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Chapter 4

It was quiet for a minutes, Edward was shooting daggers at Rosalie and Emmet, who was still between them. Bella looked down, it was clear she was afraid of Edwards reaction. It was Esme who broke the silence.

"Let us discus everything at home. There is no need to rush things." Even though she said it quietly there was a strict mothers order in her voice that made everybody relax.

We walked silently to our cars. Edward was so furious that he seemed to forget Bella completely so she walked behind us all. She looked really down. I waited for her and matched my pace to hers.

"How are you feeling?" I asked her.

"Scared." She whispered, her quick glance at Edward told me that she was afraid of Edwards reaction and not of her health condition.

"and the rest?" I pressed.

"Oh." She flushed, "I guess I'm good, a bit hungry but if I eat anything it just comes out the same way."

I nodded, it was normal for a pregnant woman to have a period in which eating was difficult, but it worried me a bit, Bella looked to thin already, she really needed some nourishment in her.

"Had you have anything to eat on the plane that stayed in?"

"A bit of scrambled eggs, but I felt sick really quick so I stopped eating at that point." She told me.

"Well, at least you have eaten something."

We arrived at the cars. I was surprised to see that Bella got in the car with Rosalie, while Edward already was in our car. Bella glanced again with a frightened look in her eyes at Edward. How was it possible that she was now so afraid of him when not so long ago they were so in love. I wondered what had happened on the island and on the plane.

"Nothing happened! I don't know why she would be scared of me besides that again I'm the one endangering her life." Edward growled behind me, answering my thoughts.

"Then what happened after we spoke on the phone?" I asked.

His words flowed very quick, all frustration came out.

"Bella asked what you thought, I told her you agreed with her. I called the airport while packing our stuff. I gave her something comfortable to wear on the trip home. When I came back in the kitchen she was crying, I thought she was afraid so I told you would take care of her. Then the cleaning crew came, I'd forgotten about them at that point. When they were gone I got everything to the boot, and we left. During the flight Bella was very quiet, and slept a lot. I thought she was afraid." The last words came out as a wail.

After a few minutes of silence Edward spoke again.

"Carlisle we have to make her see that it is to dangerous." He begged.

"Are you sure it is dangerous?" Esme asked.

Edward sighed in frustration. "of course it's dangerous, even if it wasn't for the fact, that what ever it is it's half vampire, or for the fact that it is growing so fast that Bella's body can't keep up, I have seen her getting thinner by the minute, that thing is sucking the life out of her." The anger and frustration was raising his voice again.

I tried to organise my thoughts so that I could explain to Edward why it was important that he kept calm. I wanted him to hear my words and not my thoughts, but Esme was quicker.

"Edward," she said softly, "if you want any chance of speaking to Bella in any form so that she will listen to you, you have to stay calm."

"How can I be calm, if that… that… bad excuse for a vampire is supporting her madness." he yelled.

"Hey! if you are talking about Rose you better think first before saying something." Emmet told him, Emmet had been quiet all the way but when it came to Rose he was very protective. Edward snarled at him with such a fury that Emse called him to order.

"Edward!." She called, "don't you see what you are doing, Bella is scared as hell of these reactions. Why do you think she is now sitting with Rosalie. For heavens sake, she has always been afraid of Rose and now you are acting in a way that drives her in the arm of the one person in our family she has always been afraid of."

Edward was instantly quiet. He sat back and looked out the window for a few minutes. I could see in my rear-view mirror that he was doing some serious thinking. Then he seemed to calm down, probably making sense of Esme's words.

"What are we going to do when we get home Carlisle?" he asked.

"That's good question, I was still doubting the fact of pregnancy but that is now gone, so the next step I think is to examine her. Let us first see what is going on, do an ultrasound and some other tests, and give her something to eat that will stay in. After we know all the facts we can decide what is best."

"And Edward please try to keep your calm and be a good loving husband for Bella. You don't want to stress her out, it will only make things a lot worse." I added.

"I'll try." He promised quietly.

The rest of the drive was a quiet one, Edward didn't answer any of our thoughts, so my guess was that he had sunken too deep in his own.

I was wondering how to get through the next few hours. I knew now why Alice hadn't seen Bella's future return after we decided to remove the foetus. Bella had decided other wise and she had gained the strongest companion in her battle she could get. Of course Rosalie would be on her side. Rosalie would do anything for a baby, even at the expenses of Bella's life was my guess. (at that thought Edward did growl a little). With Rosalie on her side, Emmet would be on her side as well as Esme. Emse would never do something against one member of her family, so even in this case she wouldn't side with anyone.

And then I realised it didn't matter. It didn't matter that Bella had Rosalie on her side, yes probably it would matter to Edward, but to me… It was Bella's choice, how stupid it might turn out to be, it was her choice and I never ever talk somebody's choice away. Not when there was a choice. At the moment there was a choice, Bella still was fairly healthy, ok she could do with some more flesh on her bones and we had to find a way to get what she needed in her. Edward use to be human, maybe the only vampire thing was the growth rate of the foetus, it might be that besides that there was no danger from the foetus. Bella's body seemed to cope well with the growth rate, it was already transforming to bear the child.

