I pondered it for a while. Then I felt a sudden need to write more. Because I came up with ideas behind what would happen after Bakura murdered Anzu in the main fic and I felt like writing different endings. I will be writing four. This is the first of the four and definitely focuses directly on what happened after Bakura murdered Anzu. You get to see a darker side to Ryou and I did end up altering canon a bit with Ryou especially and the way he feels about the spirit of the Sennen Ring. This one has no POV but most of the endings will probably take things from Malik's perspective. Anyway, this is the first alternative ending. Enjoy!

Alternative ending one – Kioku no Umi


Malik could never really tell what was going on in Bakura's mind. It scared him to think about what Bakura might have done to make him say something like this. In all honesty, he feared for his life. Yet he knew that Bakura wanted him or something, which may be the one thing that has kept him from dying by his brutal hands. But why? Why did Bakura want him so? Malik thought about it carefully and traced back through all those memories he shared with him. Their plans, the duels, those lies, manipulation and the disturbing degree of intimacy. He shuddered and wondered if Bakura enjoyed all that a tad too much.

In any case, this meeting would answer everything. Malik did feel heartbroken indeed by what Anzu had done yet he knew he wasn't ready to let go of that. He loved Anzu all this time and for once, even though she did things with those other people, she was still his. If those men could steal her away for just a little while, surely Malik could steal the title of 'father of the baby', right? Right.

He knew where to go. His old boat that he obtained using the Ghouls he brainwashed to be accomplices for his evil plans back when the Battle City tournament was going. He never actually got rid of the boat but he did abandon it. It surprised him that Bakura still remembered that boat. Then again, Bakura seems to have been a total stalker especially when it came to Malik and Anzu so he figured that it wasn't impossible that he'd know of it.

At last Malik reached his destination and he frowned when Bakura was nowhere to be seen. He looked up at his boat and sighed when he saw that it needed cleaning. The Egyptian teen suppressed a groan when he saw that a window onboard the ship had been smashed.

That probably explains Bakura's whereabouts.


Malik got onboard the boat the proper way and opened the door to go into the main lounge inside. There he saw Bakura sitting on the sofa with his legs perched on the coffee table in front of it. At Malik's arrival, Bakura's lips twisted into a grin and he asked for Malik to sit down. Malik didn't bother scolding the troublesome thief and slumped down next to him. The two waited. Malik shot Bakura a sideways glance and he couldn't help but feel like the spirit of the Sennen Ring was undressing him with his eyes.

It always bothered him, the way Bakura looked at him with those reddish-brown eyes. He often made theories about the white-haired thief such as the reason for Bakura's raging hormones is the fact that he's in a teenage boy's body and unlike Ryou, he does not know restraint.

So why couldn't Bakura go fuck some other people? Why did Bakura have to choose him of all people? That part still didn't make sense.

"So you say you won the bet?" Malik tried to prompt Bakura into getting to the point. The spirit blinked a couple of times and pointed towards his bag. Malik saw that a bowl had been placed beside it. "The bowl or the bag?"

Bakura chuckled. "You may feel like throwing up so I took the courtesy of leaving you that bowl to use." Malik shuddered, getting the feeling that Bakura wasn't kidding. He averted his eyes and couldn't help but wonder. What exactly was in that bag? He slipped over to it and unzipped it barely. Taking a deep breath, he opened the bag up wide and was greeted by the stench of blood. He backed away quickly and gasped for fresh air. Bakura simply laughed at Malik's actions. "Did you even look properly? Wow, Anzu took a real look before she backed away."

"Anzu?" Malik looked up at the mention of his girlfriend's name. Bakura gestured towards the bag once more. The blonde Egyptian tiptoed over to it even though there was no reason to creep. He felt his nerves intensify as he breathed in the smell and saw the contents of the bag once and for all. Right there in the bag was a blood stained organ. The heart. "That... That's... a... a..?" He slowly turned his head to Bakura, his whole body shaking.

"Heart. Yes. You can have it if you want, I suppose. I have no use for Anzu's heart," Bakura replied in a matter of fact tone. His catlike pupils dilated in anticipation of how Malik would react to this. He knew it would be interesting.

His thought patterns, his reel of emotions, his reactions, his everything was tainted with the horror of this very moment. He refused to believe what he was seeing and yet he could not. Malik jerked his head up to gape at the white-haired thief, deciding that this was some kind of practical joke. "You... You..." Bakura raised an eyebrow in question. Malik clenched his teeth, and then spoke. "YOU LIAR!!" he bellowed at the top of his voice. He reached it and pulled out the bloody organ from the bag and held it up.

