Side Note: The purpose of this side note is to inform the sexually squeamish that I'll be as graphic as I want. It's my story; if you don't like it, go read some fan fiction about two marshmallows 'creating friction' together.

Jace paced the linoleum tiles that lined his bathroom in the Institute, running a hand through his silky golden hair. Clary laid sprawled back on his bed looking up at the ceiling, her green eyes following the ceiling fan as it went in slow circles. Finally, he entered the room and stopped near her, "We can never do that again." He said fore surely, nodding his head.

Clary sat up and propped herself up on her elbows, raising her eyebrows at him. "Never ever," she agreed at last when he looked like he might screech at the top of his lungs, though she could never imagine someone like him doing that.

It'd been about three weeks since they'd had unprotected sex and nothing had happened yet. They'd gotten the morning after pill for her, along with spermicidal condoms and birth control. She'd also just taken a pregnancy test and, of course it had turned out negative.

She still couldn't shake the feeling of him inside of her and, though she would never tell him directly…she would do it again and again. But deep down she did know, and scolded herself for—wanting to go without. He was right; they couldn't do that again. At least, not until they were married, otherwise Luke would kill him.

No, torture and kill him. And at that thought, Clary felt a white hot rage rise in her chest. If that were to happen, how dare he—Luke, who was like her father—rip her boyfriend to shreds, then put him out of his misery? If that ever happened she would…

Push back grief and do the same to him. Oh, who was she kidding, she couldn't do that—not to Luke, anyway. But some part of her was becoming more confident a woman—less like a teenage girl, and along with that she was becoming more self-confident.

It was a somewhat drastic change from how she'd been a few months ago. Especially everything with Sebastian and Valentine, and way before that, her mother being kidnapped—even worse, was all that scratching and thumping and hissing she'd experienced.

Oh, and those weird hobbit demons that had came for her at Pandemonium that night a few weeks ago—it was a scary but distant nightmare, one she couldn't bring herself to fear anymore.

"That's it, that's all you have to say? 'Never ever,'" Jace repeated with his hands on his hips, going to stand in front of her. "Clary, we were irresponsible. You could have—gods—you could have gotten pregnant and then…I don't even know what!" He threw his hands up, amber eyes wide.

Clary came out of her dark, yet light brimmed thoughts and flicked her eyes onto him, tilting her head to the side. "Jace, aren't I the one that's supposed to be lecturing you for being irresponsible?" She asked, smirking a little when he sighed and slumped down next to her in utter exasperation.

"Yes, you are. Lecture me Clarissa, lecture me." He said and fell onto his back in resignation, doing the same thing as Clary had been and followed the blades of the ceiling fan going around in smooth circles. It was almost tiring.

"I can't Jace," Clary said in a sigh a few moments later, "because oddly, for once, you weren't the one that was irresponsible. It was me." She said, thinking about that prospect for a moment.

Why had she done it? Her, Clarissa Fray, the fiery-haired teenage…girl—the one who created runes and hit Jace on the back of his head when he made perverted jokes. After a few moments of deep thought, she found her answer; white-hot lust.

"So we're never, ever doing it again…" Jace said, sitting up to lean on one elbow, looking up at Clary who was playing with the strings of her hoodie.

"Never." Clary consented, deciding not to dwell on the fact that she did want to be reckless with Jace. Then again, the idea of being all big and pregnant was sobering. Slowly, she smiled and met Jace's eyes, which started to smile right back at her.

She had the feeling that neither of them really knew what was so funny, so when they were both laughing and falling back onto the bed together, their legs twining along with their fingers, they didn't question it.

And not too long after that, their heads were both rested against his pillows, and Jace had their hands out to their side, tracing the lines of her palm with his slender fingers. "You're so warm," he whispered softly, his smile growing along with Clary's, "and soft. And beautiful…"

Clary felt her smile soften and played with the silky strands of his hair, her mind whirling. It wasn't often Jace was sweet and affectionate like this with her, unless they were in private—which was quite often but, they'd been having a lot of sex and a lot of sleeping (which was something that should definitely be expected when Jace was as sexy as he was).

