Wretched Revenge

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Kingdom Hearts characters. Ho-hum.

Warnings: Yaoi, OOCness, Rape

Spoilers: If you haven't played KH2 there are Organization XIII people in my fic you probably won't know.

Pairings: (can rape be considered a pairing?) Axel:x:Roxas:x:Riku

Plot: Cloud raped a boy named Sora two days ago. Sora's friends have decided to seek retribution by kidnapping and raping Cloud's little brother, Roxas. Sorry, Roxas, seems like you've become a victim of wretched revenge.

Part I

He was cold, a shudder passing though him as he tried to shift his arms into a different position. They were bound behind him tightly with some sort of cloth, handcuffs clasped firmly over the fabric. Another cloth covered his eyes, tied securely behind his head in a crisscrossing pattern. His bare skin was exposed to the cool air of the silent room, the boy wishing when he had first woken up in his current predicament he had thought twice before tossing off the sheets and blanket that had covered him. He had panicked, who wouldn't have? He couldn't remember anything, had he been at a party? Had someone slipped him something in his drink? Everything was fuzzy, and the fact that he was tied up on a cold bed didn't help him clear his mind any. Time seemed to stand still as he listened to the silence, trapped in the dark, and just as Roxas thought he was about to go crazy he heard the click of a door opening.

Two sets of footprints echoed through the room, one stopping before reaching the bed and saying softly, "He's just a kid…"

The other continued forward, pressing a knee into the bed and touching Roxas' side, the boy jerking away from the stranger's hand. "I know; he's Sora's age. It's fitting, don't you think?"

"Are you sure you want to do this?" The first person asked again, "He's not the one who hurt Sora, his older brother is."

"Cloud…?" Roxas breathed, the boy above him hearing his words.

"Yes, Cloud." He leaned closer, asking, "Did you know your older brother raped a boy just about your age two days ago? You two could have been classmates, friends even. Your brother's a twisted fuck. Sora would never hurt anyone, he didn't deserve what happened."

"Axel," the figure standing back said softly, "do you think doing this will make up for what happened to Sora?"

"No…but I want Cloud to understand what it feels like to have someone you care about destroyed."

Oh god they're going to rape me! Panic rushed through Roxas, his pulse pounding in his ears. But there's no way Cloud would have done something like that, he would never rape someone, let a lone a boy my age… The hand he'd flinched away from before was suddenly back on his side, rolling him over roughly to lay flat on his stomach. Roxas turned his head towards the weight beside him, breath coming hard as he tried not to hyperventilate, "W-wait, please, I-"

"If you want this to be as painless as possible I'd suggest shutting the fuck up." The boy above him said harshly, twisting and saying over his shoulder, "Riku, if you're not going to do this then stop standing there and get the hell out already."

A heavy sigh came from the other boy, footsteps walking towards the bed then around to the other side, weight planting itself on the opposite side of Roxas. "I think you're going to regret this…"

"Not as much as Cloud will when he sees his little brother in the same condition as the boy he raped." Axel grit his teeth, hissing, "It'll be like he did this himself."

Riku was silent. Axel's hand pressed into Roxas' back, the younger boy swallowing hard and waiting for what would happen next. Finally, Riku spoke, "He didn't do it like this. Sora said that at first it was consensual, that he was gentle, but when he got scared and tried to back out Cloud wouldn't let him."

"This is punishment, not a date, Riku." Axel hissed, moving his hand down Roxas' back and cupping a cheek. Roxas inhaled and squirmed, reflexes causing him to fight his restraints and squeeze his eyes shut as a shudder shot through him. This couldn't be real, this couldn't be happening…

Riku reached up and planted a hand on Roxas' shoulder, asking gently, "Have you ever been with another guy before?"

Roxas was shaking lightly, hands clenched into fists, "N-no…"

Riku must have given Axel a look because the other boy said, "What, you want me to go easy on raping him?"

"Sora wasn't a virgin," Riku replied, "He would have at least been half-way prepared for what happened."