'It feels... like how a heart would feel... I think...' Malik thought, only for this very thought to succeed in enhancing his fears and tormenting him mercilessly. He shook his head. He refused to believe it. He refused to believe it! So the Egyptian boy began to tear at the heart with his bare hands as a sort of careless dissection. But it didn't change anything. This wasn't a practical joke. This was real.

He refused to believe it.

He believed it.

"Anzu's... heart... I tore it apart... I... I'm a monster... No... No... Bakura, you killed her! You murdered her!"

Bakura simply shot him a Cheshire cat grin. "Sometimes you do what you gotta do..."

Malik stared at him for a long moment. His bottom lip was trembling, his eyes were wide and shaky but the rest of him couldn't move. When he first met the spirit of the Sennen Ring, Malik sensed malicious intent but an aura of mystery about him. It intrigued him greatly and he was curious about what it would be like to get to know him. But even after knowing the thief for so long, he still knew nothing. But he realised this side that he always felt Bakura would show one day. He really was a total sadistic psycho with no care for anyone or anything. The spirit that resides within the body of Ryou Bakura was and is a completely fucked up bastard.

It sunk in. Bakura and his ways... they sunk in and sunk in deep. He felt like a knife was stabbing at his throat. He couldn't breathe. But the knife withdrew for a moment and Malik let out a bloodcurdling scream. He screamed and screamed but nobody was around but the two of them.

The teenager looked around, panicked. That's right. Nobody was around. If a scream couldn't be heard, then anything could happen. He averted his eyes back to Bakura. 'Would it be remotely possible to... kill him?! But Ryou, he doesn't deserve that, it's all Bakura! He murdered Anzu for the sake of winning a silly bet with me! The reasons he'll use for killing others will only get worse!'

Bakura licked his lips, satisfied with the teen's behaviour. His eyes were of someone that was contemplating murder of his own. And Bakura knew exactly the sort of murder Malik was thinking of: revenge. He wasn't worried; as far as he was concerned, Malik didn't stand a chance against him, especially since he gave the Sennen Rod to Yugi.

"Did you know that I also killed the father of Anzu's baby?" Bakura decided to bring that up. Malik tensed in response to this. "The father is Seto Kaiba. I decided to show Anzu who the father of the baby was by killing him and bringing her his head. His head used to be in that bag." He saw the way rage began to build up within the teenage boy. Even though Yami no Yugi supposedly got rid of Yami no Malik, Bakura wondered for a split-second if the enraged turmoil within Malik's mind would trigger anything. Then he suddenly sensed a mood change in Malik.

Utter defeat.

"I get it... You won the bet, Bakura..." Malik admitted with his hands up for emphasis. "As we agreed with that bet, I'm..." It hurt him to say this. Could he say it? He himself didn't know. How did it get like this? Why? Where will it all go from here? Anzu... Anzu's dead and... and Seto as well! It was all too much to take in at once yet the conclusion remained the same. In the end, Bakura won. To the victor goes the spoils. "I... I'm yours. I'll do as you command."

He saw a glint in his eyes as the thief approached him, standing tall and proud. Finally, Bakura got what he wanted. The spirit kneeled down and touched Malik's cheek, digging his fingernails into the flesh. He watched, fascinated by the tiny drops of blood spilt from the clawing. Then he whispered a low whisper.

"Now I can officially claim what should've been mine all along."

His lips grazed against Malik's and he then proceeded to fully close in on him.


It was morning and Malik couldn't get sleep that night. He couldn't even settle as he saw Ryou sleep soundly on the couch with an air of innocence about him. But Malik knew that beneath that angelic facade was the very devil himself. Bakura had gone back into the Sennen Ring and Malik wondered if he should've escaped. But he had that feeling that even though the host was in the depths of slumber, Bakura was still watching him. Malik felt sick to the core, like all the little purity left in him had now been treaded into nothingness.

After he was forced to consent to the thief, he tried to take a shower in attempt to cleanse himself but it did not work. Malik understood what it was like to be used and he was convinced that Bakura saw him as nothing more than a toy to play around with. And like a child, when that toy was taken off him, he sulked. He sulked. It was his favourite toy too. He wasn't going to give up his favourite toy just like that. He didn't want a new toy. A replacement wasn't good enough. He wanted his favourite toy returned to him no matter the cost. It was this obsession with Malik that made the Egyptian understand what lines Bakura would cross to obtain his heart's desire.

