Because of a Bee

I got the idea to do this fic, after watching My Girl for the first time and crying my eyes out. Three months after Thomas J. died, Vada wrote a poem. I hope you enjoy, please leave a review (:

Because of a Bee

You were taken from me.

You gave me my first kiss, Thomas J.

And now, your life has gone astray.

Because of a Bee

We all lost you.

Because of a Bee

My heart was torn in two.

You were taken sadly

From a deed you attempted that ended badly.

An Acrobat you told me you wanted to be

When you were swinging from our huge climbing tree.

You caught a fish,

My only wish

Is to see you again.

In life or death,

I'm sure I will.

I sit sometimes, on the window sill,

And think about our time together.

Trees, bikes, water.

You were taken too soon, Thomas J.

But, I know, I will see you another day.