The other boy scoffed, getting up off the bed and walking across the room, a drawer opening and then slamming shut loudly. "Unbelievable…"

"You heard Sora, Cloud didn't hurt him that badly physically. His head and heart are what's really fucked up right now…"

"Then why do you want me to go easy on that bastard's brother?"

"Exactly," Riku said, sighing as he took the small jar Axel had retrieved from the dresser and unscrewed the top, "this is Cloud's brother, not Cloud. This boy's as innocent as Sora was. Let's not hurt him any more than we have to."

"I knew you wouldn't be able to keep your bleeding heart out of your head, you're so-"

"Shut up…" Riku said with a glare, handing the jar back to Axel after scooping some lube onto his fingers, rubbing them together to warm it slightly. His long hair tickled Roxas' back as he leaned into the boy and whispered, "Relax, okay?"

"Hn..." Roxas bit his lip as Riku reached down and up, fingertips pressing against his entrance and slowly spreading the lube across his skin. It was weird; it made his muscles tense and his heart pound, a sick feeling washing over him as the reality of the situation hit him. He'd never fooled around with a girl and had barely passed kissing with a guy; this was way more than anything he was prepared for. He didn't want his first experience to be with someone he didn't know, bound and blindfolded like a whore. His breath hitched as Riku pressed the tip of a finger inside him, fighting his every instinct to force himself to relax. The older boy slipped his finger a bit further inside him, stretching him slowly; the lube making the process much easier on the young blonde. Smoothing his palm along the curve between his cheeks Riku added another finger, scissoring them to stretch the boy further, the corners of Roxas' eyes watering from the strain.

Axel, who had been watching in silence, sat the jar of lube on the nightstand then stood from the bed and began stripping off his clothes. He retrieved the keys to the cuffs from his pants pocket then returned to the bed, watching his best friend prepare the blonde-headed boy he'd kidnapped for his upcoming nightmare. "I'm gonna untie you now," the red-head said, "Don't do anything stupid while your hands are free." He reached down and unlocked the handcuffs before untying the blonde's wrists, letting the younger boy lower his arms to rest beside his face, hands fisting the bedcover desperately as he squirmed against Riku's fingers.

"He's too scared to do anything stupid, Ax." Riku said to the other boy, "You're going to have to be gentle with him, he's super tight."

Sighing, the other replied, "I'll go easy on him the first time, alright? Make sure he's gonna take it okay and I'll handle the rest."

"Your name's Roxas, right?" Riku asked, the blonde boy nodding, still biting his lip as the older boy continued to stretch him. "I know you're not going to like this, but I want you to feel something, okay?"

Roxas' heart thudded loudly in his ears. "…w-what…?"

"This…" Riku curled his fingers, hitting something inside Roxas than made him cry out and arch away from the older boy's hand. A wave of heat washed through him, shoulders shaking as he tried to hold still. "That's it, you felt that?"

"Yeah…" Roxas whispered, panting slightly. It hadn't been bad, it had felt…good. He didn't know what it was or why he'd had such a powerful reaction, but his toes were still tingling from the sensation.

"Don't fight back and it can be good… I know that doesn't really help you any and I know you'll fight back anyway, but I thought you should know."

He's trying to help me. The thought stayed in Roxas' mind, the blonde taking in Riku's words and repeating them inwardly as a mantra. It won't hurt as bad if I'll relax…

Axel looked over at Riku, green eyes meeting ice-blue, and Riku nodded to him as he pulled his fingers from the blonde between them. Roxas whimpered, the red-headed boy pulling the blonde to all-fours, standing on his knees behind him. "If you fight me I'll tie you to the headrest, you understand?"

