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Chapter One- Running For Home

Emily had remembered that day in the hospital; the day her and JJ had been there when Carrie had had a nightmare, and the day JJ had told her Carrie had no where to go, no family left. Emily had answered with "can't this girl catch a break?" but she couldn't help but feel at least a tiny bit hopeful that she herself could be that break.

She had felt her biological clock ticking for a while now, and knew that if she didn't act soon, she would never have the family she had always hoped for, leading her to the racing heart and sweaty palms she currently felt as she tried to build up the courage to talk to her boss, the two of them currently gathering files from the latest solved case, Carrie's case.

"I could take her." It was now or never.

Hotch looked up at Emily confused. "Take her?"

"Carrie. To DC." Emily said simply as she tried to hide her hope.

Hotch raised his eyebrows, as if not taking her seriously. "You mean to live with you?"


"Why would you want to do that?"

Emily shrugged, listing off only a couple of the few dozen reasons she had thought of over the last few days. "I have room, money, you know, and she's smart. Two, three years, she goes to college-"

Emily was about to continue when Hotch interrupted her, his tone different than usual, slightly colder, distant, boss-like. "Prentiss, this is the job, and I need to know that you can be objective."

It was more of a question than a statement and it only aroused anger in the brunette woman. "And I need to know that I can be human."

Emily felt the older male staring at her and she stared back, frustration and disappointment overtaking her and making her turn to leave the room.

"Emily." Hotch called after her calmly and she hesitated before turning around. He sighed. "Talk to JJ regarding arrangements."

Emily felt her jaw drop as she took a few steps back into the room. "I-, uh, are you sure, sir?" She asked, unbelievingly.

Hotch looked down at the files as he continued sorting. "Like you said, you need to know that you can be human." Hotch clarified, looking up at her and making eye contact. "If you believe you can balance caring for Carrie and your job," He looked at her warningly. "without the two interfering, then I'll speak to Strauss about having you approved as Carrie's foster parent."

Emily looked at Hotch in shock, but ecstatic. "Thank you, sir."

Hotch nodded as Emily started to leave the room. "And Emily?" Emily turned to look at him. "Don't call me sir."

Emily smiled and nodded, rushing out of the room and over to JJ whom stood wiping down the white board they had been using to document their latest case. "JJ."

JJ smiled as Emily came to her side. "Hey."

Emily smiled back, anxiously. "Have you been able to contact any of Carrie's relatives?" She rushed.

JJ shook her head no. "No. The LA thing fell through and the only other surviving family members are a great aunt in Florida and a cousin in Seattle. The aunt is in a coma after a stroke late last year and the cousin is an emancipated minor after her father died in a car accident in June. She barely has enough to support herself let alone another teenager. DCFS is trying to find a foster placement as we speak."

"No luck?"

Again JJ shook her head no. "There are a few group homes with spots available but I'm not comfortable with sending her there. I talk to a friend at DCFS and she's going to try and keep Carrie in the hospital until somewhere else opens up."

Emily nodded in agreement, hesitating before asking. "What if I took her?"

"To live with you?" JJ asked surprised.

"Yeah." Emily blushed slightly as JJ smiled at her proudly. "I mean, only if it's okay with her."

JJ smiled widely, admiring the brunette woman more than she ever had before. "Let's go ask her then." JJ reached over, placing a hand on Emily's arm as the two made their way out of the building.

JJ smiled as Emily hovered nervously outside of Carrie's hospital room, glancing in through the window every once in a while to see Carrie sitting up in bed flicking through the TV channels.

Everything had happened so fast over the last couple of hours, what with Emily being approved as a foster parent thanks to JJ and her "connections" at DCFS, and Hotch persuading Strauss to allow them to bring Carrie back to DC with them without firing Emily for becoming too attached to a victim.

JJ's hand on her shoulder brought Emily out of her thoughts and the reassuring smile JJ shot her gave her the extra strength she needed to enter the room.

Hearing Carrie reply, Emily pushed open the door and walked nervously into the room, JJ close on her heels. "Hi Carrie."

"Hey." Carrie smiled slightly, turning off the TV politely and looking between Emily and JJ curiously as they each pulled up a seat on either side of her bed. "Have you found anyone to take me?" The sadness in her voice didn't go unnoticed by Emily and JJ whom exchanged glances, but they brushed it off as grief considering the young girl had just lost her entire family only days before.

