Wretched Revenge

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Warnings: Yaoi, OOCness, Rape

Spoilers: If you haven't played KH2 there are Organization XIII people in my fic you probably won't know.

Pairings: Axel:x:Roxas:x:Riku, Axel:x:Roxas, Riku:x:Sora, Reno:x:Demyx

Plot: Cloud raped a boy named Sora two days ago. Sora's friends have decided to seek retribution by kidnapping and raping Cloud's little brother, Roxas. Sorry, Roxas, seems like you've become a victim of wretched revenge.

NOTE: As I said before, I do NOT approve of rape. I don't think rape is funny or right in any way, and I also do not think rape can be considered enjoyable in any way (unless it's BDSM/role-playing)! I wrote this as a purely fictitious fandom. I hope everyone knows and/or realizes that. :x:Myou:x:

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Part XVI - Epilogue

Cloud smiled, looking up at Zack from where he was laying against his chest. The dark-haired boy was reading, his violet eyes skimming across the pages intently, his breathing steady and even. The blonde boy watched him for a moment, and then decided he wasn't getting nearly enough attention from his fiancée. With an impish grin he bit the boy's shoulder, growling playfully. Zack looked over at him from his book with a raised eyebrow, a smile across his lips. "Does my little minx want to play?"

Cloud laughed softly, turning his grin into a pout. "You've been reading all night! I thought we were going to cuddle…"

The older boy sighed softly, setting his book on the side table before rolling over and wrapping his arms around the other boy, Cloud grinning and curling up against Zack's broad chest. "Better?" the older boy asked, the blonde making a contented sound against him.

"It's always better when you're holding me," He said, looking up with shining blue eyes, Zack's heart skipping a beat. No matter how many times Cloud looked up at him like that it never seemed to lose that effect; the younger boy able to stop his heart with a mere look. He was enchanting. The blonde looked at him, smiling happily, and then looked down at his hand, spreading his fingers and admiring the platinum band wrapped around his ring finger. "I still can't believe you proposed to me…" He looked back up at Zack, beaming. "I was wondering if you were serious or not. I thought you might have just been teasing me."

Zack laughed, leaning in and pressing a gentle kiss to the other boy's lips. "Of course I was serious. I've never loved anyone the way I love you. I want to be with you forever."

Cloud blushed lightly, smiling again. "You'd think I'd be used to your flattery after a year together."

"Nah, there's some things that you never get used to." Zack said, running a hand lovingly through his fiancée's soft blonde spikes. They shared a look for a long while, and then Cloud lifted himself up on his elbows and leaned into Zack, pressing their lips together again.

"I love you, Zack." He whispered softly, trailing his fingertips across the other boy's chest.

Violet eyes shimmered as the dark-headed boy replied, "I love you too, Cloud."


Naminé sighed, rubbing her eyes and blinking down at her laptop. She was almost finished, almost done writing her novel. Her editor had been emailing her encouragements all afternoon, rooting her on. Roxas had called her as well, her best friend putting her on speakerphone so that he and Axel could chant a little writer's cheer, Sora and Riku echoing them in the background. She hadn't been hanging out with them as much lately, she'd been enveloped in finishing her novel. Her story. The story of her life. And the love that she had once had, but had lost. She had changed the names, of course. She didn't need everyone knowing it was anything more than fiction, after all. Roxas had seemed to pick up on several things, being as how he was one of the characters in her book, but he hadn't said anything. He'd just smiled knowingly, and continued to read her drafts. He had almost helped her as much as her editor had, and Axel and Demyx were working on the illustrations for the book-art. Everyone was coming together to help her conquer her novel, and with their support and friendship fueling her, her muse had finally allowed her to complete the six-hundred plus pages that it had taken to tell her story. It was a tragic fairy tale, and it was all hers, to share with the world.

Her laptop chimed, alerting her of a new email. It was her editor again, asking her if she needed anything else to help her finish her masterpiece. She giggled, feeling herself blush lightly. He was so sweet and charming, and charismatic. He brought out a part of her that she hadn't experienced in what seemed like centuries…not that she had been alive that long ago. But even a few years devoid of all hope and love could make time stand still. She wasn't sure if she really had a crush on the older boy, but she knew that he made her feel different. Like a piece of her that had been missing was finally starting to mend itself and become whole, even though the missing piece would never return.

She thought for a long moment, and then placed her fingers atop her keyboard, eyes darting across her laptop as she continued to write. Her love tragedy was coming to a close. And maybe, just maybe…she would find a way to write a sequel about new beginnings.


Roxas gasped as Axel grabbed him, the younger boy squealing as the taller boy picked him up and spun him around, bursting into uncontrollable laughter when they came to a stop. He shoved his boyfriend's shoulder playfully, the red-head grinning down at him and reaching up to grab his chin, planting a kiss on his lips. Roxas looked up at him, star-struck for a moment, before sticking his tongue out and running off. "I bet you can't catch me again!"

Riku shook his head at the two noisy boys, stretching out across the grass, the sun warming his skin. Sora was watching the other couple running around with a wide smile, sitting Indian-style next to his boyfriend. Riku looked up at him, then reached over and rubbed the back of his hand across Sora's leg, the brunette looking down at him and taking his hand gently. "Thank you for the picnic," the younger boy said, "It was very sweet of you."

"It was Axel's idea too," the silver-haired boy said, glancing over at the blonde and the red-head running across the field nearby. "We knew you and Roxas were itching to get out of the city."

Sora looked up into the sky, eyeing the fluffy white clouds high above and trying to figure out what shape they reminded him of. Ice-cream maybe? Or cupcakes. He couldn't decide. A warm breeze soared across the field, the sweet smell of lilac and daffodils filling the air, the brunette closing his eyes and savoring the scent. He loved the countryside, away from the bustling city and the stresses of high school. It felt like a whole different world here.

Movement caught Sora's eye, the brunette looking over at Riku, who had sat up beside him, watching him affectionately. The younger boy blushed at the intensity of his gaze, time seeming to slow down as Riku reached up and brushed his bangs away from his eyes tenderly. "I'm glad you're happy, Sora." He said softly, leaning in and kissing the younger boy softly, nuzzling him before pulling away.

Sora giggled, a blush highlighting his cheeks. "Of course I'm happy. I'm with you."

Riku chuckled softly, leaning in once more. They kissed, their lips moving against one another's gently, Sora making a soft sound when Riku wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled him closer. The older boy drew away a moment later, looking down at the boy in his arms, grinning at his uneven breathing. "Later tonight, love. You just wait."

Sora's face turned crimson, the brunette looking away, a shudder passing across his shoulders. "Riku," he whined softly, "Don't tease me like that…"

The older boy chuckled, pulling the other boy close and nuzzling his cheek, planting soft kisses down his neck. "You think I'm teasing?"

The younger boy swallowed nervously, "But what if…it's like last time…"

"You weren't ready last time," Riku said softly. "But now, I think you are."

