Beyond the Proposal

Summary: With a week to go to the big wedding, things were supposed to be set in stone but even if the invites have been sent out and the security procedures have been put in place, there are still other things that can cause more than a little chaos before Ginny walks down the aisle to become Mrs Potter. Join the Weasley family as the drama unfolds.


As we seek to rebuild
And remember what has been lost
We understand
We appreciate
What love can be
How it helps
That is why
We hope you say yes
And be our guests
As we become bonded
And enter on the next great adventure
On our wedding day

Mr and Mrs Arthur Weasley wish to invite you to the wedding between their daughter Ginevra Molly and Harry James Potter that takes place on Friday, 1st September 2000 at two o'clock in the afternoon at The Burrow, Ottery St Catchpole.

5th March 2000

Dear Hermione,

Since you helped choose the invites, saying how pretty they looked and went through numerous drafts of poor poetry, I figured I'd deface yours with a note, just like all the screwed up poems that got thrown in the bin. At least this is better than that Valentine's Day one, though. Got to fight the formality and plans somehow, despite how pathetic it is to take out your frustrations on an invite, so I had to scribble some nonsense on a few of them. Besides, as a bridesmaid, you don't really need an invite. We'll see you there as well as at the rest of the chaos as we get everything ready for the circus. As predicted, this wedding is definitely going to be more for my mum than us.



14th March 2000

Dear Luna,

Not sure in which country the owl will find you with this message. It's always interesting to get your owls back; the last one from Laos was very interesting. Are there really all those animals in the Mekong? But wherever you are, I know that you will find a way to get back, especially since I'm pretty sure Ginny is going to want to you to walk down that aisle behind her. If she's not asked you to be a bridesmaid yet, I'm sure she will soon. Floo us soon and make sure you are over in plenty of time for the fun to really get going; you know what the Weasleys are like.


15th March 2000

Dear Neville,

Hope you can take the day off from school, even if it's the first day back for you. After all, it's just the opening feast you'll be missing and I'm sure McGonagall will let you off. The feast is really not that important and I think she's not as much of a stickler for the rules as we used to think at school. She really is a softly, eh? Just guilt trip her, okay? We could not imagine the day without you, especially when you have been there for me so many times. Can't imagine one of my 'brothers' (even if it is the honorary one) missing this day. You helped us get there just by keeping me sane and telling me Harry was okay. It meant the world. Hope Hannah is good, and all is still great between the two of you. I still find it highly amusing that a Hogwarts professor lives above a pub. Aren't you lot supposed to be respectable and the like? But then again, you're not really like the typical professor, either. Look after yourself, okay, and we both look forward to seeing you there.

All my love,


24th August 2000


Just so you don't feel left out, here's your invite. Not that you haven't been complaining in a loud voice that, with just over a week left to go, you haven't got one yet. Best men don't tend to get invites - it's kinda assumed you'll be there. Especially since you've been there for all the fun and games already and I think they are only going to get more interesting. Besides, it's the best man's job to see this through to the end.


P.S. Ginny wrote the poem so don't rib me over it! Take it out on her instead.