsal. I am not for sure to support me or watch me fall on my face. At the concert he ignored me or shot dirty looks at everyone. Then he pulls me into an impromptu dance. Then he leaves without even saying good-bye. Hot, Cold, Hot Is all guys this confusing?" I sigh

"Yes!" They all yell in unison.

Rose recovers from her giggles and stat; "It gets worse. They get possessive, moody and sappy too. "

"Yep" Zoey replies.

" I just wish he would stick to either wanting to be my friend or not."

" I wouldn't stress it lil sister. It seems you could easily have your pick of anyone you want, my brother included." Zoey announced

"What? Nauhel is just curious about me. I am the only hybrid he knows that isn't related to him not to mention the only one he knows who has a gift."

"No silly he has been drooling over you ever since we arrived." Alice said

"Is that why that dog has been growling at Nauhel lately? " Rose mused

"Rose" I chastised she knows I hate it when she talks about Jake like that.

" I would say I am sorry but we both know that I am not. He doesn't deserve you." Rose retorted as she flipped her beautiful blond hair off of her shoulders and raised a perfect eye brow at me.

"He is my best friend and a protective brother. He doesn't want anyone messing with his little sister. "

"Nessie, I see how Jacob looks at you. You are like a pull of gravity. He is naturally drawn to you. It is more than love it is destiny." Alice says timidly.

"We are here!" I squealed. I am so glad that our girl talk is done for now.

I really am excited to be in Chicago. I love the sprawl of the city, the sound of the A train and the spell of coffee and pastries and the crisp cold air tickling my nose. There is something about Chicago that makes you feel alive.

Why did I agree to go to out in public with my uncles? I thought to myself.

"We are going to the fun house first." Emmett exclaimed. He looked like he was a kid trapped in a candy story.

"Next the Farris Wheel." Zoey demanded as she bounced up and down.

We weave our way through the noisy crowd to make our way to the fun house. We made a few stops at some side shops along the way much to Alice's' delight. Jazz and Em got a pair of walkie talkies and a fart machine. They also got the goofiest hats I had ever seen. Jazz's hat was a hot pink cowboy hat. Emmet's hat read 'Bite Me and they were even nice enough to get me one. My hat read ' Jail Bait'

"Nice" of course I wore it much to Alice's horror.

"No absolutely not. It will clash with your outfit ." Alice wailed

"But it was a gift from my favorite uncles..How could i say no to Emmy Bear when he looked so excited when he gave it to me?" I pouted.

She was caving I like I knew she would. Jazz calmed her down and whispered something in her ear. She came over to me and made a few adjustments to my hair as she placed the goofy hat on my head.

Emmett, and I smiled in delight. It isn't very often you get your way when it comes to Alice and we knew it.

Jacob was somewhat quiet. However we managed to sneak away to this corner Bistro to order a huge Chicago style pizza. Jake ate two whole pizzas himself. We laughed as he told me about his trip to LA and I shared about my new friends. I was telling him how I thought Jami and Jason were soul mates destined to be together except they were both too shy to realize it. I sighed as I told him

"I hope he asks her out soon before someone else realizes how special she is."

I looked up to see Jacob lost in thought. "Is everything okay? You are starting to look sick. I told you, you shouldn't have had that last slice" I chastised him.

"I'm fine. I really enjoyed lunch Nessie. It has been awhile since we hung out. I've missed you."

"I've missed you too. Do you want to go on the Farris Wheel?" I asked.

"Hell Yeah" He yells as he gives me a breath taking smile. He laces his big warm hands around mine. It felt so right, comfortable like I was home. I felt a strange tug on my heart It almost ached. I returned the smile and we were off to the Farris Wheel.

When we arrived we saw the rest of the gang.

"Hey there you two are. We were about to text you."

"So are you ready to ride this thing?" Jacob whispered in my ear.

Of course Alice took it upon herself to assign seats to everyone.

"Jasper, myself, Rose, and Emmett will take the first one and Nessie, Jacob, Nauhel, and Zoey take the next."

We all took a group picture first. Nauhel was kind enough to drape his coat over my shoulders when we seen me slightly shiver.

"Thank You," I blushed.

Nauhel placed his hand on the back of my back to help me into the cart along with Zoey. "Thank You" We said in unison. Jacob looked offended. I wonder why he doesn't like Nauhel? I guess he's always been nervous around vampires that visited. I shouldn't expect any les. It is in his nature.

We ascended into the air. The view was breath taking. The city night lights danced across the water. The night was clear for once and the stars came out to play. I glanced over to see Zoey and Nauhel. Zoey's eyes danced with mischief and wonder.

Nauhel, Wow, I've never noticed before but he is kind of beautiful. He looks exotic. His eyes are now locked into mine. His jaw is tight and his heart is beating rapidly. I worry that he isn't a fan of heights and I feel bad for asking him to come.

"Are you okay?" I ask with concern.

"Never better" He proclaimed as he began to take in the view.

"Nessie, I read an interesting story last night about the pull of gravity." Nauhel began

"It stated that if gravity is forced it shatters." He remarks looking at Jacob as he spoke as if giving him a silent message.


"Watch." He takes a rubber ball and gently tosses it to the bottom of our cart. "Gravity is dancing with it accepting it. Now watch this." He leans over and throws it down onto the ground with a great force while we are at least twelve stories high. We watched as it shattered into dust.

"Are you crazy? Someone could have seen you do that"

"Sorry sugar it won't happen again. I assure you." He winked

I swore I heard Jacob growl. I could feel him tremble with rage. I placed my hand on his chest where I could feel his heart pounding and the heat beneath my finger tips. He began to calm under my touch. His little science experiment about gave me a heart attack. I looked around nervously to see if anyone seen that. No one seemed rattled so I just shrugged it off.

Well almost everyone. After we descended I saw Alice. The look on her face told us she seen and heard everything.

"I guess we better head back home."

It was a quiet ride home as I mused over what Nauhel had said and what exactly did his metaphor mean?

I soon drifted to sleep.