Emmett and Bella=!!!

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Note: Cullens and Bella are vampires!!! Some characters are OOC!

Bella POV:

I waved to the rest of the Cullens and sat down next to Emmett who was playing his video game.

"Emmett?"I called.

"BANG!BANG!"he yelled but ignored me.

"Emmett?"I called again, this time louder.

"YAY!!! I'm a Barbie girl! It's a Barbie world-"he started singing when he won.

"Shut up! Emmett!!!" I yelled. He turned over and pouted, venom tears welling up his eyes.

"Belly scolded me!!! I want to cry…"he complained, and started dry sobbing.

"Okay, okay! Chill!!!"I cried, waving my arms like a penguin.

He sniffed a little and pointed to me.

"Edward is a gay!"He yelled.

I huffed and yelled, "Rosalie is vain!"

"Edward is crazy!"

"Rosalie is bitchy!"

"Edward is a sparkly vampire!"

"Hey! Aren't we all are?" I asked.

"YOU LOST!!! YAY!!! I win!!!"he shouted, jumping up and down.

"Okay okay, you win!"I told him, shaking my head.

I shrieked when I felt him pull me up.

"LOSERS HAVE FORFEIT!!!"he screamed in my ear. I clamped my ears, trying to avoid damage.


"FORFEIT! FOR-FOR FEIT! FOR-"he started singing 'forfeit' in 'I'm a Barbie girl' tune. I sighed and raised my hands up in surrender motion.

He giggled like a school girl and said, "You have to sing Barney theme song with me! I LOVE barney! You must say after you finish every time."

"No way I'm doing that!"I huffed, folding my arms.

"YES WAY!!!"he screamed and started tickling me.

"OKAY!!! OKAY!!!" I shrieked.

Sighing, I jumped up and stood next to him on Esme's favourite glass table and he started singing.

"I love you!"he hugged me.

"You love me!" I hugged him.

"WE ARE HAPPY FAMILY!" we screamed together.

"With a great BIG hug!" we hugged together.

"And a kiss from me to you!" we sang as we turned to kiss each other's cheek when our noses clash together.

"OWWW!!! Barney got a boo-boo!"he yelped, rubbing his nose.
"OWWW!!! It hurts like hell!"I yelped, rubbing my nose.

Within seconds, he jumped up, pulling me up with him before singing,

"Won't you say you love me too!" we sang and giggled before shouting,

"I LOVE BARNEY!!!" and we both bounced on the glass table before it came crashing down, making us fall into the glass.

"My god!" I heard Emmett exclaim.

"What?" I asked as I brushed off the glass pieces and froze.

"ESME'S FAVOURITE GLASS TABLE!" we exclaimed together.

"Shit!" I yelled.

"Double shit!"he yelled back.

"Let's make a run while we can," he muttered. I gulped and nodded my head.

"One, two, three… RUN!" we started dashing off as fast as we could just as we heard Esme's voice bellowing.


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