"Jace I—" he cut her off and smiled softer, pressing a lone finger to her lips.

Clary chuckled softly and studied him, then leaned forward and kissed him slowly, her lips pressing onto his, eager underneath the surface. "Jace," she half giggled, half chastised when his hands went low on her hips and slowly skimmed up, bringing her shirt along with it.

"Jace stop it, that—" she burst into a fit of giggles, looking up through slightly lidded eyes at the ceiling fan to try and concentrate on the heat that was starting to tighten in her abdomen.

His lips were at her stomach now, brushing against the warm bare surface and, just for a moment Clary dared to look down and had to bite her lip at the blazing gold of his eyes. "Clar-ee," he crooned slowly, his tongue just about to edge out of his mouth and past his lips when the door suddenly swung open.

Jace flew back so fast he rolled off the bed, and Clary—her pale cheeks tingeing bright red—sat up as fast as she could and pulled her shirt down, brushing her wild hair back to meet a pair of narrowed ice-blue eyes.

"What's going on in here?" Maryse asked, raising a pretty eyebrow at the both of them when Jace sprung up from the floor and stuffed his hands in his pockets.

"I ah—Jace and I were um," Clary blushed even deeper, blubbering a little as her mind frantically searched for some witty excuse that would explain why Jace would be…down there.

Jace, of course, smiled nonchalantly at Maryse and shrugged, "I was teaching Clarissa here anatomy, of course." He took a hand out of his pocket to gesture to her.

If Clary or Jace thought Maryse would walk away in disgust or roll her eyes at Jace, they were wrong. "Jace Herondale!" Maryse exclaimed, getting close enough to him within seconds to reach out and snatch his ear.

"Ow!" He exclaimed but didn't make a move to get away—Clary could tell he wanted to. She was almost tempted to run and hide in the bathroom, for some reason. Well no, it was Maryse; she was scary when she was mad.

"You will not do such things in my home!" Her voice was getting colder by the second.

Jace winced, "Okay fine," he held his ear when Maryse let it go and held it. "All have you know, this is also an Institute here. I'm sure a lot of Shadowhunters have had—"

Maryse gave him a threatening look that shut him up and made him sneakily find his way to Clary's side where she sat cross-legged on the bed. There were a few moments of awkward silence until Maryse sighed and shook her head, "I just wanted to inform you that there's going to be a ball in Idris tomorrow. Short notice I know but, we've got to celebrate unity somehow, I suppose."

Clary looked up through her eyelashes as Maryse in the way that she said it—like unity was a bad thing, but said nothing. Instead, she let Jace do all the talking until finally, they were alone.

She looked up at his pensive face and tilted her head at him, "What is it?" Clary asked, intrigued as to what he could be looking so thoughtful towards. The ball? A shower? Pouncing on her again? Okay, it was consensual, but still.

He met her eyes suddenly and flipped out his phone, typing something in real quick then looking at her. "I'm hungry. Let's go get some food."

An hour later Jace, Clary, Magnus, and Alec were all awkwardly squeezed into a booth at Burger King with their trays of food crowding the table. Magnus squirmed a little and looked at Alec, who made a face, "Why are these booths so close together, my knee is like—"

"In my personal area," Jace said stiffly and turned himself sideways to eat.

"I feel like a spectacle, everyone's staring at me." Magnus said, first looking curiously at the Whopper meal on his tray, then around the restaurant at the mundanes.

"Maybe that's because you look like a disco ball," Jace commented sardonically, his mouth stuffed with most of his first whopper, his hands holding the second one.

Alec glared, but soon was sharing sly grins with Clary when Magnus put a hand to his heart, like he'd been paid a great respect. "Why, Jace Herondale, I think that's the sweetest thing you've ever said to me." He batted his glitter covered eyelashes at Jace, who rolled his eyes.

Clary hiccupped and laughed softly, nearly choking on her food at first. "Cut it out guys, there's a reason he asked you two to come here besides to trade barbs with each other." She nudged his shoulder and he looked back at her from where he was facing.

"Ahh, right," he held up a finger and finished chewing. "There's a ball in Idris."