As a doctor I found myself being drawn to this as something to learn from, as something new and interesting, as a father of all sorts I found the whole situation unpleasantly terrifying. At the moment I wasn't sure which part of me was stronger the doctor or the loving father.

After a while we finally got home. I parked the car in the garage and walk behind the rest towards the house. When Rosalie arrived some time later, I could guess that Bella didn't want her to drive to fast, we all walked inside. All but one.

As soon as I turned around to look at everyone I noticed somebody was missing. Bella was nowhere to be seen. I could hear her outside. And I also could guess why she was staying outside. She had seen Edward get angry once before in a place where he didn't had to keep himself from exposure, apparently she hadn't forgotten that.

Edward looked at me, eyebrows raised. I nodded at him, he was her husband he should take care of her. He sighed and walked out side. Rose meant to follow him but I grabbed her hand.

"Rose let Edward talk to Bella first before you start to be the bodyguard. You know he won't harm her, They'll be in earshot." I told her quietly.

She looked at me and sighed, "Ok but I will get between them if he is threatening her. She can't be terrified now."

Edward turned and walked to Bella. I walked over to the window to watch, not to be intrusive but to make sure that Edward kept is calm and to make sure that Bella was still doing good.

Bella sat with her back towards the house on the lowest step on the porch. Edward approached her slowly.

"Bella?" he asked.

She looked up at him with a soft smile on her face. Apparently she was happy to see that he was calm.

"You are angry with me aren't you?" she asked.

"No, not with you, I could never be angry with you." He replied softly sitting down next to her.

"You are angry with Rose?" she asked. Next to me Rosalie growled.

"A bit." Edward confessed, "more frustrated at the moment."

Bella leaned her head against Edward's shoulder.

"Bella, why are you so scared? You know I would never hurt you on purpose."

"Not physically I know that, but…" she trailed of and started to cry.

"Bella! Tell me?" Edward sounded shocked, he hadn't expected Bella to cry at such a simple question. I laughed silently to myself, Edward still had a lot to learn about female emotions. Rosalie was already on her way to the door when Esme hold her back.

"No Rose, let Edward solve this, he has to learn this as well." She told her.

Outside it was silent for a while, besides Bella's broken breathing there was nothing to hear.

After a few minutes Bella seemed to regain some control over herself. She freed herself out of Edward's arm to look at him.

"Your angry moods scare me, you talk always about not loosing control, but in those moments you loose control and it has always scared me more that anything." She answered him quietly.

Edward needed a while to think about that. He put his arm around Bella and held her for a while.

"I'm so sorry, I have never thought of it that way. I'll try to keep myself in check." He said, when she looked up at him he kissed her, "I promise I'll try to behave."

I turned away knowing that the first part of the battle was over, it was now time to start to make sure Bella was going to be alright.

"What are we going to do now?" Bella asked.

"Well Carlisle has all the thing he need to examine you here, and he is itching to gain new knowledge so I guess that is what we are going to do next."

"What is he going to do?" Bella asked in panic, it was so clear in her voice that it made me turn around again and headed out myself.

"There is no need to worry now Bella," I told her, "I'm just going to examine you as any other woman, starting with a ultrasound, I'm not going to do anything to harm you or the foetus. We first need to see if mine and Edward's worries are based on reality."

She nodded and started to get up. Her body was already so deformed that she had difficulty with it. Edward held out his hand to help her. Flushing red again she took his hand and got up.

We walked up to my office, Rosalie close to Bella, careful that Bella wouldn't trip on the stair. Silently I wondered what was going on in Rosalie's head. I had to ask Edward that at some point. We entered my office. The whole family with us. This wasn't going to work, Bella's face flushed red again when she saw the equipment and the rest of her family around her.

I took a deep breath. "not to be insensitive but I want everybody besides Bella out. I can't work with everybody around here and Bella needs some privacy."

Bella looked up at me with a relieved smile, but Edward and Rosalie looked angry. Bella must have noticed it to. She turned to them and smiled.

"I'll be ok with Carlisle. Let him do his job and then you can come back in." she told them.

"But Bella ..." Rosalie started.

"Rose, I'm only going to do a check up, besides that I'm not going to do anything, you can wait outside the door." I replied, a bit more harshly as normal, how did she dare to doubt my intensions.

Everybody walked out the room, everybody, except for Edward. With a sigh Bella walked towards him.

"Edward I'll be fine, if Carlisle wants you to leave us alone, then please do as he asks, the sooner we start, the sooner this is over." She said and tiptoed to kiss him.

He smile and then looked at me. I tried to smile at him to make sure he would leave, it was going to be a lot easier when Bella was alone. She wasn't always completely honest when Edward was around, she didn't want anybody worrying about her. He heard my thought and smiled, then he kissed Bella again and walked out.

"I'll be waiting just outside." He told her.

Bella nodded and turned to me. With a very scared look on her face and a sky high heart rate she drew a deep breath. At that moment her face went white and she let out a low gasp. I walked towards her to steady her. Her hands had flown to the bump between her hips, the short stab of pain was clear on her face.

"Tell me, Bella?" I whispered.