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Chapter 2,

I closed my office door behind me. I needed some time to think. From the moment Bella said the word pregnant, my head hadn't stopped spinning.

I hoped Rosalie would be ok, she seemed really upset. I never had seen a vampire so crippled by emotional pain. I couldn't hear her around the house, I hoped she had gone hunting or something, to calm down. And I really hoped she wouldn't be angry with Bella.

Bella would have to go through a great ordeal the next 48 hours. It wouldn't be very helpful if Rose was upsetting her even more. I could only imagine the fear Bella would be in right now.

My hand hovered over the telephone, should I call her and tell her that everything is going to be alright? No, I trusted Edward to make sure she would be at ease. Edward would take care of her until they got here. I wondered who would take care of Edward during that time, he would be in panic as much as Alice was.

With a sarcastic smile on my face I thought of Bella. She did pick the right family to become a part of. Well expect for the fact that it was a vampire family. At least now she had a father in law who could take care of all the injuries she inflicted on herself, and anything else that wasn't good for her health.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't know how long I sat there staring in front of me, but quite a while later I realised it was time to do something.

I took a piece of paper and started to write down the things I would need to take care of Bella. Table, ultrasound (I winced again at the idea), scalpel, pain killers, extra blood for transfusion ( hmm, that would be interesting) …

When I finished my list I was happy to notice that I had most of the things at home, and the others were easily to get by. I made a few phone calls to get the things I needed that I didn't have at home. Within twenty five minutes I had arranged everything I needed.

I wanted to stay here to do some research, to make sense out of it, so I hoped Alice and Jasper could get everything for me.

"Alice, Jasper?" I called them softly. I knew they would be here in a flash. So as I looked up from my list the door was already opening.

"What is it Carlisle?" Alice asked, her voice still sounded full of panic. Jasper must have noticed it to, because a wave of peace rolled over us. I looked up at him and smiled slightly. He too looked worried, but I could guess he was more worried about Alice at this point than about Bella.

"Could you two get the things I need for me? I really want to read up on everything I need to know before Bella gets here, and that means I don't have time to go and get it myself."

"What do you need?"

"I have everything arranged, you just have to go and pick it up. Here is a list of the things and where you can get it." I said as I handed them my list.

"We will go and get it." Jasper said and took Alice by the hand and walked out of the door. Alice turned her head to me as if she was trying to tell me something, but the desperation in her eyes hit me with such a force that I didn't get the message. The panic in Alice's eyes made me panicky as well.

What if we were wrong, what if she wasn't pregnant but so ill that even we couldn't safe her. What if my knowledge wasn't enough to safe her this time. What if she was pregnant and we couldn't help her because of it's vampire nature. For a few minutes the doubt and despair spiralled in me. I fought against it, trying to focus. It took me a few additional minutes to regain control over my emotions.

A soft tap on the door broke trough my concentration.

"yes?" I answered the tap.

Slowly the door opened. Esme walked into the room. She looked concerned. I shoved the chair back so she could sit with me. In times like these I need her support more then ever.

"Are you alright?" she asked me softly.

"Still a bit shaken, I guess." I answered, "I still have problems believing it."

She nodded and ran her hand trough my hair. We sat there quietly for a few minutes, both sunken deep in our own thoughts. Then suddenly she looked at me again.

"You know Carlisle, I think you have jumped the gun a bit to quick with promising Edward to make Bella safe by removing the foetus…if she is pregnant I mean."

"What do you mean?"

"Think about it from a woman's point of view, if Bella is pregnant, and I still really can't believe it, but if she is, it's a baby made out of love…" she broke of seeing the look on my face change.

I hadn't thought for a moment about that part, I only had thought about the life threatening part of it. Would Bella want to keep it? That would complicate things, a lot.

I sighed, "You think Bella would wan to keep the…… thing."

"Maybe, I don't know, she said she never wanted children, but a child conceived during your honeymoon, out of love and passion…… it would be hard to find a woman who didn't fall in love with that."

