The story takes place after Phoenix had just graduated from Ivy University. He's now one step closer to helping his best friend. But right now he needs to undergo serious training before he can become a real defense attorney. Not Phoenix x Mia YET….until later chapters....

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The day had finally come. He had just received his diploma. After the graduation ceremony he decided to spend his last day at Ivy with his 2 friends.

"It's finally over, what are you going to now Nick?", asked Thomas.

"Hmm, I haven't thought about that yet. Maybe I should start looking for a job, and…",but was interrupted by Greg before he could finish.

"Relaaaax. There's no hurry. You can get a job later. Enjoy life. Get a girl"

"Waaaaahhh",cried Phoenix.

"Oh yeah, I forgot. You haven't been dating anyone since Dahlia tried to poi…"

"Shut up, Greg!" yelled Thomas. "You know how emotional Nick is when we talk about this." Then he turns to phoenix "...but seriously, Nick. Try to stop thinking about her too much"

Phoenix sighed and thought back about his days with his Dollie. All those six months dating with her. He could taste the mini-omelets she made for him. The sweater she knitted by hand was their symbol of…..…….


After that long conversation they left the cafeteria and were walking out the gate….. when suddenly, a black car stopped in front of them. A mysterious woman in a black suit stepped out of the car. Her beautiful long hair and her seductive body was enough to stop a man in his tracks.

"I see you've finally graduated. Congratulations, Mr. Wright" she said, taking off her shades, revealing her gorgeous eyes.

His two friends couldn't help but stare at her beauty. "How come you never told us about your lovely acquaintance, Nick?" asked Greg.

"Please, It's not like that guys! She was my defense attorney in Doug's murder case"

"Mia Fey, Ace Attorney, at your service." She answered.

"Long time no see, Miss Fey. What are you doing here anyway?"

"You said you wanted to become an attorney after you graduate, right?"

It was something he told her long ago. She remembered it well, but the fact that she would just go pick him up like this was unexpected for Phoenix.

"Well yeah, but……don't you think I should take a few days break first? I mean I've just grad….."

"No time to explain. Get in the car! NOW!" She just grabbed him by the shirt and threw him into the back seat. She drove off and left the two friends in confusion. Mean while in the car…..

"Ow! My head." complained Phoenix. "W-Why did you do that, Miss. Fey?"

"I have a case to get to in 30 minutes."

"But then couldn't you have just picked me up after the trial?"

"I have no idea where you live Mr. Wright", she answered, "I have no other way of reaching you at such short notice."

Mia stopped the car in front of the court house. She dragged him to the defense lobby where Mr. Grossberg was waiting anxiously.

"AHHEM! You're late, my dear"

"Sorry sir, I had to go pick up an old client. Would you look after him for me?" She said before rushing in to the courtroom.

"Oh! It's you, Mah Boi. How've you been?"

"Great, sir! I haven't seen you since my girlfriend Dollie got convicted. I've just graduated and now I'm looking for a job. Did Ms. Fey bring me here so you can hire me?". He was really enthusiastic about getting this job.

"Why, of course not, Mah boi" he said "I only came here because she asked me to be of assistance."

He lowered his head "By the way, please don't talk about Ms Hawthorne while I'm here. I don't want to act as a punching bag again. Do a guy a favor would you?"

They waited a couple of hours, doing nothing………. After the long trial, she finally came out, victorious as ever.

"Phew. I thought he'd never give up. That Winston can be such a pain in the neck." She then turned to Phoenix. "Come on, Mr. Wright. We've got lots to do."

She dragged him back to the car and drove to the office.

"Here we are. Fey & Co Law Offices. Please have a seat"

Phoenix had never been to a lawyer's office before. It was full of books and case files neatly organized. Her working desk was in front of the second book shelf from the window. There were many decorative plants and portraits which look expensive and luxurious. He sat down on the sofa next to the door.

"So this is how a lawyer's office looks like"

"As you can see, lawyers have to spend a lot of time reading books and files about their clients in order to have enough information to represent in court. We also have to look at evidence and try to make to find out about what happened in that certain incident." Mia explained.

"Alright, Miss Fey! When do I get started?" He was so pumped and sounded ready for anything.

Mia Chuckled "I like your enthusiasm, but you can't start working yet. First, we have to get you trained to build up your skills." Then her expression became stern. "I'll warn you that it's not gonna be easy. I'll expect your full attention and concentration. You must do everything I tell you to. Do you think you are ready for this, Mr. Wright?"

He was a bit nervous after hearing those words, but it didn't matter to him. He was determined to help his friend no matter what. He had to become a lawyer and that's what he's gonna do.

"I'm ready. Miss Fey", he said boldly without thinking.

"That's the spirit!", she says in satisfaction. "We begin our training tomorrow. I'll expect you to be at my office every weekday from 8 am to 10 pm. From now on you'll address me as Chief and I'll just call you by Phoenix."

"Yes Miss Fe…err…I mean Chief"

It looked as if Phoenix was willing to do anything for her by now. However, there was still something about him that was irritating her. It was right there in her face, that stupid love heart on that pink sweater he's wearing. This was also her opportunity to test how loyal he was.

"Phoenix, before we start….there's one thing I need you to do for me." She said with a slight smirk on her face.

"Yes, Chief?"

"I want you…… to take off your sweater"

"W-W-WHAAAA?", he said in shock.

She raised her voiced. "You heard me, Phoenix! Take off your sweater! NOW!!"

Phoenix couldn't believe what he just heard. It was his first day at the office and she already wanted his cloths off? He didn't want to…. but because he noticed she was holding a kendo stick ready to swing at any moment, he had to obey.

"Okay! Okay! I'll take it off, chief" He took off his favorite sweater that was hand knitted by his ex-girlfriend whom he still loves.

"Now give that to me" She struck the sofa threatening him.

Scared Phoenix didn't want to lose his precious symbol of love. "B-But, this sweater is all I have left of my dear sweet Dollie"

Irritated, Mia DID strike him this time. "With that attitude you'll never become a good lawyer. It's one of the tings that will distract you in your training! Besides, she's a serial killer! She never loved you and she never will!" She struck him again until he finally gave her the sweater.

"Now then, I'll lock this up so you'll never wear this again" she put the sweater in an empty suitcase and threw away the key.

Deprived of the thing to remember his love, poor Feenie was about to cry again….

"My Dollie…..My precious DOLLIE" he began to cry.

Mia sighed "Seriously. You need to grow up. I thought all those years you've already forgotten about her."

He wiped away his tears before replying.

"I'm sorry, chief. I just have a feeling that the real Dollie I dated is still out there somewhere."

Silence filled the atmosphere for a brief moment. Mia said nothing back to him. Phoenix staring at the ground was still half naked. "ACHOO! ACHOO! ACHOO!" and now he has a cold……again.

"Here. Put this on." Mia handed him the white shirt hanging on by the front door. "You should go home and get some rest for tomorrow's training"

"R-Right, chief" He quickly put on the white shirt and walked out the door.

"Oh Phoenix", Mia called.

"Yes, Chief?"

"If you say anything lovey dovey about Dahlia again…" She hit and broke the mannequin next to the working desk "I'll strike you hard and without warning"

"Gulp" He smiled sheepishly and ran out the door quickly.

Today had been really tiring for her. She attended court and accepted a new apprentice who's kinda immature at the moment. She just dropped on the sofa and face-palmed.

'This is gonna be harder than I thought' Mia thought to herself '…but I believe that one day you'll get a chance to save your friend in court.'

…..To be continued