Roxas took in a shaky breath, nodding, elbows and knees trembling where they were pressed into the mattress. Riku sat up and moved towards the head of the bed, crossing his arms over his chest and locking eyes with Axel. He returned the pale boy's gaze for a moment then returned his attention to the boy before him, reaching up and grabbing Roxas' hip in a firm grip. The blonde boy was truly attractive, Axel already half-hard as he slid his fingers across the younger boy's smooth skin. Under different circumstances he might have enjoyed this, but though this was revenge for what had happened to Sora Axel wasn't exactly thrilled at the idea of raping someone. This was vengeance, a necessary evil; he couldn't just let Cloud get away with what he'd done. Unfortunately, Roxas had gotten caught up in the middle.

Axel's fingers made their way down Roxas' body, dipping low and finding his entrance, pushing two fingers inside and listening to the younger boy whimper at the invasion. Riku was right, he was virgin-tight and Axel could easily do some serious damage to the boy. He pulled back, using the lube coating his fingers to slick his arousal, cock coming to life at his own touch. It still wasn't quite enough to get him going… "Riku," he said, looking over at his best friend, "Kiss me."

"It's good to know you can't get a hard-on over raping little blonde boys." The silver-haired boy smirked, leaning forward as green eyes glared at him threateningly.

"Shut up." The older boy murmured, pale pink lips ghosting over his own. A sigh escaped the red-head's lips as they kissed, Riku reaching down and taking Axel's hand from his erection and replacing it with his own, kissing the taller boy harder and beginning to stroke.

Despite Roxas' fear he couldn't help but listen to the two boys, their breath, the sound of them kissing, their movements against one another. It was…hot, the younger boy's face heating up as he felt Axel's hand on his ass, squeezing a cheek absently. In some sick way Roxas wondered how much of this he would struggle against and how much of it he would enjoy. He knew it would hurt but the way Riku had make him feel when he hit that spot still reverberated through him. He wanted that feeling again, even if this wasn't his ideal choice of how to receive it. As the boys behind him parted he heard Riku say softly, "It's his first time Ax…"

The red head smirked, asking, "You want me to make it good for him before dealing out the punishment?" Riku nodded, pressing little kisses to Axel's throat. The older boy sighed once more then said, "Alright, but after this I'm not going to be gentle. You know why I'm doing this, Riku."

"I know." The other boy replied, settling back at the top of the bed and watching expectantly. "Give me a good show."

Axel laughed softly, taking Roxas' hip in one hand and guiding his throbbing, hard arousal to his entrance with the other. The blonde shuddered, the head of Axel's cock pushing into him slowly, pain shooting through him as he was stretched even further than before. He bit his lip and clenched his fists, tears dampening his makeshift blindfold. It hurt a lot, he didn't know how he would be able to take it all in, but Axel pushed nice and slow, waiting for those muscles to relax when the younger boy tensed. It seemed like a small eternity but finally the red-head was fully inside the blonde, the boy squeezing his eyes shut and clenching all his muscles together. It burned, it hurt, it throbbed; everything Riku had told him fading to the back of his mind. He couldn't do this, he couldn't handle it. A whimper escaped his lips, a nice bruise forming where he had bit himself so hard.

Axel exhaled, keeping himself still and looking up at Riku, "He's gonna cut my circulation off if he keeps this up."

The other boy smiled wirily then bent down, pressing his hand over one of Roxas' quivering fists. "Hey, relax… Listen to me, you need to relax. I know it hurts…"

Roxas whimpered again, tears slipping down his cheeks from under the blindfold, "I can't…"

Riku hesitated a moment, catching Axel's eye, then dipped his head down and pressed his lips to Roxas'. The blonde gasped, pulling back from Riku which succeeded in pushing back further into Axel, the boy whimpering again. "It's okay…" Riku soothed, putting a hand on the blonde's cheek and pressing their lips back together. Roxas trembled, then after a few long moments he tried kissing the older boy back, his mind torturously turning from the pain to the softness of Riku's lips. Muscles slowly began to relax, Riku kissing Roxas gently, one hand on his cheek while the other moved down to his neck. While the blonde was distracted Axel pulled back slightly then pushed into the boy, Roxas crying out as the pain returned full-force. The red-head didn't stop this time, building an unhurried yet steady pace and waiting for Roxas to adjust to his shallow thrusts. Riku helped distract him with kisses and smooth, gentle touches to his face and shoulders, and then suddenly the pain wasn't there anymore, only a thrumming discomfort. Riku pulled away from Roxas and nodded to Axel, and then the green-eyed boy began to really move.