"But Bella knows it is half vampire, that it's dangerous." I shook my head.

Emse raised her eyebrow. "It's not the first time she ignored the dangerous parts of a vampire."

"I know." I resigned, "but I trust Bella to be smart this time, she has seen enough the last year of the dangerous parts of vampires to know how dangerous this is for her."

"What do you think they are doing?" she asked after a few silent seconds.

"Edward will be arranging a flight home, and I think Bella would be to scared to do something."

"I hope Edward is behaving himself and take care of her." Esme said thoughtfully, "if he thinks she is in immediate danger he might not be the best person to be around her right now."

"I was thinking along the same lines, I hope he can comfort her as much as possible and not be to upset to do that."

An other view minutes of silence followed before Esme spoke again.

"What are you going to do now?"

"I'm not sure yet, I'm going to read up and do research on pregnancies as much as possible, and then I guess we have to wait until Bella and Edward get here.

My phone lighted up as soon as I spoke those words. A text message. I opened my phone to read it.

"is it from Edward?" Esme asked

"Yes, they will land at Seattle tomorrow just after noon.".

"We should go there to get them, I don't want Edward driving if he is in any state." Esme said.

At that moment the door opened again.

"I'll come with you as well." Rosalie said. Her tone told me that there would be no arguing about that.

Emmet who had followed Rose into the office looked as surprised as Esme's and me. Something in Rose her eyes worried me, they had some fire in them that I couldn't explain. I wondered silently if she was happy that Bella's life was again in danger.

Then shook my head to clear that thought, I hated to think so badly of her.

I looked at her for a few seconds, trying to find a reason why she looked so… so optimistic, I guess it the right word.

"Of course you can come Rose, Alice would want to come to I guess." Esme answered her.

Rosalie smiled and turned to walk out. "I'm going to hunt." She said.

"Yes, I think we all should hunt today." I replied thoughtfully, "when Bella arrives and we have to operate on her ( I flinched at the thought) it would do no good to have hungry vampires around the house."

The rest walked out the door, deciding to hunt together, Esme turning when I didn't follow. "aren't you coming?"

"No, I want to use the quiet to finally do some research." I said with a small smile, "I'll hunt with Jasper and Alice when they get back."

She nodded, "There has to be somebody here in case Bella or Edward calls." She said and walked away.

I heard them leave the house. When everything was quiet I stood up and walked along my books, searching for the right one.

After a few seconds I found a very good book on human pregnancies. It described for the medical community everything in detail, how a normal pregnancy would progress, what different stages there were during the pregnancy. The medical part of what to do during pregnancies, birth and emergency c-sections I knew. It's was the progress part and the other small things I needed to reed up to.

I sat down at my desk and opened the book. I had read everything before and my memory of it was perfect. I just read it to apply the theory to Bella. That I could do only for so long.

When I got to the part where the progress of the woman's transformation and the growth of the foetus was described, I lost my focus. I couldn't apply this to Bella.

Staring at the pages of the book I shook my head. Every word I read made me restless. I still couldn't believe it. I walked to the window and stared over the garden and the river. Yet again wondering if it was possible.

All the things I had seen the last year and a half or so made me think that nothing was impossible. First Edward being able to be so close to Bella, the girl that chased him away initially, then Alice and Bella saving my son from his doom and come out unscratched, the unlikely alliance with the wolves, and then the wedding. Fact was if you have lived through that all you just couldn't say that something was impossible. Maybe if I could find some old myth or legend describing something like this, maybe then it would seem at least possible.

Staring out in to the peaceful garden I suddenly remembered something.

I turned around and walked up again to the shelves of books. A bit more then a decade ago I had bought a very old book in a small bookstore in Brazil. The book was about ancient myths and legends in the different parts of the world. I bought it because at the time I was researching if the isle I wanted to buy would be safe for us. I didn't want to stir up old myths again.