There was a long pause in which Magnus and Alec traded looked of amusement then looked back at Jace. "The point being…?"

"The point being that I don't trust some of the Downworlders." Jace finished, and seemed absolutely satisfied at the fact that both Alec and Magnus frowned.

"Well, I'm sure he's not referring to you, Magnus," Clary added genially.

"Actually, I am. Only partly, but it's the others that I'm worried about." Jace said, turning his face away, disguising it as eating again but Alec knew him better.

"It's the Seelie Queen, isn't it?" He asked with and amazed smile. "Jace, that stuff…well, Clary was there. Sure, she's basically the queen of all…" he seemed to be searching for a word.

"Deviousness? Clever plotting? Torture?" Magnus added helpfully, picking at the wrapper like it was a bug. Clary seemed engrossed in watching it; it was entertaining.

"I was going to say evil, but those work too." Alec said, bobbing his head a bit with a smile that seemed to grow when he looked at Magnus.

Jace looked over at Magnus with a look of distaste then back to Alec, "I don't like it though, Alexander. She's ah…"

"Shady," Clary offered distractedly.

"Yes, shady. Exactly. Along with all the others. What if they're planning something, what if they…know, you know? What if they know?" He jabbed a finger at Clary between his arm and his body.

Alec started laughing, which snapped Clary and Magnus away from their small bubble of entertainment to look at him in confusion. "I think someone…has gone," he took a deep breath between laughs, "a little loopy. Over-protective, paranoid boyfriend." He pointed at Jace.

"What? No!" He said, his eyes widening.

"Like that's any secret," Magnus said, rolling his eyes.

Jace glared at him, "Can it, rainbow boy." His golden eyes flicked at the floor, then to Clary who was smiling shyly at him, her cheeks a little pink. His hand found hers under the table.

Magnus rolled his eyes, "You know, it smells like ass in New York, I think I know the source."

"Pollution?" Alec asked, looking both curious and confused.

"No," Magnus said, a grin spreading across his face, amusement glinting in his eyes, "Jace."

Jace squinted at Magnus, recovering quickly, "Are you sure that's not your butt leaking, Magnus?"

"Guys!" Clary exclaimed with her mouth open in astonishment, her hand leaving Jace's and thwaping him on the back of his head.

Magnus chuckled, "That was a good one Jace, very good." He didn't look even partially offended, to Clary's surprise, so she lowered her hand and took his again.

She sighed in resignation and shook her head, "Seriously though Jace, what is the deal with you and that ball?"

He shook his head, "Just the idea of so many Downworlders together in one place is kind of like raising a huge flag and saying, 'Come cause trouble!'"

"I'm sure everything will be fine, Jace." Clary said, resting her hand on his back reassuringly.

Jace sighed and faced forward when Alec and Magnus scooted out of the booth. "Now if you'll excuse us, we have some business to attend to."

"TMI, Magnus." Jace rolled his eyes, but smiled in amusement at the brashness.

When they left, Clary's eyes followed them slowly then she turned back to Jace, "There's something you're not telling me," she accused, narrowing her eyes.

"No idea what you're talking about, Clarissa," Jace said coolly, wrapping his arm around her small frame, pulling her close.

"Jace, honestly. I tell you everything," she said pleadingly, "the least you could do is at least tell me what's going on. I know you found something out, now what is it?" She took his arm from around her shoulder and scooted away, trying her best to give him a firm look.

Jace gave that devilish smile of his that made her heart flutter in her chest, but it slowly faded into something serious. "Those things that tried to attack you the other night…they are um…they were sent purposely for you."

Clary gave a jolt, her eyes widening as she turned her body more towards his, squeezing his bicep. "How do you know that, Jace?"

"Let's just say it took a whole lot of rope and threatening." He said, looking away for a moment.

"Rope and threatening," Clary restated blandly, raising an eyebrow at him. He nodded and looked towards her, his topaz eyes soft on hers.

"I have to protect you Clary, no matter what." He reached out and gently cupped her cheek.