Sora nodded, looking up at the other boy. He trusted Riku, and he wanted to be with him. He wanted the other boy to touch him, and pleasure him, and make love to him…but his healing process seemed to be taking longer than he thought it would have. Roxas and Axel had been sleeping together for over a year now, but he and Riku…they still hadn't made it all the way. The silver-haired boy didn't seem to mind taking things slow, but Sora felt guilty that he wasn't able to give his boyfriend every part of himself. In his heart he was Riku's, but his body still seemed to resist. The last time they had tried to take that final plunge Sora had experienced a small panic attack, and had been extremely embarrassed about it ever since. He wanted to be with Riku, he did. He loved Riku. But the last boy he had been with had been Cloud, and then Zell…and those memories still rose up in his nightmares now and then… It was true it had been a couple of months since he and Riku had almost slept together, and Sora did feel a lot more relaxed now…so maybe tonight…they really would be able to…

The blush heating his face seemed to draw his boyfriend's attention, Riku chucking again and kissing his cheek. "Don't think about it too much," he said gently, "If it happens, it happens. Don't psych yourself out about it."

Sora nodded, wrapping his arms around Riku's neck and burying his burning face against Riku's shoulder. "I want it, I do…"

"I know, Sora," the older boy soothed gently, "I know…"

Axel and Roxas watched the other couple talking together with soft smiles, standing together amidst a grove of clover and daisies. Axel had random flowers twisted in his hair, the blonde boy absently working on adding another daisy to his fiery locks while watching their friends embrace. "Riku is so good for Sora," Roxas said softly, Axel smiling and looking down at the younger boy, "I'm so glad that they're happy."

"And you?" Axel asked, green eyes watching him tenderly, "Are you happy?"

Roxas tugged the lock of hair in his hand gently, searching the older boy's eyes. "I am happier now than I have ever been in my entire life."

The red-head smiled down at him affectionately, nodding. "Good. It makes me happy, knowing that you're happy."

"Very happy," Roxas emphasized, standing on his toes and pushing himself up against the other boy, connecting their lips in a deep kiss. Axel wrapped his arms around the other boy, holding him tightly, the warm summer breeze whisking across the fields carrying flower petals along with it. The blonde boy pulled away, laughing and tugging at his boyfriend's hair. "Want me to unbraid you?"

"Yes please…" The red-head droned, sighing in relief.

The blonde boy giggled, biting his bottom lip and saying, "But, it's so cute…" Axel looked at him with worried eyes, wondering if the other boy was serious or not, before Roxas reached up and began untangling the flowers from his hair. "Well, I guess I'll spare you the torment of my brother harassing you about looking like a damn hippie."

"Oh god, I can hear him now." The older boy said, rolling his eyes. "I'd never hear the end of it."

Roxas cleared his throat, saying in a deeper tone than normal, "Well, now I know for sure Roxas is the top in the relationship. Axel's just a sissy flower girl."

Axel laughed, changing his voice as well, "I never did believe Axel when he told me he was the dominant one in the relationship. Any brother of mine's the top, for sure!"

The blonde boy burst out laughing, pulling the last of the daisies from the taller boy's long red hair. "And the sad thing is, Cloud knows I'm the bottom, because he's the bottom too!"

Axel shook his head, "Your brother will never stop harassing me about that…"

Roxas grinned, and then said, "Well, you have to admit, that one time you were letting me experiment around is the only time he's ever walked in on us."

"Yeah, yeah…" Axel replied, waving his hand, a light blush across his cheeks.

The blonde boy took his hand, pulling him back towards the picnic. "Come on, we should head back soon. Naminé said she was going to meet us for dinner after she finished her last chapter!"

"Ah yes, the celebration of a novelist completing their first work," the other boy said, following after the younger boy, "I'm sure it'll prove to be one hell of a party."


Demyx exhaled slowly, flicking the butt of his cigarette into the nearby storm drain and returning to his sketch. He'd been sketching his red-headed studio friend constantly for the past few weeks; Reno sleeping, Reno eating, Reno laughing… The dirty-blonde sighed, shaking his head. It had been a whole year now and he still hadn't been able to wrap his finger around what exactly he felt for Reno. The boy reminded him of Axel, and the time they had been together as lovers, but something about Reno felt different. There was a definite, unmistakable attraction between them, but Demyx couldn't make heads or tails of it. Riku had told him to just tell the other boy how he felt, but he didn't even know how to describe it. Hey, Reno. I know we've been silently flirting for months now, and I just wanted to know, do you like me enough to date me? Or would this be more of a one-night stand sort of deal? Fuck-buddies would be cool too, but yeah, just some sort of answer would be nice… Demyx sighed heavily, reaching for the pack of cigarettes in his back pocket, retrieving one and sticking it in the corner of his mouth. Why was everything always so difficult? He had a great job, great friends, and he was perfectly content to be by himself…but every time he was around Reno there was this nagging feeling in the back of his mind. Something that told him how much better everything could be if he and Reno were together, all of the things he was missing that Riku and Sora, and Axel and Roxas had… Things he wanted…and missed…and craved more than he allowed himself to realize. Hell, even Cloud was with Zack now, and he didn't think that blonde guy would have ever found his true love. So now, somehow, he felt left out of the whole happy-go-lucky-cuz-I'm-in-love circle. It sucked feeling like you were the third (and sometimes fifth, or seventh) wheel. He looked back down at the sketchpad before him, fiddling with the charcoal pencil between his fingertips. There was something there. Something he was missing. He wanted, needed, to find out what that something was.

"What are you doing out here?" a familiar voice asked, Demyx quickly shutting his sketchbook and looking up at the other boy.

"Nothing, just taking a smoke break."

The tall, lean, red-headed boy smiled at him, offering him his lighter. "Kinda hard to smoke when you keep forgetting your light."

Demyx patted down his pockets, sighing when he realized the other boy was right. "Damn it, this always happens…"

"Well, luckily you've got me," Reno said, a teasing look in his eyes when Demyx glanced up and met his gaze, "And I'm not going anywhere."

Demyx stood there for a moment, trying to determine as he always was if the boy's words held another meaning. Often the older boy would say something that could be taken out of context to mean something closer, something more intimate… Demyx had never dared to ask for fear that his curiosity was actually nothing, therefore scaring off the other boy. Not that Reno seemed to be that easy to scare off, but Demyx had irrational fears nonetheless. The fear of losing a close friend…

The other boy could tell Demyx was lost in thought, the dirty-blonde's eyes trailing off to the side as if following an invisible train of thought. Reno put his hands in his pockets, grinning around his cigarette, and then said, "You know, sometimes I wonder if you hear anything I say at all."

This caught the younger boy off guard, blue eyes looking up immediately, "What do you mean?"