I had only read the first myth about that region and vampires, at that time it told me what I needed to know. As long as we were careful around the native tribe elders, like here, there would be no problem. After that I had put the book away for later. I guess now was a good time to read the old book to see if there was anything about this in it. As impossible as it may seem I would take any lead now. Anything just to make sense in this chaos.

The book was a collection of ancient and more recent scripts. The problem with these script were that they were written in the native or sometimes local language from where the story originated. That was the first reason I was interested in this book but even with all the to many years I spend learning the different languages there were still texts I couldn't understand.

I read through the ones I could first. It was encouraging to see that there were myths that sounded as impossible as Bella being pregnant. I was so concentrated on the story I was reading that I didn't hear Alice and Jasper get home.

"Carlisle where do you want to have the things we got for you?" Jasper called me out of my concentration.

"Oh, umh, up here I guess." I called back.

I closed my book and opened the door for them. It took them two times to get everything inside. I was really happy that they had indeed got everything I needed.

"Carlisle, the blood has to be kept cold." Alice told me.

"Yes put it in the fridge over there. The samples that are in there you can move to the side."

"Edward and Bella will be here tomorrow in the afternoon." Alice told me while putting the sacks of blood in the fridge.

"Yes I know, Edward has send a text message to me."

"Where are the others?"

"They are hunting, when they get back we will go."

Jasper looked at my desk at the old book.

"What were you doing?"

"I was reading very old myths and legends, hoping to find something that would make sense of this."

"Did you find something?" Alice asked with a lot of doubt in her voice.

"No, not yet."

As Alice looked at me, I could tell she was still so worried. Having to do something did help to calm her down as much as I hoped. So I tried a different tactic.

"Tomorrow we are going to get Bella and Edward from the airport, I take it you would want to come to." I told her. She just nodded. Then I turned to Jasper.

"Jasper, I don't know what will happen tomorrow, but it might be possible that I have to operate on Bella here in the house. I have send the other away to hunt just in case, but I think you might want to take more drastic measures."

"you mean not being around the house when you do that." He said.

"Yes, you know I trust you not to harm humans normally but with blood flowing, well I will send the rest out of the room as well." Defining my plan.

"I don't think Edward will allow you to shove him out the room when you are trying to safe Bella." Alice responded, she smiled at the thought of that.

"We will see, let us just hope they would be here as soon as possible."

They both agreed. We stood there silently for a few minutes, probably all thinking of what was to come. After a while the others got home. Rosalie and Emmet stayed downstairs but Esme was coming up the stairs. She walked in the room and look around at all the materials lying around.

"Did you get everything?" she asked.


"and your research?"

"I did find a interesting book in my collection but I doubt if it contains any myths about a woman conceiving from a vampire."

"Do you need help with anything?"

"Maybe later, we are going to hunt first. There is something you can do. Could you get food in here for Bella, she will be hungry when she gets here."

Esme smiled and walked with us out the room. Alice, Jasper and I went out the back straight into the forest. We all had hunt not so long ago, but I knew that everything would be lot easier when we weren't thirsty. I hoped Edward had hunted recently to.

If not, I would have to keep him away from Bella if there was need of a c-section, and I really didn't want fight that battle with him. Besides that I would need him, he was the only one around here with enough medical knowhow to assist me. If he hadn't hunted in a while he should go hunting the moment he gets here.

Our hunting was a quiet and quick affair. Everyone of us had thought of our on to work through. When we got home just after midnight the rest of the family all hang around in the sitting room. Esme pacing around trying to find something to do. Rose and Emmet were watching the television but I wasn't sure if they actually saw what was on. Jasper started the computer, claiming he would search the internet for myths about pregnancy and vampires.

Alice just sat down at the bottom of the stairs not knowing what to do, she would be searching for Bella's future, hoping that something will change and give Bella her future back. I, again I sought refuge in my office, to wait for my son to come home with his wife.