A.N.: So, I started this because I've been wanting to do a Mortal Instruments fan fiction for a while. This is my second fan fiction J My first one is a continuous shot of ClairexShane lemons that I'm still working on. So, if you've read Morganville Vampires, and you like lemons, you should read it. Oh and, of course, this will have lemons. It's inevitable. Everyone knows Jace and Clary well enough to know that they would totally go at it like bunnies. This is POST City of Glass, and it does have somewhat of a plot line that is still developing in my head as I type. I know this is short but uh…yeah. It will get better with time. Promise.

Clary awoke to a loud crack of thunder, jolting her out of bed and in a sitting position. She flinched when another loud crack of thunder sounded and seemed to rattle Luke's little bookstore/apartment/house.

She blinked her eyes a few times and wiped them with her palms, blearily clambering out of bed and groping for the bathroom door. When she was finally able to open her eyes under the harsh bathroom light, she saw that her fiery red curls were a mess and her green eyes were blood-shot.

Another loud crack of thunder sounded and shook the house so violently, Clary let out a little yelp and staggered back against the door, squeezing her eyes shut. She could imagine Jace right at that moment, teasing her. "Scared much?" He'd ask with that delicious, yet infuriating smirk.

She heard footsteps padding quickly into her room and opened her eyes to see Luke's eyes assessing every inch of her room before resting on Clary. "You okay?" He asked, concern in his features. He looked tired as well, with bloodshot eyes and a raging bed head, just like Clary.

"Yeah, I'm fine the thunder just…scared me." She smiled sheepishly and stopped clutching the door frame, then walked further into the bathroom, closing the door and assuring Luke, "I'm fine. Promise."

He sighed heavily, mumbled something, and stalked out of the room and saying, "She's alright Jocelyn. Just the thunder is all."

"Oh," came her mother's drowsy reply.

Clary scolded herself internally for being so on edge, but she supposed it was just because traveling through Idris had been exhausting, and just…everything that had happened within the past week was finally beginning to process itself.

She turned on the shower and sat on the toilet while she waited for the water to heat up. The first thing she thought about was: Jace isn't my brother. Boy, had that been like music to her ears once she had found out. The second thing was: Jace had died! But then came back because of Raziel. If she would have lost him, she didn't know what she'd do. And then the thoughts all blurred together in her head: Valentine is dead, my father is dead. My brother is dead. Max is dead. Ragnor Fell is dead. Madeline is dead. Alec came out. Isabelle is dating Simon. Her mother and Luke are together. She has angel blood flowing through her veins and has the ability to create new runes.

A part of her wanted to laugh, and another part wanted to cry. But then, knowing she had Jace as hers, sent a jolt of pure happiness through her. She wondered what he was doing now. Was he awake? Was he thinking about her?

She stepped under the hot water and sighed, reaching for shampoo. She hadn't seen Jace since last night. But most of her thoughts and dreams had been consumed by this golden god. Well, he wasn't really a golden god, that's just how she thought of him.

This time when the thunder cracked, she didn't jump, she just continued lathering her hair and thinking about what she was going to do, if anything at all today. Part of her wanted to sleep for three days, while the other part wanted to stay awake. She needed to be trained definitely.

Every time she had brought that particular subject up to Jace, he would change it deliberately. She huffed a few times to herself, but didn't argue with him on it. She didn't want to fight with him.

But then again, if she ever ran into a demon, what could she do? Scream? Draw a rune? She could be dead within seconds without knowing how to defend herself.

As she stepped out of the shower and wrung her hair out, she decided that she'd go to the Institute today and demand to be trained. If Jace didn't want to talk about it, that was just too bad, because she is not going to leave until she gets a yes for an answer.

After she dried her hair, she ran some Silk and a little bit of gel through her fiery colored ringlets of hair to make it less frizzy and more neat. The red had gone out of her eyes and you could see their nice emerald green, and her hair had actually been tamed today. She smiled, picking up her toothbrush. This was going to be a good day already.


"Coffee," Clary mumbled to the cashier at Starbucks, trying to shake the rain off of her. He sat there just staring blankly at her. She was starting to get frustrated. Was there something on her face? What was wrong with this guy? "Hello? I said I'd like some coffee!" Clary snapped her fingers in front of his face, causing him to snap immediately out of his trance.

"Right. Uh…" his cheeks flushed. "Coffee, coming right up. Three sixty-five please."