He would cross any line without hesitation.

The thief had no shame.

Murder was simply child's play to him.

The shower water washed off the blood that stained his tanned skin but it did nothing for him emotionally. Malik remembered Bakura's words. This morning they would take the boat out sailing as if they were casual sailors but the truth would be that they were using it as their getaway. They were going to sail as far as they could. Then when it seems like the murder cases of Anzu Mazaki and Seto Kaiba had died down, the two would travel back to Domino City in secret and get the Sennen Items once and for all.

After he had that shower, Malik watched Ryou for whatever little was left of that night. He had nothing else to do. The thought of sleeping felt far too horrifying to him. He just wanted to slash at everything looming over him. The Egyptian couldn't help but feel like submitting to Bakura was the worst decision he had ever made. He never wanted to stoop to Bakura's level but whenever he looked at the spirit's host, he couldn't brush aside that murderous intent he felt.

But how? How could he do it? Malik knew he was too unstable as things were. Could he really be able to live with such casualties? Yet no matter how he looked at things, everything was Bakura's fault. For taking over that host... that host who didn't do a thing when he learned of the spirit within the Sennen Ring.

Malik scowled. 'That's right,' he thought furiously. 'He knew the spirit was using him and yet he never did a thing! He didn't shut himself off from society or give out warnings or anything! He didn't abandon the stupid ring or... why?! It's almost as if he's willing to let Bakura get away with these things! Why would he do that even though he was so against me and Bakura doing those things with his body?! It doesn't make sense!! It doesn't fucking make sense!' He leapt to his feet as Ryou opened his eyes. Then he watched as the spirit took over.

"Ah... good morning, Malik. I haven't woken up to you in a long time," Bakura purred as he glided along the carpet towards Malik. He snaked an arm up the back of Malik's shirt and forced their mouths to come crashing together. Malik decided he wasn't up for this so he used the little strength he had to push Bakura away from making more advances. Bakura frowned. "What are you doing?"

"You said we'd sail away from here! Let's go already! I was only waiting on you to wake up!" Malik snapped, taking not only Bakura but himself off guard. Bakura sighed and reluctantly agreed.


They spent most of the day sailing across the water and found that due to the weather, many boats were out and about so theirs didn't look particularly inconspicuous. Malik tried to convince Bakura to making a stop off to check about reports regarding the murders of Anzu Mazaki and Seto Kaiba but the spirit of the Sennen Ring wasn't easily convinced. Only when the boat was out at sea where land could barely be seen was Bakura satisfied enough to lower the anchor to hold the boat in place. It was late in the day by this stage as Bakura felt like doing a scenic route along the shores before heading in the actual direction Bakura wanted to go. Whatever that direction was, Malik did not know.

While the boat was anchored down amongst the sapphire waves, Malik wondered if Bakura was going to try anything even though they're in the middle of the ocean. Surprisingly enough, Bakura seemed mellower, contemplative even.

Maybe that psychotic obsessive behaviour was dying down.

Bakura took Malik by the hand and yanked him to the couch and the two sat down. He intertwined their fingers and held them tight. Malik wasn't sure quite what to make of this unusually affectionate gesture but didn't struggle to get away either. The way Bakura kept switching from acting fairly normal to being a total freak confused him. How was he supposed to react to every little thing Bakura did? And Ryou, how does he feel about Bakura?

Suddenly Malik found himself choking back a sob. Bakura looked at him with a concerned expression but didn't do much else. Even when tears were dribbling down the teen's sunkissed cheeks, Bakura did not fully react.

"Oh fuck... I just... don't know what to do!" Malik covered his amethyst eyes with his free hand. He wanted to break down and yet Bakura was not someone to rely on for support. Never had he felt more alone despite being in the presence of two people, even if these two shared one body. "I wanted to hold onto Anzu for longer! If you really had been paying attention, you would've realised how lonely I was! I needed to be wanted physically and emotionally! Even if it wasn't real, just the simple pretence was enough for someone like me, someone who turned down a bad path when things went wrong! I don't think I truly care that it was a relationship full of lies because... because every fucking relationship out there contains lies, big or small! I was happy to keep believing I was the father of that baby because that baby would've loved me unconditionally without the baby knowing of my lies and deceit. But you, Bakura, could never understand such human emotions!"