"Ah, Carrie, that's actually what we're here to talk to you about." JJ started, reaching to touch Carrie's arm and signaling for Emily to continue.

Emily followed JJ's lead, deciding to just ask straight out rather than beat around the bush. "Carrie, how would you like to come and live with me?"

Carrie looked surprised. "You mean in Virginia?"

Emily nodded nervously. "Yeah. I mean, only if you want. You don't have to. But we couldn't find any other family and I don't want you living in a group home and I was approved as a foster parent plus I have room and money and my boss said it's okay-"

JJ stifled a laugh at the usually so confident woman rambling nervously. "What Emily's trying to ask is, if you don't mind moving, would you like to live with her?"

Carrie looked unsure and both JJ and Emily were almost certain she was going to say no. "Yes." She whispered softly. "If you don't mind, I mean."

Emily looked at JJ whom caught her eye, both surprised but overjoyed nonetheless. "Really?" Emily found her voice catching in her throat.

Carrie blushed and shrugged. "I don't really have a life here anymore." She whispered again, her eyes filling with tears.

Emily bit the inside of her mouth as she placed a hand on Carrie's shoulder sympathetically. "I would love that." She had no other words.

Carrie looked up at Emily and smiled; the first sincere smile she had given in days. A comfortable silence overcame the three before Carrie spoke up a few minutes later. "So when do we leave?"

Emily looked at JJ before answering. "Oh! Uh, well the rest of the team is going back on the jet in about an hour so we'll get you released and head to your house to pack up your things, then catch a flight tomorrow-"

"No!" Carrie sat up quickly, shaking her head furiously. "No. No, I can't go back to that house."

JJ nodded and placed a hand on Carrie's shoulder, smiling reassuringly, before Emily had a chance to act. "Okay. That's okay. How about I go and grab pack up some of your things while Emily gets you released? And then we'll all fly back with the team later tonight."

Carrie nodded, running a hand through her hair as she pulled her legs up to her chest. She rested her head tiredly on her knees and turned to look at JJ, nodding. "Thank you."

JJ smiled, running a hand over Carrie's hair and giving Emily a reassuring smile before leaving the room leaving the two brunettes alone.

Emily smiled. "Let's see about getting you out of here, huh?"

Carrie nodded and forced a smile though this time it was more out of politeness than anything else. Emily looked concerned but let it be and walked out of the room to organize Carrie's release while Carrie began to pack up the clothes JJ had bought her a couple of days before.

Half an hour later Emily was walking alongside Carrie as the younger girl complained to the nurse how ridiculous it was that she had to be in a wheelchair to leave the hospital.

"Hospital policy, love." The nurse smiled as Carrie climbed out of the wheelchair and thanked you. "Take care of yourself now."

Carrie nodded and smiled. "Thank you."

Emily managed to hail a cab almost immediately and gently helped Carrie into the car, hopping in after her as her phone rang.

"Prentiss." She answered quickly.

"Em, hey. It's JJ." Emily's face immediately lit up at JJ's voice and it didn't go unnoticed by Carrie. "I'm at the Ortiz's. Could you ask Carrie if there is anything specifically she wants?"

Emily turned to Carrie whom sat staring out of the window, placing a hand on her shoulder. Carrie flinched instinctively and looked away embarrassed. "Is there anything you want JJ to get from your house?"

Carrie nodded, holding out her hand. "Can I talk to her?" She asked quietly.

Emily handed the phone over immediately, smiling reassuringly. "Agent Jareau? It's Carrie. I'm okay." She turned away from Emily embarrassed, and spoke quieter. "In my room, on my bed, there's a teddy bear. Could you get him for me?" She sounded like a little girl and Emily's heart broke when she realized she was, technically speaking, still a young girl, and that no one should have to go through what she had over the last few days. "Thanks, JJ."

Carrie handed the phone back to Emily without a word, avoiding eye contact and immediately going back to looking out the window.

"JJ?" Emily spoke quietly, not taking her eyes off Carrie.

"She asked for a teddy bear, Em." Emily could tell JJ had been thinking the same thing she had.

"I know." Emily sighed sadly, enjoying the silence between them for a few seconds. "So you're going to meet us at the airport?"

"Yeah, I'm on my way now. I'll see you soon, Em."

"Bye, Jayje."

Emily hung up her phone and put it back in her pocket, her attention never turning from the young girl starring outside, wondering if maybe she had taken on more than she could handle.

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