Warnings: Dialogue mostly. Groping. Presmut. Russia and France in the same room. You know the deal.

Characters/Pairings: France ;; Russia, France x Russia, mentioned Russia x China, France x England

I blame HikaruRouge for this.


Francis had been waiting for England. A long time. In his bedroom in New York City. Another spectacular UN meeting would be even better if the Englishman would have come to bed with him. But the damned wanker was taking too long doing whatever… So Francis had gotten up, donned a nightshirt, and went down the hall.

He had had an encounter. Of the Russian variety. Sexual tension was definitely flying between the two Nations.

"Oh, Iggy will not be pleased when he hears me flirting with another…"

The Frenchman tried to slip away. Ivan stopped him.

"Kolkolkol… tell Iggy that he now has competition..."

Francis shuddered. "It's not like he would mind, the little minx. I'm sure he would want to get in on it…" he was now feeling the upper hand. Not that it mattered much to Ivan.

Speaking of Arthur… Francis looked around, and then dashed off from the situation to look for the … but Ivan pursued him. It was silly to have to chase after someone who wanted it as much as he did…

Francis couldn't run anymore. As the Russian neared him, he tensed, and then relaxed some, "And they thought I was a one-Nation Nation. Nope. Oh well... Iggy doesn't have to figure out… All right, mon cher Ivan... I'm here."

Strong arms wrapped around him, "Yay!" the Russian exclaimed.

Francis was at once… embarrassed? Flustered? "Now, now, Ivan… you're getting a little… feisty…"

Ivan chuckled, "I'm not the one playing hard to get, kol kol…"

Francis wanted jump out of the Russian man's arms, but thought better of it. Instead, he began patting the Russian's coat sleeve, "Of course not, mon amour. And I am ready to give myself to you if that is what you truly want..."

Francis spotted Arthur and wrenched away from Ivan, "Although, not while I'm seducing Arthur..."

Ivan pouted, but stepped back to give the blonde some space: "You're such a player! Fine... I'll go see Yao-Yao then, he'll pay attention to me!"

Francis smiled wickedly as he went to get closer to the Englishman, "You do that and call me when you get bored..."

Ivan blinked, "Wow... what an open relationship we have…"

Francis blinked and turned to the Russian, "Ouais. It's good that we do, cheri…"

Arthur had seen both Russia and France at that point and had headed for the hills, it seemed. Francis sighed. Ivan came up behind him, "Oh you... What am I gonna do to... I mean... with you?"

Francis grinned seductively, "I can think of many things we could try, cheri…"

Ivan grinned, "How exciting, da?" he asked.

Francis blanched, "N-Non… I mustn't. Say hello to Yao for me… I'll say hello to Iggy for you…"

Ivan grabbed his collar, "Oh no you don't."

"Quoi? Cheri… M-Merde, I had forgotten how strong you were, Vanya…" Francis said, panicking lightly. "D-Do you have a plan for this, are we just winging it?"

"Winging it is more fun, da?" Ivan asked, spinning him around to face him. He was quite rough about it, as well.

"I… I guess you're right…" Francis replied.

Ivan placed his hands under Francis shirt, causing the other to gasp lightly. "Dare I quote a Korean, Francis?" Ivan asked.

"I… I'd rather become one with you, cheri…"

"Da?" Ivan asked, pushing his hands right over Francis's belly button. Francis couldn't help but hiss as Ivan began running his hands back down the other way. "We can make that happen, dahlink," he whispered.

He pulled him toward the emptied room Francis had just left that night to go find England. But it wasn't England Francis found, now was it?


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You have Hikaru Rouge to thank for this.