Reno reached up, taking the unlit cigarette from Demyx's mouth as he had so many times before. Normally he would light it himself, puffing at it for a moment to savor the different flavor of tobacco the younger boy smoked, and then hand it back to him with a teasing smile. But this time, it was different. The red-head pulled his cigarette from his own lips as well, holding both his stick and Demyx's between two long fingers, the other hand reaching up and cupping Demyx's face. He leaned closer, smiling secretively. "No, you never hear anything at all, do you…"

The dirty-blonde's heart twisted strangely, pulse picking up, watching as Reno leaned closer, and closer, and closer… Before Demyx realized he was doing so he had moved forward to meet the older boy's lips, clutching his sketchpad and shaking slightly as the red-head responded, pressing back against his lips and taking a step forward, pulling the blonde against him gently. Demyx whimpered softly, his whole body catching fire with that kiss, a soft sound escaping his parted lips as Reno pulled away, the older boy watching him with gentle eyes. They stood there looking at one another for a long moment, and then Reno chuckled softly, pulling back and lighting Demyx's cigarette, puffing at it silently. He handed it back to the younger boy, the boy taking it from him and returning it to his lips.

The older boy reached over, pressing his thumb to the corner of Demyx's mouth, adding softly, "…or maybe you were listening after all."


Cloud ducked his head under the warm water pouring out of the showerhead, reaching for his shampoo and lathering it into his messy blonde hair. Zack had already taken his shower and was busy making some snacks for the party, the whole house engulfed in the smells of various flavors of hot-wings. Cloud smiled, grabbing his soap and rubbing it across his shoulders and chest. He loved Zack's cooking; everything he made was always extremely tasty. He'd really lucked out in finding a guy who didn't care to cook dinner and help clean up around the house, and that loved him of course. That was always a plus. He quickly finished his shower, rinsing off before turning off the water, pulling back the shower curtain and grabbing a towel from the rack on the wall to dry off. Zack walked by at that exact moment, whistling appreciatively. Cloud laughed, shaking out his hair and wrapping the towel around his waist. He retrieved his ring from the stand beside the bathroom mirror, returning it to its place around his ring-finger, looking down at it and admiring the craftsmanship. Zack had it custom made with his name and Cloud's intertwined on the inside. Together forever, the other boy always by his side... His heart was fluttering with butterflies at the mere thought of it.

"Come taste this when you're done getting dressed," Zack called from the kitchen, "I want to make sure that this mild batch isn't too hot for the girls."

The blonde boy rolled his eyes, smiling. He knew Zack just wanted to make sure that there was a batch with just the right spiciness, the way Cloud liked it. He always made at least one thing especially for Cloud. Pancakes with blackberries and blueberry syrup, jalapeno-cheddar stuffed sausages, a grilled-cheese sandwich with American, pepper-jack, and provolone with the crust cut off… The blonde chuckled to himself, walking into the bedroom and throwing together an outfit for the get-together tonight. He was so pampered. And he totally loved it.

He pulled on a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt, layering with a short-sleeved shirt and grabbing his keys and wallet. He stopped in front of the mirror just long enough to dishevel his hair, and then joined his fiancée in the kitchen. Immediately he could pick out the fire-hot blend, inhaling sharply and coughing to clear his lungs. "Wow, you're going to make someone's tongue bleed with that stuff!"

The darker boy grinned over at Cloud, saying "It's for Paine, believe it or not. And she loves it. If I make it any milder she won't stop whining about it."

"That girl…" the younger boy replied with a long sigh, looking over the different trays covering the kitchen counter. "So this one's buffalo, and this one's mild, and…what's this one?"

"Ranch," Zack said, "Special request from Sora and Naminé. I thought I'd accommodate them, being as how it's a special night and all."

"Oh wow, it looks really good," Cloud looked up at the other boy, smiling, "I'll have to try some later! Remind me, okay?"

"Okay, dear…" the older boy replied, violet eyes watching him affectionately.

Cloud blushed, captured in his gaze. Zack took a step forward, lifting the younger boy's chin and connecting their lips gently. It was spicy from the sauces Zack had been taste-testing, but to Cloud the kiss couldn't have been sweeter. He was so happy, and so in love. And nothing would ever darken his heart again.


When the boys returned to the studio Roxas went straight to the kitchen, Sora following after him. He had promised to make Naminé tiny hotdogs in sweet sauce, and cheese dip, and rice. He put the brunette on rice-duty, the younger boy scooping out the rice with a determined look on his face and pouring it into the rice-maker before adding water. Roxas was busy making sweet sauce and slicing the ends of the tiny hot-dogs so that they curled up like tiny octopi, Sora gasping and watching with amazement. "Aww they're so cute! I always wondered how you did that…"

"You've never made little octopi before?" Roxas asked in disbelief, "Cloud taught me how to do this when I was little. We used to make all sorts of things; curry, and rice-balls, and sushi…"

"Sushi? I love sushi!" Sora beamed, "Can we make sushi sometime? Will you teach me how?"

"Sure," the blonde replied with a laugh, the bubbly brunette clapping excitedly then returning to his duties as rice-maker. Over the next hour or so they made several different dishes, spreading everything out across the kitchen table with plenty of room to spare for the other snacks their friends would be bringing to the party. The doorbell rang a few minutes later, Riku walking across the living room to the door and letting in their guests. Tidus, Yuna, and Paine were the first to arrive, bringing nachos and several different types of drinks. About ten minutes later Marluxia and Zexion showed up with cupcakes and cookies. Aerith followed right behind her fellow artists, bringing home-made apple and cherry pies. The next chime of the doorbell was Leon, who brought home-made lasagna, which Axel immediately began harassing him about.

"Mafia-esque guy, who never cooks, somehow knows how to make home-made lasagna…" The red-head put his finger to his chin, the older boy cocking his hand on his hip and raising an eyebrow. "What's next? You going to make me an offer I can't refuse?"

Leon couldn't help but crack a smile at that comment, shaking his head and reaching over to ruffle the other boy's hair. "Such a brat…"

Aerith laughed softly from the corner, Leon glancing over at her with a smile. The girl blushed lightly, looking away, playing with the bow at the end of her long braid. Axel looked between them, noticing their exchange, and then walked off towards the kitchen with a knowing grin on his face. Roxas looked over his shoulder as Axel walked over to him, the blonde boy smiling up at his boyfriend while stirring his cheese dip. "I added some chopped up pepperonis and some ground turkey, it's nice and chunky now."

"Mmm, let me try," Axel said, reaching for a tortilla chip and dipping it into the sauce, bringing it up to his mouth carefully and taking a bite. The blonde boy watched the red-head's expression, searching for any sign of dislike, smiling happily when his boyfriend nodded and made a pleasant sound, taking another big bite. "This is really good, Roxas! I'm impressed!" He took another chip and dipped it in the mixture, offering a bite to the younger boy. The blonde laughed, opening his mouth and allowing the other boy to feed him, chewing and making a sound of appreciation.

