Epilogue: Mr and Mrs Potter

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Harry turned to look up the aisle and watched, utterly mesmerised, as Ginny walked down hand-in-hand with her dad. She gave him a shy smile which he returned a little nervously.

He could not take his eyes off her. He knew that he had smarted up in his new dress robes, and even his hair looked less messy than normal, but Ginny looked nothing short of breathtaking. The white dress she wore hugged her shapely hips, flared out and traced along the floor as she moved. The delicate embroidery hooked around her neck and down to its low-cut neckline, highlighting her décolletage. And he was so glad that she had chosen to wear her hair down. He knew that another fight had taken place over it due to Ginny's rants, but he loved her like this, her vibrant red hair had always been his favourite feature — along with those deep, soulful brown eyes — and the look today was stunning. There was no wonder she had been a pin-up in the Quidditch magazine the other week, not to mention that calendar — which had tempted him to use all the money in his vault to stop them going out to the general public.

She was nothing short of striking.

But even more amazing than that was the fact that she had agreed to marry him. She was so beautiful — that was a given — but her passion made her stunning, making her look much more beautiful than any Veela. She radiated energy. Her smile could lift him on even his gloomiest days and it had done so many times. Her laugh was infectious, her bravery second to none. And her kisses, still to this day, each one of them sent shivers down his spine.

And she had agreed to marry him.

Surely he had to be the luckiest man ever to live to have her by his side.

"Hi," she whispered.

"Hi," he replied in an equally quiet voice, "you ready?"

She gently nodded her head. "Yeah, you?"

"Yeah," he muttered back.

As they turned to the old wizard who had presided over both Dumbledore's funeral and Bill and Fleur's wedding, he felt his nerves kick in. Marrying Ginny in the abstract seemed like everything he had ever and could ever want. Marrying Ginny in reality was nerve-racking. It was so hard to see himself as some grown-up with actual responsibility. So much of him felt so far from that, but Ginny's smile and the swell in his heart seemed to make up for it.

Surely this could not be hard. He could do anything as long as she was at his side, holding his hand. Bill was right; there was really no need to be nervous when it came to Ginny. She just seemed to complete him. It was no wonder that when he held her, their bodies intertwined and fitted together so well.

He did note, though, that Ginny seemed to be answering much more quietly than she normally did. Maybe, just maybe, she was just as nervous as he was today. It wasn't like her to be nervous, but since she seemed to be today, he guessed it made sense. This was yet another way that she was his equal.

The rest of the ceremony was a blur and he was positive that he would not be able to repeat it if he was asked to. Sure, he knew how he felt and he could remember each movement that Ginny had made, but the words seemed unimportant. Compared to his feelings, they were nothing, nothing important, just part of the show. The words that mattered would be the ones they spoke to each other later when they were not just repeating what they were asked to.

He was aware of the hugs that greeted them as soon as they had been bonded together. Ginny's parents were naturally the first to engulf them, followed by Ron, Hermione, Luna and Neville, before the rest of Ginny's brothers hugged her and shook his hand, issuing welcomes to the family while teasing Ginny about no longer being a Weasley.

They broke away from the knot of people gathered around them as the music started. As Harry led Ginny out onto the dance floor, he became all too well aware of another well-performed Ginny act. Despite her confident smiles and her words, her hand shook in his; she was nervous.

As they got out on the dance floor, her hand relaxed in his, but now Harry found his own nerves mounting again, even if Ginny's tension seemed to have eased, and he was exceptionally grateful that Bill had taken him out for dance lessons with Julia. Ginny seemed to have a natural talent for dancing that he did not have, but at least today, he seemed to be able to dance with her instead of being pulled around the dance floor as had happened at the Yule Ball, not that he minded when Ginny pulled him around. That normally led to highly desirable consequences.

The dancing went on for hours and the party lasted well into the early hours. It was only when he had danced with Hermione, Luna and Mrs Weasley, and he had watched Ginny being passed from Mr Weasley, to each of her brothers and Neville, that a thought finally occurred to him. The honeymoon may have been postponed due to Ginny's match on Sunday, but if they didn't leave soon, they were not going to get much of a wedding night.

They'd had this debate so many times. Both of them knew that Ginny's season started in August and ran into May. If they wanted a long honeymoon, they were going to have to get married in the close season, but there had been something about getting married on the first of September that very much appealed to both of them. It had been the very day they had first met, and when they had learnt that the Quidditch fixtures had been kind to them, partly due to most matches taking place on Saturdays and Sundays, the date had been set. Then the fact that the Holyhead Harpies' match against the Montrose Magpies was on Sunday, due to it being the featured match on the Wizarding Wireless, had just helped them further, especially since Ginny had somehow worked a minor miracle and got herself excused from Saturday's training session as well as today's.

All that being said — they still wanted a wedding night and had a room set aside for the occasion tonight, and he very much wanted to use that room.

He crossed the dance floor and went back to where Ginny was dancing, this time twirling in her father's arms.

"Mr Weasley," he started.

"Arthur, Harry," he corrected with a smile. "It really is time you got used to calling me Arthur."

"Arthur," Harry corrected himself, "mind if I borrow Ginny?"

Arthur smiled at him as he placed Ginny's hand in his as Molly appeared at his side instantly, sensing their departure.

"Not at all" Arthur told him as his hand slipped into his wife's.

Ginny stood up on her tiptoes and kissed her father, letting her heels drop back to the floor to kiss her mother. "See you later, Dad, Mum."

Arthur smiled at his daughter. "Behave yourself and stay away from the press."

Ginny's eyes twinkled and Harry found the familiar look of mischief sparkling in the amber of her brown eyes. "Will do. We have absolutely no intention of letting anyone near us until I have to leave for the match."

"And we'll see you at The Burrow afterwards for dinner," Molly told them.

"Yeah, we'll be here," Ginny grinned, "especially since I won't have to look at seating plans again."

"At least not until you have to be Hermione's bridesmaid," Harry laughed.

"Funny," Ginny said softly as her hand reached down to her wand.

"Do you really want to discuss this here and now?" he whispered in her ear as if sharing a secret. He let his lips linger on her neck for a brief second before continuing, "I really want you to myself right now."

She let herself be led away from the crowds. Harry found himself smiling as she let him take control; he always had a lot of fun when Ginny let him take control. It looked like Ginny was going to be open to any of his suggestions tonight, not that she normally took much persuading. It was she, after all, who had suggested that he bring his handcuffs home from the Ministry this weekend.

"You ready to leave, Mrs Potter?"

She smiled softly. "That's going to take some getting used to."

"Well, I intend to use it a lot, so you should be used to it by the morning." He kissed her softly on the lips before pulling away. "I like calling you Mrs Potter."

She leaned in and kissed him back, one of her teasing kisses that left him wanting so much more than she had yet given. She really could be evil in that respect, but he guessed he deserved it for the way he had kissed her.

Ginny gave him a radiant smile as she whispered in his ear, "And I think I'm going to like hearing it."

He scooped her into his arms, the dress trailing on the floor as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "I think we need to get the wedding night really started, Mrs Potter."


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