The white-haired thief listened but he didn't like what he was hearing. 'This stupid blonde is jumping to conclusions..!' he thought angrily. He gripped Malik's hand so tight it began to hurt the blonde and he leaned in so that Malik could see nothing but Bakura's furious expression. "I was once human, you fucking stupid blonde. Just because I've been a spirit for who cares how long doesn't mean I don't remember things like how it felt to be human! Human emotions? I know of them and hell, isn't my anger human? Just because I murdered Kaiba and Anzu and don't give a shit about it doesn't mean I'm never going to understand you, Malik Ishtar." His spare hand shot out and grabbed at Malik's shirt collar to keep the boy in place.

Malik felt doubtful. Even though Bakura was saying all this and he knew that for Bakura was once a human being of his own with his own flesh and bones... he still doubted Bakura. Nothing about Bakura made sense to Malik anymore.

"M-My heart is in such a jumble... Someone I love has been... murdered and I..." Malik watched as Bakura averted his eyes away. He turned to see where Bakura was looking and saw the remains of Anzu's heart still there. Malik began to sob harder, unable to find the words for anything anymore.

Bakura rolled his eyes. "Malik, I can't love you with Ryou Bakura's heart," he said bluntly. "But I'm going to find a body of my own and create a world where it can be just you and me."

"B-B-But wha-what about R-Ryou?!" Malik stuttered, suddenly remembering Bakura's host. If Bakura got a new body, what would happen to him?

The dark expression upon Bakura's expression changed slightly. His lips curled into a sinister grin. "In a world of you and me, there will be no Ryou."

"No Ryou?! But he's your host body!" Bakura raised an eyebrow at Malik's response. "Your host body!" Malik repeated. No change to Bakura's face. Malik clenched his teeth. "What is Ryou to you?"

The spirit let the question dance about in his mind as he pondered the answer. Eventually he worked out a way to phrase his answer. "You could say Ryou and I are like broken halves. But when you piece us together, it's still broken. He's sort of beautiful in a way like a... perfect light to my darkness. Yet this shadow does not desire the light at all. It's just too..." he grinned at Malik. "Boring. Ryou's more of an everyday tool than a desire, I suppose. I guess we have a special relationship."

"And... And how does he feel about this?" Malik asked nervously. Bakura chuckled.

"He completely abhors you, Malik. Even back when you were supposedly friends," Bakura replied, even though Malik didn't ask how Ryou felt about him. But despite that, was Bakura's words true? Ryou hated him? How could this be? They befriended one another so so easily... Bakura smiled. "I always used to work alone; I manipulated Ryou and made use of his body for my own goals. You showed up and suddenly there was a new presence. The fact that you and I became allies threw everything out of synch for Ryou in a way that even I didn't see coming. I ignored how Ryou felt about it all and only cared when I almost risked losing him as a host body. But ever since he found someone to blame other than me, his motivations for everything have been lost on me."

All of a sudden, Bakura shot up to his feet and walked to the captain's room where the controls for steering the boat were. Malik had no idea what Bakura was doing. It was getting darker. It wouldn't be good to go sailing at night where the dark would obscure their view of things. Malik worried for a split second over how much fuel was left in the boat. They had enough to go on... right? Right?

Out of the captain's room stepped out a white-haired teenager holding a controller. Malik eyed the object curiously and realised that it was a radio transceiver. 'Ah, to contact shore when stuck out at sea,' Malik thought. He looked back at the teenager holding the controller. In his other hand was the Sennen Ring but this boy was not possessed by it, which could only mean it was Ryou Bakura. Malik tensed up, remembering Bakura's words. Ryou detested him. But why? He couldn't understand. Ryou ignored Malik's presence and walked over to the deck of the boat. Malik rushed over to a window from his room to watch what the teenager was doing. 'Oh, he's bringing the anchor back up. Is Ryou going to take us back to shore? But wouldn't Bakura disapprove of this?'

Even so, Ryou used his strength to pull the chains in order to bring up the anchor weighing the boat down. Malik watched in fascination but jumped back to the couch when Ryou returned inside. Ryou glanced at Malik and immediately looked away.

Then he noticed the blood splatter in the corner of the room. And what lay amongst the dried blood stains. The pieces of Anzu's heart. He didn't panic or react in fear. Ryou hardly looked human anymore.

"Would someone who loved Anzu rip apart her heart with his bare hands?" Ryou questioned Malik. Malik gasped, remembering the way he behaved when he first saw the heart. He refused to believe it was a real heart and in his state, he tore it apart.

