Prospects by ficklepickles

"Vandalism, unsafe driving, suspected mafia connections, destruction of public property, and multiple counts of indecent exposure."

Irie Shouichi lowered the thick manila folder he had been reading from. "And this is just the boss of the company." He gave a pointed look toward a towering stack of other folders whose names listed the department heads for the major corporation. He grabbed random files and flipped through them.

"The others include public drunkenness, unlicensed use of explosives, public terrorism, shoplifting, arson, assault, assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault, forced persuasion, possession of various unknown and toxic substances, defacement of public property, improper use of garbage disposal units, and public molestation. My god, look at their psychological profiles! Prone to violent outbursts, excessive cowardice, extroverted to an extreme degree, severe introvertedness? This doesn't even make sense."

He shook his head, wondering if it had been a good idea to hack into the databases of the top two companies that dealt with robotics just to get a glimpse of what working with them would be like. Shouichi had done his homework and printed out the extensive reports on the backgrounds and profiles of the company heads, as well as their rather wide-ranging and all-embracing run ins they had with the local law enforcement.

The more he read, the less he could wrap his mind around it.

It was ridiculous. How could a company be run with such insanity clearly gripping the heads of their leaders? By all rights and logic, the company should have been run into the ground by then. Instead, it was flourishing as the top robotics, pharmaceutical, and medical corporation.

Spanner gave his friend a considering glance. The lollipop in his mouth shifted from one side to the next. Silently, he tossed a thin file titled 'Byakuran Milliefiore' onto the auburn-haired boy's lap.

Shouichi opened the file and read through the single page it contained.

Two minutes later he submitted his and Spanner's applications to the Vongola company for consideration to be hired as the newest Robotics Technician and Engineer.


Just a little thought of how things might have gone.

Seven minute flashfic.