"Not too bad if I do say so myself," the blonde replied, picking up the bowl of cheese dip and moving it to the middle of the table, "I think Naminé will approve."

The doorbell rang again, Riku rising from his place beside Sora on the couch and trotting over to the front door of the studio, opening it and allowing Cloud and Zack inside. The silver-haired boy instantly freaked out, drawing everyone's attention. "What is this? What…Cloud!" Sora got up from the couch, racing across the living room to his boyfriend's side, the brunette gasping excitedly. "Roxas!" Riku called, "Get in here, quick!"

Zack was chuckling softly as he walked into the kitchen, carrying several trays of hot-wings, a wide smile across his face. Roxas looked up at him questioningly, but Zack just motioned towards the door, placing his snacks down on the large table. The blonde walked out of the kitchen, turning around the corner of the living room and stepping towards the door. He immediately saw Cloud standing there with an embarrassed smile across his face, the older boy being gawked at by Riku and Sora. "Oh, wow, I'm so happy for you!" the brunette said excitedly, Roxas walking up to the brunette's side and looking up at his brother.

"Hey little bro," the older blonde said, grinning down at him, a light blush across his cheeks, "Sorry I didn't tell you sooner, it just happened a few nights ago…"

"What are you…" Roxas looked down, following Riku and Sora's gaze, and instantly noticed the shimmering platinum band wrapped around his brother's ring-finger. Everything suddenly clicked. "Zack proposed?" he exclaimed, Cloud nodding, his blush darkening ever-so-slightly. "Oh wow, Cloud! That's great!" He took his brother's hand, admiring the sparkling ring. "It's so pretty, wow…"

Zack peeked around the corner, stepping into the hall and leaning back against the wall with his arms crossed leisurely across his chest. Axel was at his side, patting the dark-headed boy's shoulder, "Congratulations, man. You guys are great together."

"Just wait until the day you ask Roxas," Zack said softly, looking down at the red-headed boy, "It's life-changing, Axel. You'll never be the same."

Axel swallowed nervously, looking over at his boyfriend. Propose? To Roxas? The red-head laughed, sighing and trying to steady himself against the rapidly swarming butterflies in his chest. He hadn't really thought about taking things to the next step with Roxas, after all getting married to another boy was still a rather new concept in society, but now that he thought about it he wasn't opposed to the idea. After all, he did want to be with Roxas forever, and the younger boy did seem to appreciate shiny things…

The gaggle of gossiping boys made their way into the living room, sitting around on several plush chairs and the couch, Marluxia, Zexion, and Aerith joining in on the excitement about Cloud and Zack's engagement. Leon stepped up to the blonde boy after a moment, Cloud looking up at his friend, the darker man nodding and patting him on the shoulder. Cloud smiled up at him, rubbing the back of his head and nodding in return. He hesitated, then turned and looked over his shoulder towards the kitchen, catching Zack's eyes. He and Axel were talking softly, watching their friends from across the room, the two boys smiling back and forth. He wondered what they were talking about, was it him? Or was it Roxas? He chuckled softly, sighing and looking over at his little brother, who was sitting at his side admiring his ring.

Roxas held his brother's hand gently, pressing his fingertips against the smooth platinum, his eyes shining. His brother was going to be married! To Zack! That meant Zack would be his brother-in-law someday. He laughed softly at the thought. Zack, who he had once fooled around with, was going to be his other brother. Oh well, what was in the past was in the past. He knew Zack loved his brother with all his heart. They were so good together. He wouldn't have it any other way. "Have you set a date yet?" Roxas asked, Cloud shaking his head lightly.

"No, I haven't even thought about that yet…" the older blonde lifted his hand, looking down at the band on his finger thoughtfully before looking back up and meeting Roxas' eyes, "Maybe you can help me plan it, little brother. I would really like that."

"Of course I will!" Roxas said excitedly, clasping his brother's hand. "I'm just so happy for you Cloud. I'm so happy…"

They looked at one another affectionately for a long moment, and then the doorbell rang, the boys turning to look towards the door. Axel moved from his place at Zack's side to open the front door for their guest of honor, Naminé peeking her head around the corner as the red-head opened the door with an unmistakable smile across her face. "Hi guys! Sorry we're late! I had to rewrite the last chapter three times before it was perfect!"

"We?" Roxas asked, looking over at Riku and Sora. The two boys looked at one another then back at Roxas, Riku shrugging and Sora shaking his head. The blonde got up from the couch, moving to greet his best friend, Naminé laughing and wrapping her arms around his shoulders and jumping up and down with excitement.

"I'm so thrilled!" she cheered, hugging Roxas several times before she finally pulled away, "My book's finally done! I can finally see the illustations for the cover art, and I could smell the cheese dip from the car!"

"Did someone say illustrations?" Demyx asked, his voice echoing into the living room from the long hallway leading back to the side entrance of the studio. The dirty blonde appeared a moment later, laden down with several plates piled high with delectable hotdogs. Reno was right behind him with a large bowl of chili, following dutifully behind the younger boy, a package of hotdog buns dangling between his hand and the large bowl. "I'll show you what we've got Naminé, I promise, but can we eat first? I'm starving!"

"He's not the only one," Reno said, the dirty-blonde looking back at him and scowling, Reno cracking a smile. Naminé laughed, and replied, "Well alright! Everyone dig in! No need to wait on me!"

"But of course we were waiting on you!" Sora said, walking over to the petite girl and giving her a hug. "This is your party! We couldn't start without you!"

Naminé giggled, Sora pulling her into the kitchen, Roxas turning to see Axel talking softly to a boy at the front door, a boy he didn't recognize. Axel let the stranger into the house, walking with him to the living room, Zack saying hello as well before he and Cloud disappeared into the kitchen to grab a plate. Roxas stepped over to his boyfriend, the red-head and the strange new boy looking down at him. "Roxas, this is Shiloh."

"Nice to meet you," the boy said, his golden eyes sparkling with a hint of red, "Naminé's told me a lot about you all."

"Shiloh?" Roxas asked quizzically, and then remembered something Naminé had said about how her editor might be coming along to the dinner party… "Oh! You're Naminé's editor? She's talked a lot about you as well!"

The taller boy nodded, smiling. "I can't thank you enough for all of the help you've given her in finishing her novel. It's been inspirational to see her work come to a brilliant conclusion."

"We were glad to help," Axel said, nodding in return, "I hope she likes the painting and sketches we've put together for the book art, Demyx and I worked hard on them for her."

"From the way she's described your work I'm sure they're excellent," the other boy replied, his shaggy white hair framing his golden-red eyes as he smiled.