"I didn't intend to do that, believe me! I could never hurt Anzu physically on purpose, I just couldn't! Even now, I still don't know what to do because she's gone!" Malik yelled out, getting to his feet. Ryou's pokerfaced expression threw him off. He had never seen Ryou... like this. The Ryou he knew was sweet, kind, a little shy but a truly genuine person.

Ryou placed the Sennen Ring on the ground carefully and picked up the pieces of the bloody organ that was Anzu's heart. He sighed. "Too bad this can't be pieced back together. I wish I could think of a harmless way to get you out of me and my spirit's life. But I simply cannot."

The Egyptian teenager's heart froze. Harmless? "Do you mean..?" Ryou threw back his head and began to laugh. He laughed and laughed and Malik grew fearful. This was not Ryou! Ryou would never behave like this! Was it Bakura or Ryou who currently possessed this body? And his eyes became those of a murderer.

"I can't help but want you dead, Malik Ishtar!!" Ryou cackled, dropping everything in his hands but the radio transceiver. Malik knew what to do next. Run. But where? They were stuck out in the middle of the ocean of this boat. There was nowhere to run. But he had to stay out of Ryou's reach at the very least. Ryou however, was far too quick and caught Malik before the teen could even reach the exit to the room. "We were perfectly fine without you around! I don't want him to succeed in his plans but I always want him to be there because otherwise I'll have nobody! It was fine that way until you showed up! Then he started paying attention to you and only you and lost sight of anything else, including me. It wasn't fair because nobody knows me the way he does. He's my other half and he was supposed to create a world where it can be just us. Why did you have to interfere?!"

All Malik could comprehend was that Ryou really was just like Bakura. Obsessed and jealous. While Bakura only had eyes for Malik, Ryou only had eyes for Bakura. It was a circumstance in which Ryou saw Malik as the enemy. Malik knew how Bakura felt about Ryou though. He didn't want Ryou like that.

"You're just a tool to Bakura!" Malik shot back, even though saying such things was a foolish move in this situation. Ryou's temper increased that much more.

"I don't care! I don't care, I don't care!"

Malik couldn't help but feel sorry for the boy. He couldn't tell how Ryou truly felt because he'd crossed the line from sanity to insanity. Whether Ryou truly hated him and wanted him to die, Malik couldn't be sure. Also the way Ryou felt about Bakura, he couldn't be sure. One thing for certain was that Ryou couldn't stand the relationship between Malik and Bakura.

The white-haired teenager forced Malik to follow him and they walked along the deck to the very front of the boat. Malik attempted to struggle but failed. They reached the very front and Malik felt like he knew what Ryou was going to do. He tried to struggle some more but his efforts were useless. Somehow Ryou overpowered him immensely and there really was nothing he could do.

"Hey Ryou..." Malik mumbled as he was shoved to the edge. He stared down at the ocean below and knew that one more push would send him over. Perhaps he could convince Ryou with words even at this point. "If we drive to shore now, I'll get the boat and I'll run... I'll run far away so that Bakura can never find me. If he finds me, I'll keep running. I'll stay away."

"As long as you're alive, he'll always seek you out. I know that for a fact," Ryou replied flatly.

"Yeah but... surely his goal to find the Sennen Items is more important than me! Why isn't Bakura taking control of the body now? He knows there's more to life than having me, right? Right?!"

"You disrupted everything. As long as you're alive, he'll always seek you out. I know that for a fact," he repeated. Malik turned his head slightly to look at Ryou with one eye. His thoughts were right. Ryou had snapped completely. These expressions and these words were not Ryou. But they were not Bakura. What had taken over Ryou? He wanted to know but he could see that time was running out fast.

"But Ryou, we're friends right? Right?! Don't shove me off the boat, there's no land for miles. I wouldn't last! Please Ryou; I'm begging you to spare me!" Malik pleaded with all his might. "I'll run to the opposite end of the world and I'll stay out of you and Bakura's relationship! Because I'm your friend and don't want to interfere! Please! Let me live!"

Ryou burst out laughing once more. The one he hated was now begging for his life to be spared. Finally he had the upper hand! He didn't care about how Bakura would feel about his actions; the spirit has plenty of time to get over the minor loss. Without so much as another thought, he pushed Malik off the boat and watched as the teenager flailed about amongst the sea waves. He saw Malik trip to grip the boat and find a way to get back onboard and out of reflex, Ryou threw the radio transceiver at him to prevent the blonde from doing so.

Then he remembered something. Malik was at the front of the boat. Ryou laughed as he ran to the control room and started the boat up again. He felt no guilt as he drove it onward. The sound of the boat hitting the Egyptian teenager could be heard and then Ryou could hear nothing more than the sound of the boat speeding along the water.