She was silent for a few moments then pressed her lips chastely to his, "As long as you don't get yourself killed trying." When it came down to it, no matter how much she could beg him not to or scold him for doing stupid things for her… Clary knew that Jace would be Jace. And Jace was, if anything, suicidal.

The next thing she knew, she and Jace were back at the Institute. She took a step into the elevator, and felt his hand wrap around her wrist and jerk her around. His hard body was suddenly up against her, pinning her to the wall.

His mouth came down on hers, hot at first, then slowly turning desperate. His hand tugged impatiently at her shirt, and he made a low noise in his throat. "Clary—" he started huskily.

Clary groaned, barely aware of the elevator, her legs wrapping around Jace, her head tilting up to him as his tongue snaked into her mouth slowly, his hands sliding up her shirt and resting on her waist, squeezing.

His hips pressed onto hers and rolled once against her inner thighs that made her entire body go warm. Her hand flashed out and smacked the emergency stop on the elevator before it could finish its ascent, and earned a groan of approval from Jace.

She could already feel him through the fabric of her jeans, and suddenly felt winded and empty, her walls clenching against themselves, void. He pulled back and fumbled with the button on his jeans for a few seconds, and then stroked himself.

Clary watched, her eyes turning a dark jade as he hitched her further up on the wall and discarded his shirt onto the floor. He pulled in a deep breath and set her down to place his hands on her thin t-shirt and fist in his hands. She looked up at him, dazed and breathing heavily, then gave a soft yelp when he tore her shirt in half and helped her shimmy out of her jeans.

"Jace," she said incredulously, cut off when his lips came crashing down on hers again, his tongue snaking into her mouth to caress hers in such an explicit way she was sure she would think about it for months after.

When he pulled away, he cursed and licked his bottom lip. "Clarissa," he said aghast. She blinked at his bleeding lip in confusion. Had she done that? Cool, she had always wondered how that happened on movies.

She looked down at his length and then grinned slowly, looking up to meet his eyes. He chuckled after a few seconds and then growled and finally, he pressed against her. Her hand traveled up his midsection, feeling the muscles moving under his skin, responding to her.

Clary exhaled blissfully when she felt his throbbing length press against her nub for a moment, teasing her, and then slip down to her entrance. Every part of her body tingled in response. Her toes, her legs, fingers, arms, somewhere deep inside her stomach and even her scalp.

The feeling of him sliding into her was something she hoped she would never get used to, because with each inch he pressed further, she felt a part of her smolder. A deep shudder of pleasure rippled through both of them when he was sheathed completely inside of her.

Jace rocked against her and moaned, reaching between them, his hands sliding greedily over her smooth skin. She laid her head back against the elevator wall and arched toward him, her hands sliding up to his shoulders to squeeze them and pull them closer, her heat pulsing and aching for him to move faster. The air that surrounded them was thick with lust and humid with their breath.

"Oh my god," Clary groaned aloud and bucked against him, her wetness spreading between the two of them, so abundant that she could hear him slapping against her when he thrusted harder, growling in his chest. His eyes met hers for a hot second, and they blazed right into hers. "Jace..." she said breathlessly and wrapped her legs tighter around his hips, her hands on his back moving down, passing over rolling muscles.

She heard him cry out, and even though it was loud, she heard it very faintly, too enamored in the feel of him. "God yes," he whispered into her ear, moaning desperately. "Do it again, please," he pressed her into the wall, and thrusted faster.

Clary yelped and then melted into bliss when her stomach muscles contracted, her walls growing so tight around him she was surprised he wasn't feeling pain. Actually, he seemed to be enjoying it. "Do what?"

"Your nails," he breathed arching back a little, "scratch me," his lips parted in ecstasy when she trailed her hands up his back again, and dug her nails into his back with a curious look into his eyes.

When he bucked harder she moaned and did it again, until their bodies were dewed with beads of sweat, both of them flushed and panting, beyond words. "Oh, oh!" Clary cried out when she felt a sudden rush of head flood into her abdomen, triggering a sweet, long intense orgasm in which she heard Jace groan long and low, and something quite warm...