Roxas watched the newcomer with a curious gaze, glancing towards the kitchen to see Naminé was talking to Zexion and Aerith, laughing and munching on tiny sweet-sauce octopi. She had never mentioned how charming and handsome her editor was. He wondered if it had something to do with her past, the lover that she had lost several years ago. Maybe her heart wasn't able to allow another in, for fear it may be broken all over again. He could understand that. It had taken him a long time to truly forget the hatred and anger he held for Axel, and Leon, and Zell. Though he loved Axel with all of his heart, they had experienced their share of fights, just as any couple does in a growing relationship. Each time, his frustration at the situation had turned to his dark, hidden anger at the events that had taken place before he and Axel had fallen in love. It had been a long, hard process, but he had finally been able to let all of those bad feelings buried deep within himself go. Now, he loved his boyfriend unconditionally. There was nothing that Axel could say to make him upset and lash out at him the way he once would have. They had made it through the rough patches in their relationship, and he could only see happiness in their future. But Naminé was still alone…and he wanted more for her. She was his best friend. She had been there for him through everything, whether she realized it or not. He had to do something to help her.

"Shiloh," Roxas said, looking up at the other boy, "Have you thought about taking Naminé out tonight after the party? There's this little coffee shop out by the college that she loves to go to. It might give you two some time to talk about the book, and the illustrations…"

The older boy blinked down at the blonde, surprised, "Oh, I hadn't thought about it, really. She seems to like keeping to herself for the most part…"

Roxas, catching a hint of sadness in the other boy's words, added, "I think she would really like it. She loves a late-night caramel Frappuccino."

Axel chuckled, picking up on his boyfriend's intentions. "Yeah, Shiloh. Take your little writer out for some coffee after the party. Get to know her a little better, you know? It might help with putting the final touches on the novel."

The newcomer laughed lightly, smiling at the other two boys. "Alright, I'll do that. Thanks for the advice. I'd like to get to know her a bit better, after all."

Roxas grinned, looking over and catching Axel's dancing green eyes. His boyfriend was smiling at him knowingly, a loving expression across his face. If there was anything they could do to give Naminé the happiness that they themselves had, they would do it. If anyone deserved happiness, it was her.


The party went on for hours, they ate and played games and laughed and talked, then laughed some more. Naminé sat with Sora and Shiloh, the two boys instantly clicking, their personalities very similar; soft, shy, and somewhat withdrawn around strangers. The more they talked, the more comfortable Shiloh seemed to be, the older boy making Sora and Naminé laugh more than once, the blonde girl pleasantly surprised that her wonderful editor fit in so well with her other friends. Cloud and Zack hung out with Leon and Aerith for most of the night, until the braided girl had to retire for the night, and Leon had to leave to attend to some business. Zexion and Marluxia stayed for quite a while, but then eventually left as well, wishing Naminé the best of luck with her book and asking for signed copies as soon as they were available. That turned out to be the request from everyone for the evening, Naminé blushing and promising everyone that as soon as the book was published that they would all have copies with a special dedication from her to her group of special friends. She had already dedicated the book to Roxas, and her lost lover, though it wasn't printed anywhere in the book. She knew it was dedicated to them in her heart though, and that was good enough for her. That was a small secret the rest of the world didn't need to know. Something precious she could keep all to herself.

Demyx and Axel had revealed various pieces of artwork throughout the party, but once everyone calmed down a bit, and a few of the guests had headed home, Axel revealed the painting that they had created for Naminé's cover art. It was beautiful and enchanting, and haunting as well, Naminé tearing up as she covered her mouth with her hand, staring at the creation. "A-Axel, it's beautiful. Thank you so much."

The red-headed boy patted her shoulder gently, Roxas squeezing her hand. "I'm glad you like it, Naminé." The older boy replied. "Demyx sketched a few things for me, and once I saw his rendition of your main character and her lost love, I came up with this."

She took another step closer to the painting, reaching out and brushing her fingertips against the face of the boy staring out from the canvas. "It looks just like him. Just how I remember him. You painted him perfectly. This is beautiful."

Roxas tensed, noticing Naminé's referral to the painting as something from her memories. Something from her past. Something real. He has suspected as much, since he had recognized one of the characters in the book to be a rendition of himself, but to know that this book was actually a semblance of Naminé's adolescence… It hurt his heart to know that the pain the characters suffered through in her novel reflected something she had once felt inside her own heart. He reached out and took her hand, pulling her away from the painting, the girl's eyes dripping wet as he pulled her close and held her.

Demyx, who had been watching from the doorway with Reno, stepped into the room past Shiloh, moving to stand next to Axel. "Shit, man. I didn't mean for it to upset her…"

"No, it's wonderful. Really." Naminé looked up from Roxas' shoulder, smiling and wiping her eyes. "I love it. Thank you so much. Both of you."

Demyx rubbed the back of his head, looking over at his friend, Axel sighing and smiling softly as he said, "Well, as long as you like it Naminé, that's good enough for me."

Shiloh watched the group of friends with sad eyes. He had wanted to believe Naminé's work was that of fiction, but now it seemed he couldn't keep pretending that she wasn't writing about herself. Maybe that was why she never let him get close. The girl seemed to like him well enough, but any time he offered to take her out to lunch, or meet up with her, or put in any extra hours on her behalf she declined. He assumed it was because she just didn't know him the way she knew Roxas and the others, so she just wasn't comfortable around him yet…but maybe her unwillingness to spend time with him outside of work meant something else. He wouldn't push it, he could tell that wasn't the way to find out what he wanted to know about her. He would be patient, and wait for her to open up to him. Maybe, if she really did let him take her out for coffee tonight, she might begin to feel a little bit more open about being around him. Maybe they could be friends outside of the role of novelist and editor. He didn't know. He would just have to wait and see.

Naminé sniffed and wiped her face again, her emotions quickly turning from sadness to excitement, the girl clapping lightly and turning to Shiloh. "Alright! What do you think? Can we use this as the cover art for the book? And the sketches Demyx showed us earlier, I would really like those to be spread out every few chapters or so. I think they reflect the story really well, and would add to its imprint on the reader."

"O-Of course," the boy replied, trying to hide his surprise at her sudden change in mood by smiling at her, "Anything you'd like, I can make happen. I'll call the publishing house in the morning to see about getting some scanning equipment reserved."

"Great! Thank you so much everyone! Really. This is amazing!" She hugged Axel's side, pulling Demyx into the hug as well, the two taller boys laughing and hugging her back.

Reno sighed, watching for a brief moment before moving back from the doorway into the hall, walking off towards the kitchen. These kids had gone through so many hardships. And Demyx was one of them. Did that mean the dirty-blonde was as broken as the rest of them? Would he be able to do anything to help the other boy? Would he be able to bring him happiness? He contemplated his feelings for Demyx, grabbing a cupcake off of the counter and licking at the frosting covering the top in a pretty floral design. It tasted sweet, Reno's thoughts flitting back to earlier that afternoon when he had kissed the other boy. Should he have made that first move? It had been over a year, and the younger boy had never shown any interest in making the first move himself, though he did seem interested in Reno, blushing now and then when the older boy would lean in too close or brush against his side… Reno wanted to be with Demyx as more than a friend, that was for sure. But the younger boy's emotions seemed so delicate. He was almost afraid of doing something wrong and breaking the younger boy for good, shattering him beyond repair. He didn't know everything that Demyx had been through, though he had heard a little about his relationship with Axel. It had hurt him badly when things had ended so abruptly between them. Reno wondered fleetingly if there was any way he could fix that, or if that wound would remain open forever on his heart. He didn't want to be the one to add salt to Demyx's wounds.

