Kakashi rubbed his temples, attempting to relieve his headache. Two hours of Naruto's constant yelling was bad enough, but that on top of a hangover...

"Why couldn't Naruto have had his mother's looks and his father's personality instead?" he moaned.

There was a sudden silence, and he could feel three pairs of eyes boring into him.

Oh crap, I said that out loud didn't I? he thought.

"You knew my parents?" Naruto asked, sounding stunned.

There was no way he could fix this. Any choice he made from here would get him in serious trouble with the Hokage, even worse trouble than he was already in for having even mentioned Naruto's parents in the presence of another human being. One option however could possibly get him into the least amount of trouble and head off a situation where Naruto followed him around constantly harassing him for information about his parents though.

"Your parents were both friends of mine." he said, as it was true enough in a way. "They died the day you were born. Your father died in the fight against the Kyuubi and your mother died due to complications from childbirth."

"Why didn't you tell me this before?" Naruto asked looking and sounding betrayed, his eyes having that same look in them that sensei's had the day he'd finally snapped and stuffed Obito in a sack and beat the crap out of him.

"The Hokage wanted to protect you because your father made some dangerous enemies who would be happy to kill you since they couldn't get their revenge on him, and thought that if you didn't know anything about your parents you wouldn't be able to accidentally say something that would connect you to your father." he replied.

"Oh." Naruto said, looking disappointed but clearly understanding. There had been more than enough people after his blood because of the whole Nine-Tailed Fox thing, though they usually limited themselves to doing things that wouldn't get them arrested and/or killed (Mizuki being a rather glaring exception).

Following his explanation as to why he'd said nothing about Naruto's parents before, Kakashi dismissed his students for the day. He was going to inform the Hokage of his slip-up before the old man heard of it from another source, and he needed to clear the rest of his afternoon for the massive chewing out he would be receiving.

After being dismissed, Sasuke watched in shock as the pink haired annoyance left without molesting him or attempting to finagle a date.

"Where are you going?" he asked, trying not to sound interested in the answer in case it caused her to notice her oversight and return.

"I'm going to see if I can find out who Naruto's parents were." the pink haired pest replied.

After hearing Kakashi's explanation, he was curious himself. While much was said about the prankster who had replaced his lunch with a rather unhappy frog during their first week at the Academy, nothing had really been said about his parents and he now found that he wanted to know who the hell could have produced something like Naruto. On the one hand however, this would end up giving the pink haired pest some form of encouragement, but on the other, Pinky was a genius when it came to research and with someone helping her, the answer would be discovered all that much sooner.

"I'll help." he said, knowing that not knowing the answers to his questions about where his blond teammate came from would probably bother him more than anything the pink haired pest would do.

After leaving the training ground, they then went to the library where Pinky promptly began looking through the citizen rolls while he went to the binders that contained brief bios on Shinobi who had died in the line of duty.

Grabbing the volumes from twelve years before, he looked for blond ninja who died on October 10th.

"Odd." Pinky said after about ten minutes.

"What?" he asked.

"He has his mother's maiden name." Pinky replied. "According to this, she was one of the refugees from Uzushiogakure who were inducted into Konoha's ninja forces. Have you had any luck?"

"I've got twelve blond males who died fighting the Kyuubi. Seven with brown eyes, three with green, and two with blue." he replied.

"You can rule out the first ten. According to Uzumaki Kushina's profile, she had gray eyes." Pinky said as she held out a bio that had a shinobi registration photo that contained a woman who was basically a red-haired version of Naruto attached to it.

"So, who's left?" Sakura asked.

"Yamanaka Akira age 16 and...The Fourth Hokage." the extremely dreamy Uchiha Sasuke replied, pushing both profiles towards her so she could see them.

"He doesn't look a thing like him." she said pushing the Yamanaka's profile away after carefully studying it and finding almost nothing in common with Naruto, as the young man's hair was the wrong shade of blonde and his eyes the wrong blue.

Following the elimination of the Yamanaka, there was only one other profile left. They both looked at the picture and then looked at each-other.

"It fits. He taught Kakashi-sensei. He's blond with blue eyes and he died on the day Naruto was born while fighting the Kyuubi." she said, almost unable to believe what she was seeing, especially considering the way her mother spoke about the boy in question.

"No way in hell." Sasuke said.

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