"Oh yes," she shuddered and rocked onto him with a renewed fervor, able to feel his release shifting around inside of her. They had done it again, and she knew she should care, but couldn't bring herself to.

"Clary, Clary, Clary," he shook her shoulders a little, but it was no use. She could hear him, but she didn't plan on pulling away anytime soon. She looked at him and kissed him hard, bucking forward hard enough to have him lose his balance for a moment, and then lay down on the floor of the elevator floor and look up at her, amazed.

"Clary," he said again, softly, his eyes roaming over the curve of her waist, her breasts, the way her wild and fiery hair cascaded down her back, curly and untamable.

Her teeth glinted white as she grinned down at him, a seductive one. "Jace," she purred and pressed her hands against the muscles of his chest and rocked back again. Her tongue darted out to lick her lips, and he stared at her in disbelief. Her walls clenched around his again, a hot, warm knot building in her belly again.

"You're still hard," she said, like he didn't know it. And he didn't, not until she rocked way back, and he grunted and felt his stomach tighten at the sight of their bodies meeting. Clary looked down and hummed at their fluids and the sight of her walls stretching over and over to take him into the hilt. She hummed with satisfaction, feeling extremely full.

"Clary," he said, again, for what he felt was probably the hundredth time. His hands went up to caress her breasts, and then fall to her hips, helping her rock forward. When she suddenly lifted herself up and slam herself back down, he cried out in shocked pleasure.

She looked down at him, eyes lidded and made small, desperate noises and she rocked back against him, slow at first, but faster once she found her rhythm. It was like there was some kind of greedy sex monster inside of her, urging her to keep going. And that's what she did, and with every rock, she felt that knot grow even more and become white hot, until her walls were clenching tight again.

"Come with me, Jace," she begged, still sweating lightly along with him. He groaned and she could tell he was trying to hold back. She arched back and started moving against him faster, crying out his name until she felt so hot and warm that every muscle in her body seemed to explode with ecstasy.

"Fuck," he breathed and squeezed her hips, then gave a long long moan and growled as they both rode out their orgasms, left panting against each other, sluggish and satisfied.

"Mmm," Clary leaned down and pressed her lips to his, then gave him a seductive, devilish grin. "Gotcha," she whispered, and moved off of him slowly, moaning at the loss, and shakily to pull on the remnants of her clothing and press the emergency button again to put the elevator into motion.

Jace was already behind her, his teeth grazing against the crook of her neck, his hands sliding up her abdomen. She leaned against him and giggled. "I really hope you have a shirt for me, because there is no salvaging this one."

As the elevator doors opened, he laughed and moved away to stride out and wink back at her. "And that was my intention. Good thing no one is home at the moment, all of New York might have heard that," he reached for her hand and pulled her out, the doors sliding shut smoothly behind them.

Clary ended up in one of his old white t-shirts, sitting in the kitchen with him eating old take out. Every so often she got a wiff of him from the shirt and looked up at him, where she would catch him looking at her like he didn't quite know her.

"Okay, what is it?" she asked finally and set the chopsticks down inside of the carton, crossing her arms over his chest. She looked at him trying to figure out what to say, and felt so endeared by him.

He shook his head, "Clary, you could get pregnant... and you don't seem worried."

Oh, right. That. Clary nodded slowly, "Don't worry about it, I won't be." That was really all she could say, even though taking one of those Plan B pills wasn't a precaution. She knew this wasn't her, this horny, wild sex kitten that wanted to risk it.

And Jace caught onto that, "Clary... this isn't you. What's up?" he frowned now, eyes searching hers, trying to figure her out.

"I guess..." she sighed and pushed the carton away. She was so not hungry anymore. "I'm just tired of worrying Jace, about anything. When we're together, sex or not, everything seems to melt away. In our little world there's no crazy brothers or faerie queens with ulterior motives. Just us."

He let out a slow breath and nodded, "Okay... I understand. But I'm putting my foot down, that is the last time we go unprotected," he looked down at his food with distaste, and she laughed, because he seemed a little regretful. She threw her empty water bottle at him and he caught it, and they both laughed together and rolled their eyes.

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