The dirty-blonde showed up a moment later, looking up when he noticed Reno was there, sighing and walking over to his friend. "There you are. I was wondering where you'd run off to."

"Just giving you guys a few moments alone." The other boy replied, taking a bit out of the cupcake.

Demyx nodded absently, not offering a reply, reaching for a cookie and taking a bite. "Did you have fun tonight?" the younger boy asked, looking up at him with an unasked question shining in his eyes.

Reno thought to himself for a moment, then said, "I would have liked it better if we had gotten to spend more time together."

Demyx blushed, looking away, taking another bite out of his cookie. He didn't have to reply, he knew Reno wouldn't expect him to, but something inside of him bubbled to the surface, egging him on. "I…I would have liked that too." He replied, glancing up at Reno and catching the red-head's surprised expression. The dirty-blonde exhaled softly, then turned to look up at the other boy. "You know how I feel about you Reno. I just…I don't know what do to about it. That's all."

"You sound like you think you have to have everything planned out," the taller boy replied, finishing off his cupcake and dusting off his hands. "I don't expect you to know everything, Dem. But I kissed you earlier because I like you, and I would like to know if you really do like me back."

The blonde blushed, taking the last bite of his cookie and chewing slowly. He had never been good with expressing his feelings. Not since Axel… "I like you too, Reno. I do." He said, looking up at the other boy. "I just don't know if I'm ready to be in a relationship again. I don't know if I would be good for you." He laughed softly, "What am I saying, I don't even know if you like me enough to even think about being in a relationship with me…"

Reno had leaned in and kissed him before Demyx had even thought about reacting, the younger boy making a soft sound as the older boy pulled him closer, deepening the kiss. They stayed that way, Reno holding him and pressing their lips together over and over again, Demyx trembling against him, his whole body catching fire at the older boy's touch. When Reno finally pulled away, he whispered softly, "I've wanted to be with you since the moment I first laid eyes on you. How could you even think that I don't want to be your boyfriend."

"I-I…I…" Demyx stammered, blushing crimson, the red-headed boy chuckling softly and leaning in to kiss him again.

"Come spend the night with me tonight?" Reno asked gently, Demyx's eyes going wide. "Not for that, I just want to be with you. It would be nice to sleep beside someone for a change."

Dusky blue eyes softened, Demyx smiling and nodding after a moment. Reno smiled down at the other boy, giving him one last kiss before pulling away and reaching for another cupcake. The dirty-blonde watched him, his heart pounding, Reno blinking when he noticed the intensity in the younger boy's gaze. He grinned, reaching out and offering the cupcake to Demyx. The younger boy exhaled softly, calming his racing nerves, then licked off one of the petals made of frosting. Reno watched him, a secretive grin across his lips. It was true he just wanted to go to bed with Demyx by his side tonight, but if they made out a little bit too… Well, he wouldn't complain, to say the least.


Naminé and Shiloh left for coffee about an hour later, the blonde girl agreeing with a light blush to go with her editor to her favorite little coffee shop, Roxas grinning widely when she looked over at him and Axel. "Just go and sit with him, Naminé. It's not like he's asking you out on a date. It's just coffee." Roxas had told her, the younger girl turning crimson and glancing over her shoulder at Shiloh, who was waiting for her by the door.

"But…I think he likes me…" Naminé said, worry in her tone.

"And you don't like him?" Roxas asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

She shook her head, "It's not that…" she replied, her eyes sad.

Roxas took her hands and squeezed them tightly. "It's just coffee, Naminé."

The girl had sighed, nodding to her best friend, squeezing his hands in return before breaking away from him and walking over to Shiloh's side. The two waved goodbye to their friends, and then disappeared off into the night, Roxas listening as the sound of Shiloh's car driving off through the neighborhood faded into silence. He let out an exasperated sigh, turning to look at his boyfriend, who was standing with Cloud, Zack, Demyx and Reno. Riku and Sora had already said goodnight and disappeared into their bedroom. Zack and Cloud were about to leave as well, saying their goodbyes to their hosts. "We'll see you soon!" Cloud called, waving goodbye to his little brother as they left the studio. Roxas waved after him, almost sad to see him go. Though he spent a ton of time with his brother, every time Cloud left his sight he had an eerie feeling it would be the last time he would ever see him again. He was slowly getting over his paranoia, but it hadn't completely dissolved. Axel tugged at his arm, pulling him back into the conversation between Demyx and Reno.

"So, I'm going over to Reno's tonight. I'll be back tomorrow sometime. I'll leave the sketches for Naminé in the art room if you guys need them before I'm back."

"Sounds good to me," Axel replied, Reno gathering a few plates of goodies and calling goodbye softly as he headed for the side entrance, walking off down the long dark hallway and out of sight. "Have fun, call us if you need anything."

Demyx smiled, nodding. "See you tomorrow then."

Roxas watched them go, curious as to the strange vibe the dirty-blonde was giving off. It was almost anxiety; maybe the boy was nervous about something? Axel seemed to know what was going on, but he kept it to himself, turning to Roxas once the sound of the back door closing echoed through the house. "So then, where were we…"

Roxas gasped as Axel wrapped his arms around him and lifted him off of his feet, the younger boy wrapping his arms around his boyfriend's neck and giggling softly. "What are you up to?" he asked, the taller boy carrying him across the living room and up the stairs, walking across the landing to their bedroom and pushing open the door with his shoulder. He walked over to the bed, dropping Roxas down on top of it, the smaller boy laughing as he bounced lightly for a moment before settling down into the mattress. Axel looked down at him with a smoldering expression, reaching to his waist and unbuttoning his jeans, Roxas watching his movements with hungry eyes. The older boy stripped for him slowly, letting his jeans hang low on his hips while he moved to strip off his shirt, pulling it up over his head and off of his long arms before returning to the waistline of his boxers.

Roxas bit his lip, a pleasant shudder running down his spine as he watched his boyfriend, already throbbing hard inside his own jeans. "Axel," he whined, his voice slightly husky, "Don't tease me. You know I've wanted it all day…"

The older boy chuckled, letting his jeans fall down his legs and returning to the bed in nothing but boxers, the blonde boy laying back and looking up at the red-head as he crawled on top of him. Axel immediately pulled Roxas' shirt up and off, tossing it off the bed, leaning in and trailing kisses across the boy's flushed skin. He moved down the younger boy's body, nuzzling against the hardness pressed against the front of his jeans, Roxas letting out a soft moan.