A heat slowly built inside of Roxas, it bubbled up from someplace deep and grew every time one of Axel's thrusts almost hit that spot. Every time the older boy brushed so close to that fire inside him, just barely missing it, his whimpers gradually turning into soft moans. The older boy's breath hitched the first time he heard the blonde beneath him let out one of those soft little moans, face flushed from his movements and the heat of the friction between them. Every muscle twinge, every breathy moan, every time Roxas clenched was setting him on fire. Watching Riku kiss the boy had done nothing but turn him on more.

Riku watched, noticing the way Roxas was beginning to moan, a flush gracing his cheeks, and he said to the younger boy, "Lift your hips a little bit more and arch your back. It'll feel better."

Roxas hesitated but followed the other boy's words, inhaling and lifting his hips slightly, lowering his shoulders towards the bed so his back was arched. The next time Axel thrust into him white light exploded behind Roxas' closed eyelids, a cry of pleasure ripping from his lips. "Fuck…" Axel whispered, pushing into the younger boy again and eliciting the same response. "God, that's so hot…"

"Yeah it is." Riku said, more to himself than in a response to Axel, the pale boy stripping his shirt off and leaning back against the headboard to watch again.

The blonde boy arched his back further and tried to hold still as the boy above him increased his pace, lightning shooting up his spine as his sweet spot was stimulated. He was moaning uncontrollably, precum leaking from his cock, too swamped with pleasure to be embarrassed about the fact that he was turned on by his rapists.

Riku was touching himself through his jeans, watching with half-lidded eyes. He always loved watching Axel, but something about the intensity of the situation made it that much hotter. He unbuttoned his jeans and slipped them down his legs, pulling his erection from his boxers and smearing his precum down the length of his shaft. Axel looked over and caught his eyes, the red-head licking his lips and moaning as he watched his friend touch himself, thrusting into Roxas. "Nn, Riku…"

The silver-haired boy laughed softly, moaning ever-so-slightly. "Like what you see?"

"You know I do." The other replied huskily. "Why don't you take care of that?"

"I've got a better idea…" Riku shrugged out of his jeans and boxers, tossing them off the bed before moving to Roxas. Axel stilled for a moment and watched his friend, the boy lifting Roxas to his knees so that the blonde was sandwiched between them. He was panting; his cock hard and throbbing, cheeks flushed dark rouge as Riku pulled the younger boy's arms around his shoulders and leaned in to kiss him. The red-head watched the two for a moment, licking his lips appreciatively as they kissed, before he began to move again. Roxas moaned against Riku's lips, the silver-headed boy reaching down between them and taking the blonde's length in his hand. A shudder passed through the younger boy, panting as the other pulled his lips away, whimpering at the body heat and combined actions of the boy behind him and the boy in front of him. It was almost too much for him to take.

The fire between them built; Roxas crying out as Axel found that spot again, Riku taking both of their erections in his hand and rubbing them together sensuously. The blonde moaned and panted, letting the older boys have their way with him, sensations flooding his senses with lust, musk, and need. He felt like he would burst into flames at any moment, white light forming in the back of his sight. All at once it was all too much for him to take, moaning loudly and crying out with each thrust and hand-stroke. "I… I can't…"

"You almost there, Ax?" Riku asked, looking over at the red-head.

The older boy shuddered at his friend's breathless tone. "Yeah, you?"

The silver-haired boy made an affirming noise, looking down at Roxas who was whimpering, precum coating Riku's hand. "I think he's ready too."