Clary handed him a five, got her change and went to wait for it with crossed arms. When she'd told her mother and Luke she was going to the Institute, all they'd said was to be careful, bring a blade, and an umbrella. Luke shoved two fives in her hand and told her to stay out all day. She really didn't want to question him about that.

"Coffee. Black." The barista slid it up and towards the customers on the granite, where Clary grabbed for it and decided not to have it black, "like her soul" today. She added lots of cream and sugar before opening up her umbrella, pulling up her hood, and stepping out into the heavy rain.

She sipped at it gingerly as she walked the rest of the two blocks to the old abandoned church that was really the Institute. She looked up at its high gothic structures before pushing open the doors and closing her umbrella. She felt at home almost immediately when she was greeting by the warm, rainless interior. The candles were lit, meaning they were home, or at least someone was.

She walked up to the elevator and waited for it to go down to her level before it opened, lacking a cheery ding she thought ought to be added to it, and then carried her upwards to the Institute. She sipped at her coffee again and looked both ways down the hall as she hung her coat up on the hook.

There was no one in sight, but if she listened just enough, she could hear life. People moving around in the kitchen or in their rooms. Her jeans rode low on her hips and hugged them and her black zip up sweater exposed about an inch and a half of her slim hips. She pulled the hood down and shook her hair out, feeling for frizz but finding none, she set out in the direction of Jace's room.

"Meerroww." Came a sound at Clary's feet. She jumped a little and looked down, sighing and smiling when she saw it was only Church. She swallowed her sip of coffee. "Hey Church, where's Jace?"

The fat gray Persian started leading Clary down a short series of hallways before they stopped in front of a room with a square glass door. She heard grunting inside and tiptoed to see through the glass and saw a flash of golden hair. Jace.

She pushed the doors open just in time to see Alec get knocked against the wall and breath in heavy pants, glaring at Jace. "Geez, no need to be so rough."

"Why Alec I thought you--" Jace trailed off as he followed Alec's gaze to Clary.

She smiled at Alec and then looked at Jace, who was assessing her so closely it made her flush and sip nervously at her coffee. "That will be all for today Alec." Jace's face lit up into a warm sultry smile as he walked towards Clary and put his warm hands on her shoulders, causing electricity to flow through-out her body.

She gazed down at his rock hard abs and golden chest in admiration as he looked at her hair and her hips. Oh god, her hips. Those hips, he held in a groan.

"Hi." he said, pulling her in for a hug.

Clary relaxed immediately and hugged him back. "Hey," she smelled Jace and a little bit of sweat, which pretty much set her body on fire. She should have gotten a frappuccino. She hugged him back before he pulled away a little bit to press his lips softly to hers.

She smiled against his, thinking of when he'd told her he loved her. "I love you." She whispered, wanting to say it to him. Just because she could.

"I love you too, Clarissa Fray." he smiled wider and pulled her in for another long, heart melting, pulse racing kiss. When his tongue started to trace her bottom lip, Alec gagged. "Okay, I am so getting out of here."

"Good. No one said you had to stay anyways." Jace smirked and watched Alec as he left, then looked back to Clary, "Now, where were we?" He pressed his lips more firmly against hers, his tongue thrusting into her mouth as he pushed her against the wall and pressed his warm body against hers. They stayed like that for what must've been at least ten minutes, intoxicated by one another's presence as they embraced each other with a crackling fiery passion that was just begging to be let loose.

When Jace and Clary started moaning together, she realized that she wanted more, but she had to say what she'd come here partly for first. "Jace?" she broke away, breathing heavily.

"Yes, Clarissa?" he said huskily, sending a jolt of heat between her thighs. He nipped at her jaw, then her neck, then started to kiss it and lick it.

"Ahh, umm," he was utterly distracting her. "I need to ask you something…seriously…"

He pulled away, sounding a bit concerned, "What is it Clary?" He asked softly, playing with her hair and gazing into her emerald eyes with his golden tawny ones.

Clary took a moment to gather her wits before she said, "I want to know why you keep avoiding the subject of my training whenever I bring it up."

Jace's hand fell, along with the burning excitement in his eyes as he gazed so deeply into her eyes, she felt her nerves flare and light up.

"Tell me." She said softly, not able to make her voice much higher. She knew now, this was a somewhat sensitive topic for him, why? She was about to find out.

A.N.: So, I hope that isn't too much of a cliffy. There will possibly be a lemon in the next chapter. Anything else…? Hmm…oh yeah, I wanted to do this right after COG. Everybody always skips ahead to when Clary had already been trained and stuff. I wanted to be different J