"Axel…" he whined again, squirming under the other boy. "Please…"

The other boy complied, unbuttoning and unzipping his boyfriend's blue-jeans and pulling them gently off of his hips, drawing back to remove them from his legs and tossing them to the floor as well. He moved back up Roxas' body, eyes taking in the sight of the boy hard and wanting beneath him, Roxas panting lightly. "What do you want, Rox?"

The blonde blushed a bit deeper, thinking for a moment, and then replied, "I want it like before, when you touched me while you were inside." He closed his eyes for a moment, relishing in the memory. "It felt really good…"

Axel leaned in, kissing the dip of Roxas' hipbone, pulling down the edge of his boxers and following the descent of baby-blonde curls until he reached his prize, the younger boy's cock springing free of the soft, dark cloth. "I love making you feel good," Axel said softly, opening his mouth and wrapping his lips around the head of Roxas' arousal, the younger boy hissing and bucking his hips uncontrollably.

"Nh! Ax…" the younger boy moaned, reaching down to place his hand gently against the back of his boyfriend's head, urging him on. When Axel slid Roxas a bit further into his mouth, sucking harder, the blonde cried out, tightening his grip, "Oh god…yes…"

Axel licked and sucked, listening to Roxas' breathy cries with satisfaction, bringing the boy as close as he could without pushing him over the edge. He pulled away gently, Roxas releasing his fiery locks as he did so, Axel moving up his boyfriend's body to kiss his lips hotly. Roxas moaned as he did so, eyes hazy with need, hands wandering down the red-head's chest and abdomen until he reached the edge of his boxers. He tugged at them gently, squirming under the older boy, eyes begging for him to continue. Axel couldn't help but obey.


Sora gasped as Riku kissed him a bit harder than before, the silver-haired boy kneeling over him, tugging at his shirt gently as if asking permission to take it off. The brunette trembled lightly, making a soft sound of approval, Riku pulling back and removing Sora's shirt carefully, his movements gentle and calculated. Tonight was the night, he was sure of it. Sora was responding in a way he never had before. He was relaxed, he was obviously aroused, and not once had he looked up at Riku with concern in his eyes. There was only love, trust, and want there. A deep, insatiable want. A want that Riku was effectively turning into a need; a desire for wanton abandonment in which Sora would be crying out his name. A shudder passed across Riku's shoulders, the older boy leaning in to kiss his boyfriend's parted lips. He'd wanted to be with Sora for so long, and now finally they were going to take that ultimate step. Together. His fingers moved deftly across Sora's form, undressing him as he had so many times before, leaving him in only his baby-blue boxers. He took a brief moment to remove his own shirt and jeans before returning to the boy beneath him, love shining in his eyes as he looked down at the brunette. They kissed, rubbing against one another, Sora hard against him, Riku pressing against the younger boy's thigh and moaning softly in the back of his throat. He had never denied that bringing his partner pleasure was his biggest turn-on, and Sora always responded so beautifully to his touch. He caressed the younger boy gently, stroking down his sides and across his waist as they kissed again and again. Sora trembled beneath him, heartbeat fluttering, looking up at Riku with sultry eyes. "I think…" he said between pants, "I think I'm ready…"

Riku's pulse sped up. He had been waiting for this. He gently kissed across the younger boy's chest, tugging down the edge of his boxers to reveal his hardness, pulling the cloth down the boy's legs and then off completely before dropping it off the side of the bed. He ran his hands across Sora's stomach and waistline, the younger boy gasping softly and shuddering at the sensation. Riku watched him, searching for any red flags, any sign that he should stop despite Sora's whispered words to continue. When he found none, he whispered huskily, "Alright, Sora. If you're ready then I need to stretch you a bit then so I don't hurt you, okay?"

Sora nodded, remembering what the older boy had done the last time they had tried. "Okay Riku. I trust you."

The older boy smiled softly, leaving Sora for just a moment so he could strip of his boxers and reach over to the nightstand, retrieving a small bottle of lube from the top drawer. Sora was always virgin-tight every time Riku had ever played with him, and he knew if they were going to finally do this he was going to have to take his time in making sure Sora was fully prepared. Riku wasn't exactly average size, and he didn't want to hurt his sweet boyfriend. "Lay back and relax, I'll go slow…"

Sora made a soft sound, sighing and relaxing against the sheets. Riku, first two fingers coated in lube, moved over him, lifting his boyfriend's leg gently and spreading the lube across his skin, paying extra attention to the tight ring of muscle around his entrance. Sora gasped when Riku pressed the tip of his finger inside, the younger boy looking up at him, his eyes hazy with want. It was beautiful, Riku thought to himself, dipping down to press his lips against the brunette's as he pressed his finger in just a bit more. He trembled, drinking in ever moan that escaped his boyfriend's lips. He was so innocent, and so gorgeous, and he wanted Riku to take him. To pleasure him, to make him cum…

Riku pulled his lips back, moving to lift Sora's leg a bit more and then sliding another finger inside of the petite boy alongside the first. The younger boy made a sound akin to a whimper, biting his lip and closing his eyes. "It's alright, remember to breathe…"

The other boy took a long, deep breath and let it out slowly, Riku feeling his muscles slowly relaxing as he exhaled. Ice blue eyes watched the boy beneath them affectionately, Riku pressing in again, stretching his two fingers inside the younger boy tenderly, careful not to move too fast and hurt his love. "Ah…Riku…" Sora panted, breath hitching when Riku pushed back in again and hooked his fingers slightly. "There! Ah, feels good…"

Riku chuckled softly, pressing against that spot again, Sora crying out and writhing against the sheets. "Good, I want you to feel that way…"

He was tempted to lean in and lick across the tip of Sora's cock, but he knew if he did the other boy wouldn't be able to keep himself from cumming too soon. Instead he reached up with his other hand and stroked his boyfriend gently, smearing the precum beaded at the tip down his shaft smoothly, the younger boy moaning and tossing his head to the side. "R-Riku…please…I want…"

Riku watched, fire burning in his eyes, pressing his fingers against Sora's sweet spot again, heart pounding as the younger boy cried out again. "Tell me, Sora. Tell me what you want."

Sora, panting hard, opened his eyes and looked up at the boy hovering above him. "Take me, Riku, make love to me. I want you inside of me…"

The silver-headed boy took a moment to relish in Sora's words, then leaned in and kissed his boyfriend tenderly, sucking on his bottom lip and flicking his tongue against the other boy's. Sora moaned, pressing up into Riku's kiss, wrapping his arms around the older boy's shoulders. Riku spread Sora's legs a bit more, lifting his hips gently, moving to coat his arousal with the remainder of the lube still slicking his fingers. When he was sure he was lubed sufficiently, and Sora was prepared, he pushed the head of his arousal against the other boy's entrance, kissing him and whispering softly to help him relax. "Breathe, Sora. Just breathe…"

"Ah! Riku…"


"Oh god! Ax…ah!"