Bakura cursed himself over and over as he lay dormant within the Sennen Ring. He has no idea what Ryou's doing or had done. But at some point, Ryou's mentality snapped to a point where Bakura just couldn't retake control of the body. He had been shoved aside to the point where he'd been locked out of Ryou's thoughts altogether and couldn't even see what was going on through Ryou's eyes. Bakura knew Ryou hated Malik. Was Malik alright?

Suddenly he felt like Ryou had calmed down. He could see again. Bakura watched as Ryou returned to the Sennen Ring and picked it up with his hands.

"Sorry but it appears the boat has run out of the gas. I lost the transceiver when I pushed Malik into the ocean and drove off too. Malik has probably drowned by now," Ryou explained the situation calmly. He smiled at the ring. "Looks like it's back to just you and me."

The spirit sighed irritably. "If I knew you were planning to literally get rid of Malik, I would've made him the new host of the Sennen Ring and murdered you," he remarked.

That was all he needed to say.

As for Ryou, it was the words he never wanted to hear. For Bakura to say those things and mean it... Ryou truly didn't wish to hear those words straight from the spirit himself. Even after everything he'd done just so things would go back to the way they once were where Ryou's world was secluded and small and fit for only him and Bakura. But it wasn't what Bakura wanted.



Ryou screamed.


Cases being thoroughly investigated were the ones regarding Anzu Mazaki, Seto Kaiba, Malik Ishtar and Ryou Bakura. The former two were murder victims and the latter two were reported missing.

Seto's head and a knife were found outside the school with his body in one of the school janitor's sheds. As the knife had DNA on it belonging to Ryou Bakura and the janitor was seemingly the only one with the key to the shed, Ryou Bakura and the school janitor Mamoru Higuchi are considered suspects of the crime of killing Seto Kaiba. The head and knife appear to have been dropped from a height, which is most likely the school rooftop. As the body was found in the shed, it is likely that the killer took the head up to the rooftop themselves and dropped it from there, meaning that Seto Kaiba was most likely not killed on the rooftop or dragging his body down the flights of stairs would've left blood stains.

On the rooftop was the body of Anzu Mazaki. Like Seto Kaiba, her body is not altogether. She had been cut open and her heart was taken out. Reports suggest that she was pregnant, which may have been relevant to the killer's interest. The knife that had been found appeared to have had Anzu's blood on it, which suggests that the cases of Anzu Mazaki and Seto Kaiba are linked.

One witness did say the last time they saw Seto Kaiba, they did indeed see Ryou Bakura approach him and saw the two going off somewhere. It looked like Ryou had said something that bothered Seto and he didn't want to discuss it in public. Ryou hadn't been seen by anyone since.

Of the two reported missing, Malik Ishtar was known to be Anzu Mazaki's boyfriend. Evidence found from another source suggested that Malik knew that Anzu was cheating on him and it may have been a motive for killing her. However most evidence points to Ryou being the murderer. The two both went missing on the same night and some have a theory that the two were cohorts and decided to run away from the scene of the crime.

At the docks, Malik Ishtar was reported to be an owner of a boat, which was missing the morning after both the murders. The theory is that Malik and Bakura sailed away on the boat to get away from the crime. A week later, the boat was found drifting idly and on the boat was a bag with video tapes and memory sticks containing films of Anzu Mazaki engaged in sexual activity with Yugi Mutou, Katsuya Jounouchi, Seto Kaiba, Hiroto Honda and Ryuuji Otogi. There were also pieces of a body part later identified as a heart. It is believed that the heart belonged to Anzu, perhaps being proof for Malik that Ryou took her life. Other strange items on the boat included an ancient Egyptian artefact that is believed to be the Sennen Ring. Sources say the ring belonged to Ryou Bakura and it manifests a dark spirit but there is no proof of such a spirit existing.

One of the reported missing cases was found onboard the boat but has been announced dead by suicide. The suicide victim, Ryou Bakura was reported to have killed himself by clawing at his throat. As for the whereabouts of Malik Ishtar, they remain unknown and will probably forever remain a mystery. Some detectives believe that Ryou killed him and after realising what he'd done, he killed himself but there is no proper evidence to back this up.

In the end, it was decided that Ryou Bakura and Malik Ishtar were in cohorts with Malik seeking revenge on his girlfriend for cheating on him and Ryou was his accomplice who carried out the murder.