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Chapter 2

She must have fallen asleep, or perhaps passed out, for when Trudy became aware of her senses again, she was no longer laying on the floor of the jungle. Her heart still beat and her lungs still expanded and contracted; she was certain now she was not dead.

Feeling this warmth of knowledge flood through her, she gathered the strength, both physically and emotionally to finally open her eyes. Immediately her left eyelid fluttered open and the array of light streaming through the trees assaulted her, leaving her to close it once more.

Taking a few long, shallow breaths, she opened her eye once more, allowing the mechanics within the organ to do its job. Her iris contracted and suddenly the brightness dimmed to a level that was bearable to look through.

The fallen pilot studied the growth above her, shifting her vision in all directions manageable. As her sight began to grow clearer and more sharp, she realized that her depth perception was almost non-existent. It was then she realized that her right eye was not open and taking in the scenery like its partner.

Trudy put her attention towards it and felt panic sweep through her when she found she was unable to open her eye at all. She continued to struggle to control her body until it became undeniable that she had either lost her eye completely, or there was simply no function in that area of her face.

Her thoughts quickly raced towards other areas of her body. Her arms, while she could move her fingers and wrists, felt like dead weight at her sides. She tried moving her feet but they refused to respond. Now in a full blown anxiety attack, she opened her lips to cry for help. Nothing came out.

* * *

"Jake, you should not be sitting up." Neytiri pressed her palms to her mate's shoulders, forcing his upper body to return to the cocoon of leaves they both lay in. The fight against the Sky People had been successful; they were no longer a threat to their planet and The People.

The majority had been removed from Pandora, with a handful of exceptions: those that helped aid the Na'vi in the end. Norm Spellman and the scientist known as Max where two of these humans. Right now the latter was working on repairing the avatar body of the former since it had been gunned down on the planets surface.

"There's too much to do." The new leader of the Omaticaya people protested though made very little effort to push his girl away. "They need me."

Neytiri placed a hand on Jake's cheek and gave him a loving smile. "They need you alive and well." She corrected, receiving a sigh of frustration from her partner. She could feel it inside how hard it was for the newly born Na'vi to remain inactive. "You must rest."

Jake closed his eyes and took in the warmth of the leaves and trees surrounding them. He would allow himself one more day of rest, and then he would begin rebuilding their society. He was needed and he could not let his people down.

* * *

Trudy found herself coming out of unconsciousness once more. She was not sure how many times she had passed out, or how long it had been since her fall from the sky. What she did know was that the majority of her body was no longer under her control. It felt like a vessel that housed her spirit; keeping it alive while temporarily displaced.

At least she had control over one eye. It might have seemed a small amount of solace, but it was her only easily processed link to everything around her. The sensations she had experienced, that of being connected to the planet and to Eywa, had not disappeared. Each time she awoke she found the connection had grown stronger.

There was no pain to accompany her catastrophic injuries; every inch of her body that did not seem to function was simply numb. No longer a part of her existence. She supposed that this was for the best since the very brief memory of being caught on fire as her Samson was hit the first time made her wish for darkness once more.

Only now there was no darkness. Only sounds of movement on both sides of her immobile body. Flashing her eye back and forth, Trudy desperately tried to find the source of the noise. When her eyesight landed on a red and purple skinned hominid, she pushed her body to open her mouth once more. This time it obeyed and she was able to get out the words 'help me' before her mind returned to sleep once more.

* * *

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