Axel gripped Roxas' hips and thrust hard, the younger boy practically screaming, Riku moving the hand wrapped around their cocks faster than he had before. The blonde writhed between them, arching against the boy behind him and squeezing his arms around Riku's neck. "N-no, I can't… I can't! I-" Riku covered the younger boy's lips with his own, Axel thrusting hard one more time and sending Roxas over the edge as he filled him with liquid fire. Roxas moaned into Riku's mouth, hot, wet cream shooting across both of their chests as he came. Ice-blue eyes closed as he continued to kiss Roxas, moving his hand over the younger boy and himself until he too was tumbling over the edge. He came violently, cum shooting up to Roxas' shoulder and face as he moaned in release.

Panting, Axel pulled out of Roxas, the blonde boy falling forward against Riku who lowered them slowly to the bed. The younger boy was panting hard, shuddering against the other boy's chest, hands still wrapped around his shoulders. Riku looked up at Axel, the red-head sighing and leaning down to his friend, kissing him gently. The silver-haired boy moaned lightly and kissed him back, saying as they parted, "I think we wore him out."

"As soon as I catch my breath we're going to get started for real, I don't want him to be missing for long. I want to send a point, not get thrown in jail for kidnapping."

Riku watched his friend, and then said, "You can't tell me you dislike him, I can tell you do."

Axel scowled. "He's attractive, but this isn't about my liking him or not, it's about Sora. I went easy on him like you asked; he's nice and stretched now." At Riku's frown he said firmly, "I'm not going to hold back any longer. Playing with him is not a punishment!"

"Okay, have it your way." Riku replied, disapproval in his tone, looking down at the blonde against his chest. "He's innocent, Axel, and you were his first. Just don't forget that." He sighed, running his fingertips over the blindfold. "Can't we take this off of him now? He listened to our every word; he's not going to run."

Axel shook his head, looking away from Riku's gaze. "I don't want to see his eyes while I'm doing this."

"You mean you don't want to see him cry." The other boy retorted, green eyes turning to glare at him.

"Shut up."

Riku let out a long sigh, stroking a hand down Roxas' back soothingly. The blonde was trying to catch his breath, listening to the two boys talk silently, wondering exactly how rough Axel could be. He doesn't want to see me cry? He wants Cloud to pay for what he did but he doesn't want to hurt me that badly… Hesitantly Roxas moved his hands from Riku's shoulders to his chest, fingertips stroking against his warm skin shyly. Riku doesn't seem like he wants to hurt me at all… The boy shifted beneath him, reaching up and running a hand through the blonde's messy spikes. "You okay, Roxas?"

"Hn…" he replied softly, fingertips trailing down Riku's side.

"It's gonna be rougher this time," Riku said, looking from Roxas to Axel's shimmering eyes, "Just remember to relax and it shouldn't be too unbearable, alright?"

Roxas squeezed Riku slightly, almost afraid of letting go, but nodded his affirmation. Axel reached down and took his wrist, pulling him sideways so he was laying on his back looking up into the darkness. "Okay then," the older boy whispered, Riku shifting away from them towards the headboard, "Let's begin."

Like I said, OOCness. Axel's not that much of a jerk-wad and I don't think Riku's necessarily so concerned/motherly. Cloud you bad, bad boy! Look what happens when you rape little boys (which is obviously not very Cloud-like), your little brother has to bear the consequences of your actions! For shame! -tisks- Then again…that is rather unlike Cloud, even Roxas thinks so. Is everyone completely sure Cloud's the one who raped Sora? Sora is, after all, rather traumatized at the moment. Could there have been some kind of mistake? And how exactly did Axel manage to kidnap Roxas in the first place? What exactly is Axel planning on doing to Roxas, and for how long?

More Wretched Revenge to come, with explanations and more smexing/rape-age! (Sorry, Rox; I'll get you some pain killers for in the morning! Forgive my strange, twisted muse; she insisted on me writing this!)

I do NOT approve of rape. I don't think rape is funny or right in any way, and I also do not think rape can be considered enjoyable in any way (unless it's BDSM/role-playing)! I wrote this as a purely fictitious fandom. I hope everyone knows and/or realizes that.

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