The red-headed boy chuckled gently, thrusting his tongue in further, hand moving deftly against his boyfriend's hard, weeping cock. He hadn't thought Roxas would have reacted so amazingly to an unexpected tongue-fucking, but he was quickly beginning to realize this could possibly be one of his boyfriend's new favorite things. The blonde was trembling uncontrollably, thrusting into Axel's hand then pushing his ass back against Axel's tongue, the other boy flexing his tongue inside of him roughly. Roxas cried out again, pulse throbbing in his cock, Axel fully aware that his boyfriend was much closer than he would have liked him to be. He pulled away a moment later, licking his lips, stilling his hand for just a moment to reposition himself behind his kneeling lover, Roxas' shoulders trembling as he held himself up from the mattress.

The blonde boy looked over his shoulder at the older boy, face flushed crimson, his eyes burning with lust. "Hn, Axel, please take me…"

Axel growled deep in his throat, "Alright, Rox, but you've gotten me all wound up. I might be a bit rough…"

Roxas gasped at the other boy's words, a shudder passing through his shoulders. "You know I like it rough…" he whimpered, "Take me, Axel. Please. I want you…"

The red-headed boy guided his aching arousal to Roxas' entrance, pushing forward gently, feeling the younger boy stretching to accommodate him, the younger boy moaning and burying his face in his pillow. "Damn, babe. You're always so fucking tight…"

Roxas cried out loudly, the sound muffled against the fabric of the pillow. Axel pushed forward a bit harder than before, Roxas crying out again, his vocals urging the older boy on as he increased his pace, assaulting the younger boy's sweet-spot with a series of frenzied jabs. From the way Roxas was tensing around him he could tell the boy wasn't going to last very long, and as horny as he'd been all day he wasn't sure if he would be able to last much longer either.

Axel thrust in again, then moved one of his hands from Roxas' hip to reach around to his weeping cock, wrapping his long fingers around his boyfriend's aching arousal and stroking him quickly, Roxas crying out and spreading his legs a bit further, allowing Axel more access to his cock and effectively positioning himself to where every time Axel moved inside of him it rubbed right against his sweet spot. Roxas was moaning uncontrollably, thrusting into the hand around his cock and pushing back against Axel's thrusts, moaning louder and louder until finally he tensed and cried out, spilling all over the other boy's hand, shudders wracking his body as ultimate pleasure engulfed him. Axel stroked Roxas a few more times, the boy's cum dripping down his fingers, the red-head thrusting in harder and harder until he too was engulfed in that white light, cumming deep inside of Roxas, the blonde boy whimpering and shuddering at the feeling. He couldn't deny that he liked the feeling of his boyfriend cumming inside of him. It wasn't something he could describe with words, but it somehow made him feel complete. Axel pulled out a moment later, wrapping his arms around Roxas and lying down against the mattress, the blonde boy curling up against him, panting lightly. They lay there together, basking in afterglow, but then something caught Axel's attention, the older boy twisting around to face the door to the bedroom, which was cracked ever-so-slightly. Roxas looked up at him, then paused to listen as well, a grin twisting his lips as he realized what they were hearing.

"Sounds like Sora's finally getting to experience everything with Riku." Axel said, chuckling softly. "I was wondering if those two were ever going to break that final wall."

Roxas sighed, nuzzling his boyfriend's chest and closing his eyes. "I knew they would. Riku loves Sora. If there was ever a boy who would be able to heal Sora's heart, it would have to be Riku." Another soft cry echoed through the house, the two cuddling boys blushing as they listened, Roxas' fingers pressing against Axel's chest lightly. "Should we…close the door?"

Axel looked down at his boyfriend, a smile quirking his lips. "I dunno, it's kinda hot…"

Roxas giggled, slapping the older boy's chest playfully. "You naughty thing, that's our best friends down there."

"All the same," Axel replied, moving closer to Roxas, leaning in and brushing his lips against the blonde's, "You have to admit it's hot…"

Roxas blushed, ears catching another hint of the happenings downstairs. "Well…yeah, okay, maybe it is hot…"

Axel smiled, kissing him gently, wrapping his arm around Roxas' waist and pulling him closer, looking up with a raised eyebrow when he felt the other boy was already half-hard against him. "And exactly how hot do you think it is, babe? You ready to go again already?"

Roxas blushed, burying his face against Axel's shoulder. "I…I remember what it was like when I was with you and Riku. That was my first time. It was…exotic. I'll never be able to forget about it. It still…turns me on a little, I'll admit." Axel laughed softly, kissing down his boyfriend's neck, the blonde boy gasping and relaxing beneath him, biting his lip and grabbing at the older boy's hair when he began sucking on one of his nipples. "Nn…Ax…"

"Why don't we ask them to join us sometime?" the red-head asked, looking up from Roxas' chest, a curious expression on his face.

Roxas blinked down at him, a light blush heating his cheeks. "W-what?"

Axel chuckled. "Well, Riku and I have slept together before, so if you wanted to do that again just for fun, I wouldn't mind." He looked towards the doorway. "I'm not sure about Sora though. I know he likes you, but as for me, I'm more like an older brother in his eyes."

"W-wait, Sora likes me?" Roxas stammered, looking up at his boyfriend as Axel moved up his body then settled at his side, the younger boy's azure eyes wide with surprise.

"He's had a crush on you for a while," Axel replied, "He loves Riku, of course. But he's attracted to you. It's probably the same way you love me, but are still attracted to Riku."

Roxas nodded, thinking to himself for a long moment. "Well, maybe we could try something like that sometime…" He leaned over, wrapping his arms around Axel's shoulders, the red-head chuckling and pulling Roxas against his chest. "But you're my boyfriend. And I love you. If we ever did anything with the other boys…it would just be for fun. My heart belongs to you."

Axel nodded, kissing the younger boy gently. "I love you too Roxas. And I feel the exact same way."

They lay there for a while, holding one another, listening to the noises echoing through the house and contemplating their relationship with their friends, before their attention returned to one another. Axel leaned in, pressing their lips back together, moving over Roxas with gentle movements. Roxas gasped, moaning softly and returning the kiss, his heart overflowing with happiness. He was so in love, and so content; and he knew in his heart that he would be with Axel forever. Naminé was happy, and his brother Cloud was going to be married, and Zack was going to be a part of his family too. School was going great, he was heading into his senior year, and soon he would be graduating alongside the rest of his friends. Life was finally falling into place. Everything had a purpose, everything made him smile, and every day he grew more and more happy, and fell more and more in love. Axel kissed him again, Roxas smiling up at him, his eyes shining. This was it. This was his soul rising like a phoenix from the ashes of what had once been nothing but a horrible, wretched revenge. He had survived, and he had become stronger. And he would never let darkness into his heart again.

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Random notes: Wretched Revenge is a total of 16 chapters, and is 151 pages long!
The two longest chapters are Ch 15 – 15 pgs, and Ch 16 – 18 pgs.
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